That one night

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After a one-night stand with a handsome gentleman, Elke finds out she's pregnant. What does she do when she finds out that the father of her daughter is actually becoming the Alpha of her Pack?

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As this is still a work in progress, this book is still subject to change. Be aware that things like the title, names of characters and other details still could change in time.

Thank you all for the support I am already receiving. I hope to be able to add new chapters very soon!

Love, Alissa

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Elke is in a rush, today she has to get ready for lunch with her parents, the Alpha, and her sister and spouse. Her mother said there was going to be a very important guest, though she didn’t want to tell her who exactly. She is running late, her six-month old daughter thought it was okay to leak through her diaper, forcing Elke to change her clothes right before she was about to head out. Elke hurries through traffic. Even though it’s a Sunday today, it’s still busy on the subway. With her daughter in a pram tagging along, it all is just a tall bit more complicated than it would be if she were alone. But hell, she manages, Elke always does.

The subway arrives ten minutes too late at the station, and she hurriedly gets out. Elke looks around, where are the elevators? The escalators just won’t do with a pram. The doors take long before they open, and when she finally is in, her baby starts to wail. Not just a bit of a whine, no, Louisa’s putting all effort in, to make all the heads of the people present at the station turn their way. “Lou please,” Elke sighs, “Not now.”

Elke rummages through the diaper bag hanging on the handle of the pram, where is that bottle with milk again? How come Louisa always seem so insatiable?

Tucked away in the smallest corner in the back she finds the bottle. Elke quickly tests if the milk is still warm, it is, and she shows it to Louisa. Immediately, two little hands reach out to the bottle and a happy smile appears on her daughter’s face, silence returns as soon as she has the bottle in her hands.

“Thank god.” Elke murmurs to herself.

Ten minutes later, Elke halts in front of a royal blue, majestic front door. When the door opens, a grave man appears in the opening. “Elke.” A smile appears on his face as he steps aside to let her in, when she passes, he gives her a kiss on the cheek. “Welcome home, sweetheart. How is my sweet little granddaughter?” Then he takes Louisa out of her pram and lifts her up, high in the air.

Elke smiles, while hanging her coat on the rack. “She’s doing great, though she seems to be crying all the time nowadays.”

“She’s a fast-growing, hungry little pup, that’s only normal.” Her father smiles as he wiggles his nose against Louisa’s, and she cries out in pleasure. “You were just the same when you were her age.”

“Let’s go and see grandma, she’ll be just as happy to see you as I am.” He coos. Elke follows her dad into the dining room, where her mother, her sister and her mate, and a few other guests are chatting among themselves.

“Elke, it’s great you could make it.” her mother gives her a hug.

“Hey mom,” Elke smiles into her mother’s hair. Her mother switches her attention to Louisa. She takes Louisa out of her husband’s arms and start introducing Louisa to her guests.

“Hey Elke,” a grovel voice comes from behind her. She’d recognise that voice everywhere.

“Uncle Remus.” She smiles brightly as she moves to give the grey-haired Alpha a tight hug. “It’s so good to see you, it has been a while. How are you?”

“I’m good, tired, but good.”

Elke frowns, “why are you tired?”

“I’m not so young anymore, Elke. Things don’t go as easily as they used to.”

“Well, it’s good that you’re looking for a successor, then.”

The man smiles, his white teeth show. “Do you see the man talking to your sister?” He points at a bulky man with dark hair that reaches his shoulders. When he turns his head and catches her gaze, Elke’s heart stops.

She’d recognise those hazel eyes anywhere.


No way.

The hazel eyes, glow, showing a bit of recognition. Then the brows above the eyes frown, but Elke can’t look away.

“Elke? Did you hear what I said?”

“Huh,” Elke shakes her head, takes a deep breath to steady her heartbeat. “Sorry uncle, I zoned out. What did you say?”

“I told you, that that man talking to your sister is Gabor Farkas, your future Alpha. You should introduce yourself to him. Especially if you keep staring at him like that.”

Elke nods absentmindedly. Her heart almost beats out of her chest.

“Elke? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, sorry, I thought I recognised him from somewhere and was thinking from where.” Oh, she knows. She knows very well how she knows Gabor Farkas.

Gabor, or Gabe; as Elke knows him, walks over. “Hey, I think we haven’t been introduced decently, have we?” He smiles, a dark glint shows in his eyes.

“No, we haven’t,” Elke smiles nervously. “I’m Elke, Beta Peter’s daughter.”

“That’s her daughter,” Remus points at Louisa, “pretty little girl, isn’t she?”

Gabe’s eyes darken, if possible, but he doesn’t take one look at little Louisa. “Very pretty.” His eyes keep boring into Elke’s. “Just like her father.”

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