That one night

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Chapter 3


When Gabe walks downstairs the next morning, he hears birds outside twitter, crickets chirp, but that aside, there’s nothing else he hears.

He sighs and looks around; this could be his.

Even though he was always taught that he wouldn’t become the Alpha of his home-pack, he still felt lost because he had no purpose, no goal in life. It left him empty. He loves his brother Ira dearly, but he can’t help but be envious of him. He has the position Gabe has been born for too, he has the task Gabe was prepared for all his life too.

Now he’ll get the chance to work as an Alpha after all, this is a huge opportunity.

“Alpha Farkas, good morning.”

“Morning,” Gabe greets Alpha Black. Next to him stands another grey-haired male.

“This is my Beta, Peter Maes. Peter, this is Alpha Farkas of the Börzsöny pack. He is here to discuss a potential assignment as the new Alpha of our pack.”

The Beta reaches out his hand and shakes Gabe’s firmly. “Nice to meet you, sir.”


“I wish I could say I hope to be able to work with you, but I’d lie about that. I’ve been trying to persuade my eldest available to take over from me, but children will always be children, stubborn and headstrong.” The Beta smiles widely. “You’ll get the chance to meet my family soon enough, my successor included. Then you’ll be able to tell if you’d be a good match or not.”

“You’ll be retiring soon too?” it’s more a statement than a question, Peter nods.

“Peter, has your fine lady gotten the chance to take care of you and served you breakfast, or didn’t you give her the chance to do that for you?”

Gabe frowns, huh?

Black grins, “every time I see Adriana, she complains that her mate is more with me than with her. That he’s never home when she wakes up. She even accused me of trying to steal her mate from her.”

Peter shrugs, “what can I say, I’m an early bird, can’t help it.”

“As much as I love working with you, I think I’d commit suicide if I were to live with you,” Black’s grin widens. “You’d drive me insane, hats off for your mate, Peter.”

“Uncle Remus!”

The two older men swiftly around in their feet. A delicate looking female in her early twenties storms their way. “Fenna!” Black spread his arms and the female happily jumps onto them. “To what do I owe this pleasure of you visiting me, you pretty lady?”

“I actually wanted to talk to my father about a matter, and they told me I’d find him here.” She takes a glance at Peter, “and they were right, hey dad.” She gives Peter a hug.

“Hey baby, what do you need me for? Have you had breakfast? I was about to join Remus and Alpha Farkas.”

“Mom already spoiled me with breakfast. She complained again how you’re never home.” Fenna blushes lightly, “I actually wanted to tell you that I have found my mate. As he is from a different pack, I need your approval as you are about the moving-permits.”

“Who may this mate of yours be, if I may ask?” Alpha Black looks curious.

“Brandon Hamilton of Jacob’s pack. He is here to visit his aunt. He err, is prepared to move here with me.”

“Has he treated you well so far?” Peter’s gaze darkens.

“He has, he has dad. I am so happy. He is a wonderful mate.” Fenna blushes slightly.

“Good.” Peter sounds relieved. “I’m going to eat first, but you can join us, even if you’re not going to eat. Then I’ll set everything in motion for the transfer. Fill out the documents and such.”

Fenna hugs her father tightly. “Thanks dad.”

Remus leads them into a large kitchen. In the middle is an old-looking, large farmhouse-table with six mix-matched chairs, each one a different type.

“Please, take a seat. Peter and Fenna, maybe you can help set the table?”

Peter and Fenna immediately jump into action and rummage through the cabinets. Soon enough, the kitchen is filled with the most mouth-watering scents and the table set. Gabe watches as the three others are busy with their tasks. They’re like a well-oiled machine, all motions are smooth, they work so well together. He can’t help but feel like a third wheel, not needed. “Can I help?” He asks.

Fenna looks up and smiles. The lights in her eyes glisten with happiness. “No, just sit down and relax.” She places a newspaper next to the plate that is already in front of him. “Here, to kill the time. We’ve got this, we do this all the time.”

The way she says it, maybe not intentionally, but it still hits Gabe harder than he’d like to admit. As soon as Remus has resigned, there will be no more breakfasts like this. The Alpha- and Beta families will be ruptured from these traditions that are being held for decades. Somehow it hits him, hard.

He will have to work hard to gain this pack’s trust, to get this close to the people and families he will work with. He has a long road ahead of him. But the longer he thinks about it, the more he realizes that what these people have, this symbiosis; he wants that too.

A hand lands on his shoulder, and he jolts up. “Gabor?”

A concerned frown decorates Peter’s eyes.

Gabe shakes his head, trying to get out of his head. “Sorry, what did you say?”

“He really didn’t hear you Remus,” Peter laughs. “He asked you if you want bacon with your eggs.”

“Oh,” Gabe blushes. “Yes, please. Sorry I was deep in thought.”

“Something you like to share?” Remus turns and wriggles with his eyebrows, a frolic twinkle light his dark eyes.

Gabe shakes his head. “It’s not what you’re thinking. I was thinking about the impact the switch if power is going to have. How well you cooperate, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort before I will reach that kind of trust and this familial mind-set.” Gabe sighs, “I am an outsider. I don’t know any of you. You have these daily habits, that have changed into some kind of traditions.

“So, what are your plans for today?” Black’s asks Gabe as soon as he has served breakfast. “Making yourself familiar with the town?”

Gabe nods, “I was thinking about that, yes. I have no idea where to start, though.”

Fenna takes a sip from her coffee before she speaks. “If you like, I have some time on my hands, I could give you a tour through the heart of town today.”

“That would be awesome “Gabe smiles gratefully. “Tonight I plan on diving into the nightlife here. I don’t know what hour I’ll be back.” He looks at Black. “I hope you don’t mind.”

Black shakes his head. “No, sure, go ahead, son. Mingle with the people your age. It’s the only way to find out what’s going on among the people in town.”

“Brandon is going to watch some soccer game later tonight with a couple of old friends. If you like, you can tag along. Having some friends here could be of a great help for you.”

Gabe nods gratefully. “Thank you, Fenna.”

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