That one night

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Chapter 2


Gabor looks around as the landscape flies by his window.

“The weather is nice out here today, sir.” Vedo’s eyes are hidden behind sunglasses, as the sun is shining relentlessly. Usually, Gabe prefers to drive himself, but as today is an official affair and he has to make a good impression, Gabe has to do everything according to protocol. They drive through a luscious green suburb. The houses are nice, well maintained, cute.

“It is.” Gabe smiles. “Can you imagine living here for the rest of your life?”

“I think I would miss my family too much, sir.” Right. Vedo Varga has a mate, and three or four pups already. Lives a perfectly domesticated life.

A house larger than the rest in the area, looms in front of them, a gate opens itself automatically and a driveway with neatly trimmed lawns appear in front of them. The house is static, it’s white plaster spotless, save for the greenery that climb up to its walls, and the green, double doors in the front that look surprisingly, very inviting.

“Is this where Alpha Black lives? He has good taste. Not too showy, not too big, but nice enough for someone his status.”

“Something alike could be yours one day, sir.” Vedo mentions quietly.

True, very true.

“Alpha Farkas,” the deep bass of Alpha Black greets him as soon as Gabe steps out of his car. “Welcome to Wolvenberg Estate.” Alpha Black reaches out his hand to shake Gabe’s.

“Alpha Black,” Gabe shakes Black’s large hand. “Nice to meet you, how are you doing today?”

“I’m fine, thank you Gabor. Please,” Black gestures with his hand to the front door, “let’s get inside, I had some refreshments prepared upon your arrival.”

“Thank you, that’s very kind.” Gabe gives Black one of his signature smiles before he follows Black into the estate.

“I am glad I could track you down,” Alpha Black starts as they sit in the luxurious sofas in the salon. “Your father told me that you were traveling and were hard to reach sometimes.”

Gabe flashes a smile. “That’s right. There still are places in the world where there’s absolutely no cell phone reception. I actually visited those places on purpose. And if I visit places that have reception, I let my assistant select the ones that truly are important.”

Black grins and his eyes twinkle amusedly, “you’ve tried to evade your responsibilities, huh?”

Gabe shakes his head. “I needed time and space to think, let go of my family for a while. As you know, my twin brother Iravor has taken over as Alpha from our father. Even though it has always been clear to us that he was the first born and he would be the rightful heir; I still had the same treatment, the same education, but also the same expectations. I wasn’t prepared for how broken I would feel to not have that purpose in life.”

“It’s pretty common for siblings of the young Alpha to be prepared for the same task, I never realized what impact that would have on someone like you.”

“What use does it have, to learn about everything, when you’ll never be able to use that knowledge?” Gabe shrugs.

“So, my offer to you should give you some satisfaction in that department?” Alpha Black’s smile widens, but Gabe frowns in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if you have done your homework properly, you already know that I don’t have any relative that is able to take over my position as Alpha. Becoming an Alpha is not something you do just like that. It takes training, time, a certain kind of education, social skills, etcetera. As I am not getting any younger, I am looking for someone qualified to take over my position.”

Gabe nods and a small smile starts to form on his lips. “I see.”

“I have asked you here, to see if you are interested to take over my position as Alpha.” Black smiles expectantly.

“Well,” Gabe sighs and scratches his chin. “I have to admit that I am honoured to be asked for this position.”

“I understand that you’re not going to say yes this instant.” Black gets up from his seat, rummages through a drawer of the giant bookcase that’s placed against the wall and pulls out a wooden box with cigars. He offers Gabe one, but he shakes his head. Think about it, get to know my pack, then decide. If you have anything to ask, to negotiate, just tell me, I’m willing to talk.”

“I’m willing to stay here for a while to see if we have a connection. If we can’t find a way to work together, agreeing is useless.”

Black nods, “You can come and live here for about a year to see if we match, and then make your decision. You’re free to take as much time as you need, but only if you’re serious about this. I can’t afford to waste time on a deal that’ll be turned down in the end.”

Gabe nods, “That’s fair.”

“Anything else you want to discuss beforehand?”

“I need to know everything about the current state of affairs, how things are running here. What status you hold up to the outside world, finances, business deals, and so on. But I guess that my twelve months stay here could be some sort of internship, where I’ll learn the trade?”

Black nods thoughtfully, “I guess that’s reasonable. You should be ready to go within a year.”

Gabe nods. “We will have to discuss dates, ceremonies and other rituals that come with the event.”

“We have some time to discuss and prepare these things.”

“True.” Gabe nods.

“Are you hungry? Ready for dinner?”

“I could eat.” Gabe grins.

“I thought so.” Black returns his grin, “No Alpha turns down an opportunity of a good meal. Let’s go.”

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