That one night

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Chapter 10

Not completely happy with how this chapter turned out, just sick of waiting and staring at it. Let me know how you like it.. I could use some constructive feedback :-)


It’s just past lunchtime when Elke arrives at the city’s police headquarters. She’s late for every appointment she makes, unless it’s for work, then she’s thirty minutes early.

Today is no different than other days; her shift only starts in thirty-five minutes, but she likes her. Today arrests are planned of red notice-rogues, and her sergeant had asked if she could run an extra shift, hence why she is only starting now and not in the morning like she usually does.”

As she walks past the entryway, through the corridor over to the locker rooms, she hears someone call her name. She turns and meets the eyes of Recht. “Thank you for coming,” he starts. “I know it’s your day off, but we couldn’t wait with this arrest, and with Martinez being sick, we’re undermanned.”

Elke nods and smiles. “It’s okay. Safety first, right?”

“I — err.” Recht leans in and lowers his voice. “Are you sure you’re up for it though?”

“Err,” Elke shrugs surprised. “Why wouldn’t I be up for it? You know that this part of the job is always the part I like most? I don’t mind coming in if not for the thrill and the action.”

“Yeah well, with your current situation and all?” Now Recht behaves really strangely for his character. He is nervous, and he is never nervous, he’s a man of steel.

“My situation? Excuse me?” Elke frowns and folds her arms in front of her chest.

“I, err, I talked with Beta Maes after the meeting with the mayor and Alpha Black last night. Your dad. He err, he told me about err—”

“Wait.” Elke shuts him up with a single gesture of her hand. “He told you I’m pregnant?”

Recht nods and runs a hand over his bald head nervously.

“He had no right!” Elke turns and bursts through the door of the locker room. Recht is right behind her.

“Look, I’m sorry if I overstepped. I just wanted to make sure you were okay and that you know what’s at stake when you continue working.”

Elke opens the door if her locker and takes her uniform out “Oh, I know what the risks are if I continue working, if that is what you mean. But I’ll only stop working if my feet can’t carry my weight any longer, but no sooner.”

“Alright then.” Recht nods and turns to leave the room. “I’ll see you in thirty minutes, then. Again, I’m sorry if I overstepped.”

The door slams shut behind him, and Elke slumps down on one of the benches in the middle of the room. Reality is kicking in. Hard.

She’ll have to leave the job to be able to take care of herself and the baby growing inside. Will she be able to return once the baby is born? Or will her father put a stop to it?

Sergeant Aaron Recht is her supervisor. As the Beta of the pack, her father works closely together with him. Sometimes he even joins them on raids or arrests of Rogues with a red notice. Elke is a simple officer in the special werewolf task force under Recht. Her taskforce forms the bridge between the ‘normal’ police and the werewolf-world.

Because werewolves have a different way of life, rules and laws are a bit different than for humans. Of course, killing someone for no reason is off limits, but werewolves have pack laws above them.

The special task force makes sure the werewolves that don’t abide by the werewolf law, are to be tracked down and arrested. The Beta of the pack will make sure werewolves get their punishment according to the pack laws.

For Elke to be working with sergeant Recht, is an ultimate experience. As she is going to take over the Beta position, she has to know how the law works, about procedures, how things go, and how humans and werewolves work together in this.

With the news that the Alpha is going to step down, and her father planning to do the same, this pregnancy couldn’t come at a worse time. Right now, she should be even more present at the police station than before. She should be her father’s shadow, and she won’t be able to do so with a big belly.

Elke sighs, she’ll have to find a way to work around it. She just has to, there’s no other way. Hopefully the new Alpha is kind and understanding.


It has been hours since Gabe left home to track Ilona down. He left his clothes in one of the designated boxes that are scattered around the edge of the forest, just for the purpose of shifting, and shifted into his wolf. Now he is miles away from home, deep into the forest.

The sun is setting, drawing long shadows on the forest’s leaf-covered floor. He sniffles, finally he catches a small trace of Ilona’s barely-there scent. Her scent is on the little hairs of her fur that are stuck to branches and leaves of bushes. It’s on the barks of trees, where she has scraped her fur against its rough coat. It’s everywhere along the path she has taken, and he is getting close. He knew she’d be here, he knew from the beginning, and she almost had lost him ’cause she had been good at not leaving traces, but as he suspected where she was going, he knew where to look.

A loud blast rings through the forest, and Gabe perks his pointed ears. A gun, or more a riffle of some sorts. He hears heavy footfalls of heavy boots coming his way and he crouches low.

There’s someone there, is a hunter shooting at his sister? Is she in danger? With his belly on the ground, he crawls forward. With his front legs stretched out, his hind legs curled underneath him so he can move more easily.

He hides behind some bushes and slowly lifts his head to try and look over it. Something whizzes past his ear, and he ducks away immediately. The sound of the blast comes at the same time; a bullet. Gabe squints his eyes, the person shooting at him is hidden somewhere behind the trees in front of him.

Gabe turns his head to see if there’s a way he can safely get closer to the shooter. He crouches low and swiftly moves from the bushes to a group of trees closer to the shooter. He has now a better view on the shooter.

“Wasn’t that warning enough, stupid wolf? Get out of here!” A male voice echoes through the forest.

Gabe realizes the shooter only wants to scare him away, by aiming close, but not at him and by making a lot of noise. With a regular wolf it may have worked, but Gave isn’t a regular wolf. Too bad that his sister is here somewhere too, he’ll have to find her first before he can leave the shooting male alone.

The sound of crunching twigs by heavy boots draws closer. Gabe must be close to the man. “Shoo, get out if here. There’s nothing to find here.” The man is now close, very close. “You aren’t hurt, are you? Can’t take care of another wounded wolf.” The man Mutters to himself while reaching Gabe.

Gabe who had been lying on the ground the whole time, points his ears: another wounded wolf? Does that mean his sister is hurt? He has to make up his mind quickly. Either he fakes injury so he can see who the wolf is that this man is taking care if, and risk not getting away for a while. Or he hides right now, follows the male at a safe distance and have a look tonight.

“Hmm.” The human male seems to have come to a halt only a few feet away from Gabe. “You could be the female-wolf’s mate too.” The man is mumbling to himself, but Gabe can see him clearly from where he is. “You might be wondering where she is. I should lure you. I may have some raw meat from yesterday in my cabin. Let me show you the way, you can stay as long as your female needs my care. When she’s healed, you can take her with you.”

The man turns briskly and leaves with large strides. Gabe jolts up and takes this opportunity to check up on de female wolf in the male’s cabin. That female must be his sister, it must be.

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