Damnation Of Devotion (18+)

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"I would've prayed for Them to go easy on you too." He moves and his eyes are on me. Eyes where they're brimming with tears, but his soft smile confuses me. Gently caressing my temple to my jaw, he sees me as if I'm the most delicate treasure. His lips kiss my fingers. "They did. A few years late but They did. Their mercy on me is you." - A curious, lonely spirit meets a runaway slave as he stumbles upon her abode. Is the slave just a forlorn man? Or there's more to him than meets the eye? The spirit will learn the hard way of whether he's her salvation or the cause of her damnation. Either way, she couldn't let him go. Copyright © 2021 by L.I. Lost Yearn *This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events and incidents are made for fictional purposes. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.*

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Another Halfwit

{ KI }

“Oh come on! Really? These humans are... insignificant,” Taq sneers. She primps her bright-green, wavy hair at the nearest reflection, which is my river.

I’m unsure if Fomu is joking or not. He knows I’m particularly interested about this topic, and I do not appreciate that he would mock me by giving a false information. Although now, judging from an excited tremble on his boyish appearance, I’m glad he isn’t.

Fomu ignores her. “I’m serious! They’re sooo passionate-”

“Passionate or reckless?” Taq glares at him.

“Perhaps that’s why they’re zealous about it. Hanging on to feel alive with each other as their mortality catches up on them,” I say.

“It’s actually sad,” as Fomu’s melodic voice is laced with pity.

I sigh however. “Pretty romantic too...”

It’s such a novelty concept to think about if they’d dabble with it long enough. Mortal creatures should’ve grieve their impending deaths and not enjoy their short times, no? But not all of them do.

“You’ve idealized their lifestyle too much,” Taq speaks curtly.

“Am not,” I mutter.

She scoffs but I know she comes from a good place. She just doesn’t want me to feel bad because I’m stuck here. Unable to see... Well, out there. What’s there to offer.

Being a higher spirit supposedly being all powerful but eh... it has its disadvantages. There are other higher spirits who have the best spots out there, even outside of this orbiting rock! So yes, I’m stuck here. Even though I love this meadow and its weather with all of my being. They’re a part of me, spacious, despite it’s small compared to others’.

“Don’t be a spoilsport, Taq!” Fomu laughs.

“Why do you need humans for entertainment? We’re fun by ourselves!”

These two... They’re my friends but... never close. Taq’s place is in the south wind while Fomu’s place is in the west wind. They occasionally bring me knowledge about humans and their creations. Afterwards? They will fly off again and leave me alone for a long time. I don’t blame them, it’s in their nature.

It doesn’t help when our looks are vastly different too. Their skins are ivories and lush with pink tinge, while mine is darker. My hair is dark brown while theirs are bright like the skies. And our eyes? Theirs are round like planets while mine are... like comets. Even our heights are different (I couldn’t change this one even if I want to, a perk of higher rank). Then again, I refuse to change my appearance, no matter how helpful it could be to feel close with them.

Now I think about it, I could have more friends, more humans to know a little, more everything. There were natives offering themselves to me. There were intruders who did too. The question remains; why I’m damn picky about them?

Mmm... No matter. I have all the time in the world and will drive myself crazy over it in another time.

It’s hard to keep up with rapid civilizations, especially there are many different ones at different places! Being immortal has its cons where one of them is the blur of time. I’m trying my best to learn every time and now, most humans like to use English in their mid-20th century. Such a strange language.

I hum in wonder. “Really, Fomu. I wonder what it’s like?”

“Sex, you mean?”

“Yes... To feel so... passionate about one’s body.”

“I guess we’ll never know,” Taq interjects.

For fuck’s sake, I know we don’t have any sexual desires but for once, can she ever lighten up about this? “That’s very pessimistic of you.”

“It’s called being realistic! We’re gods! Act like one.”

That doesn’t sit right with me. “Gods? Humans worshiped us as one but I still don’t feel powerful. The Highness has total power.”

“But you have more power than any humans ever existed. They’re fragile, restricted, and ignorant about the Universe. Unlike us. Cherish it, Ki.”

“I am, Taq, I am... I just don’t like the costs.”

Taq’s high-pitched sigh is toned with exasperation. Fomu frowns at me under his sun-kissed bangs. Why...?

“Costs are never meant to be liked. You’d think I like going around and never settle down? To never call a place of my own... It’s tiring.”

That... caught me off guard. I didn’t know he’s feeling like this. “I’ve never– I’m sorry, Fomu.”

“Don’t be, we both have to suck it up, okay? Take care, Ki.”

I sigh. They both dissolve into winds, leaving me whispers of goodbyes. I then dissolve into my meadow, the rain, and the wind above as the evening falls. It’s a hard work to nurture this place.

Can’t remember the last time when I have a form except these and human one. I first saw a group of humans who almost stumbled into my meadow from thousands of years ago, before I scared them away. I really like how the female body looks, especially after what Fomu described them to me. Sensual... And so, I did just that.

I couldn’t feel any carnal desires so might as well, formed myself into the most sensuous, voluptuous body I could manifest as. At least, I’m close to the image of carnal desire, and I’ve been using this look since forever. It’s not that I don’t want to use a male form because I actually love it. I only... wish to have sex with it, instead of becoming it.


I shake my head. “Wishes are dangerous. Stop it, Ki.” Wishes are basically prayers in general term, so I shouldn’t think about it flippantly.

But... human body is a wonder. The blood and cells are working together to stay alive, yet decay. A large number of poor humans are forced to have them destroy each other in their very within, no need for other humans to do the deed.

And the pleasure... What they feel as rich chocolate lay on their tongues and down to their throats. Oranges and strawberries wash it away in sweet acidity. I could only taste things I’ve taken form, in which I’ve never taken form of edible foods. How could I when animals and bugs are around? Those hungry critters would consume everything on sight.

And the humans’ chemical rush... When they touch, when they love, when they’re in love, when they make love. To the point it shakes the very core of their beings and to their souls.

Your Highness, forgive me! I shouldn’t even think–!

“What is that?” I gasp.

Right after the sun has set, screams are heard from the south forest and slowly heading here. The faraway birds scatter in shrieks. I stop my rain due to worry. Humans? They’ll come here? My word... It’s been years. Time for another scare job.

Back to human form and summoning my sword, I hope to Your Highness that there wouldn’t be any blood shed. But run out of fortune’s luck, I smell blood. Damn them! I run to the edge of the forest. Under a smell of pungent adrenaline and booming shouts, I hear terrified but determined mutterings. Oddly, always with no’s. That one... There’s no intention at all. Only a need to survive.

Alright then, come here. Let me see you, intriguing one.


{ AHT }


No, no! I keep running and running and running. This forest is so thick, it’s difficult to get around. This sprained ankle and blood loss from the wound around my neck cause me to limp fast. Damn it, Harrison had put a number on me. I can’t afford to stop now, seeing there’s a meadow in front–!

“You’re DEAD MEAT!”

Harrison pounces on me and sends us rolling on the ground to an open field. I struggle to get away from him, but my energy falters because I haven’t eaten since yesterday...

“What. Are. You. Doing. Here.”

Who...? A clear, stern voice stops the man on top of me. He stares at a person behind me and pushes me away, having the most disgusting predatory look. I look behind me to see the person.

Almighty God.

The most exquisite being I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Her gorgeous face is full of mischief and elegance, her amber brown skin gleams from the rain earlier, but her wild hair remains untouched. Her body is... naked. Ample breasts and perky rear fit nicely on her slim toned body. Her limbs seem very strong from the way she swings a huge sword. She’s a living sin, yet wafting out divinity. And so tall. Above-the-door kind of tall. Hold on, am I lusting? Is this lust?

“I said WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?” Her voice has now turns thunderous and shock waves us.

She’s not human... Her intimidation look seems familiar too and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Though, Harrison seems too deep in lechery to notice that she’s holding a very threatening weapon. Oh what a woman! Or whatever being she is.

“To take you,” Harrison foolishly states. Aihh... Bad move.


{ KI }

“Sorry?” My eyebrows shoot up. Shit, I can’t believe I’d found another halfwit trespasser!

“Oh I’ll show you how to earn my forgiveness.”

He has this creepy expression and I don’t like it. I glance over to the man beside him, who is all muddied up and bloody. I saw he was running away from the creepy man, possibly got hurt by him...

I jut my chin up. “No matter. I won’t go anywhere.”

He leers over me. “I’ll show you–”

“Did you hurt that man?”

He yanks the poor man’s long hair. The slimy man is an unforgivable lowlife then, pretending to be powerful with abuse and entitlement; they’re entrenched deep in his heart.

“What’s it to you, whore?” He snarls.

I dissolve his body into dust with a wave of my hand, gliding it up and away to the sky. He’s not worth my sword, nor his blood to be spilled on my home. Everything’s quiet except the muddy man’s panting. Odd... Usually, owls and crickets would have conversations and their chatters are loud.

I pace over the muddy man and he’s getting away from me! Maybe my sword scares him. I vanish it. With no annoyance left in me, I coax him.

“I’m truly sorry. Come here.”

He’s wary of me. I keep smiling at him, hoping he knows I’m not evil or anything. He slowly gets up and limp towards my way. Oh his ankle bends strangely and the bloody neck... He must’ve been hurt badly. I grasp his cheeks gently, causing a slight pause between his shaky breaths.

“Poor dear, are you fine?”

“I... I am. Thank you,” he mutters softly.

His voice... It’s deep as bass. Haunting even. Which is, humorously, attractive since his face is hidden under mud and blood. His eyes however... are like mine. Comets. Dark color too. I don’t feel alone as much.

I shake my head mentally. “I’ll show you my river to clean up.”

Taking him by hand, I lead him to my river cautiously. I couldn’t heal his ailments but he wouldn’t get infection by cleaning up. I wash his face as he washes the dirt off from his clothes. It’s strange when he doesn’t strip but no matter, he makes me giddy when he’s all gruff and careful in not touching me back.

We sit on the rocks in a comfortable silence. It’s darker now, with moonlight showering on us. This man looks around and... blinks slowly? Now I can hear the owls and others, and they seem very joyous. What is up with them? I shrug off the thought and focus on him instead.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you with your wounds.” My fingers trace them around his neck. It must be excruciating...

“It’s fine, I’ll survive. I’ll patch them up in no time.”

He brings my fingers up and kisses them... to which afterwards, he clears his throat and proceeds scrubbing the dirt away hastily. He’s a clueless charmer under the roughness.

I know he lusts over me, judging by his flexing muscles and heated looks. I only couldn’t grasp him yet because he’s a mystery. He has no intention so far and I couldn’t smell any chemicals from him except his body scent, not even when he ran through the forest. The adrenaline smell came from that lowlife earlier.

He’s observing around more. “Is this meadow your property? It’s amazing.”

He likes it??? Intriguing alright! His compliment makes me flutter all over, especially the small smile he gives me. People before him had given me flattery but they were expecting something from me right after, unlike this man.

“Thank you, I deeply appreciate it. Yes, you can say it’s mine.”

There! He’s all... cleaned up... My word. His whole being is beautiful. His face is intense and handsome, framed by his long, smooth, raven hair. I could see through his wet clothes clearly, where his muscles are so well defined and full. His body is in peak condition with golden, light skin. He’s even... taller than me, I’m right under his nose.

“See what you like?”


{ AHT }

“What?” She speaks in a small tone, looking up to me in soft surprise. Her normal voice is sweet.

“Do you like to see me?”

She stammers and her head turns to the side. Adorable. Goodness, if only I could grip her hips and pound into her. And lick her damp skin... There’s no more confusion, I’m literally capable of lust now. My body really needs warning signs sometimes.

The way she looks at me tells me I’m not the only one who’s attracted here, but I’m sensing no arousal from her, only admiration and interest.

“I’m sorry for being too forward.”

Not really sorry because it’s who I am, albeit I’d be too much for first impressions from most people. My mind is fogging up with desire for her, and when she surprises me by turning at my way with a bashful smile, my arousal dwindles down. She deserves better than to get lusted on.

Anyway, this place is– Even amazing is an understatement. Half of the meadow is filled with different kinds of vibrant flowers (most are poppies) and the other half is clean cut grass. It’s chaotic and disorganised as heck, contrasting the magnificent mountains at the far horizon and the crystal river. It’s a beautiful, wonderful mess. I think she purposely does this.

As if she’s rebelling.

Oh shit! She manifests all kinds of fruits on my lap, some of them spill onto the river. She giggles when I save the fruits clumsily. Cheeky lady she is...

“What’s this for?” I’m cradling the fruits. Most of them anyway.

“I heard your stomach’s grumbling, so it means you’re hungry, right? Eat up!”

“You sure...?”

“I’ll be offended if you don’t. Eat well, okay?”

My nose and eyes overcome with a surge of force. I don’t want to cry but finally, someone who is selflessly kind after all this time. Of course, she’s not human in the first place. I gobble up the fruits, tears roll down my cheeks while she gives me the most loving smile... Strawberries, apples, pears and a whole lot more. Mmph she’s the generous type!

“Do you want some?” Haish! Wrong question, I forgot. “I mean...”

“I couldn’t taste what they’re like. Eat them for me, yes? I like watching you eat.”

I smile at her with a mouthful of apple chunks and keep eating. She sometimes laughs but I don’t think it’s out of insult. Seems she genuinely likes to see me eat.

After I’m full, she disappears the leftovers away with a flick of her hand. I wonder what being she is, having this very familiar power. She never stops to amaze me– Why she’s sitting on my lap now???

“What happened to you?” Her head tilts.

Ugh, she feels good... Focus, Aht! “Mm. I was travelling around the world until war happened. They’ve captured me, turned me into a slave for their mines.”

“Oh my goodness!”

She–! Hugs me. Tight. All in her naked glory. Her breasts, her belly, her arms, her eye-rolling glorious smell... Poppies and petrichor, oh God. Please don’t get an erection, Aht.

“Is it safe to go back out there?” She rubs my back.

“It is, don’t worry. Their mines are far away from here, I had to run for quite a long time,” I choke out.

“Good thing you escaped! I’m proud of you!”

“I uh... Thank you. Again. Thank you for saving me.”

She’s facing me and beaming– Her crotch’s rubbing against mine! I push her away and she stumbles. She looks hurt...

“I-I’m sorry! I don’t mean...” And I realise something.

She’s eyeing curiously... down? Down to my bulging erection. Ugh.

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