That one night

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Chapter 4


Elke sighs: how did she end up here alone at the bar again? Yes, right: Malika, her best friend since the first year of high school wanted to celebrate their thirteen-year friendship anniversary by going to this new pub.

As much as she used to like going out and meet her friends at bars to socialize, she just isn’t into it so much anymore. There’s a time where things just aren’t that appealing anymore. And the hangovers afterwards just aren’t alluring at all.

Malika is off on the little makeshift dancefloor with her boyfriend of the month; Ryan, and she is here, sitting on her own at the bar. At least the bartender is fun to look at, he doesn’t look that bad at all.

Sighing again, she places her empty glass on the bar and catches the gaze of the bartender. He raises his eyebrow as if to ask if she wants a refill, but she shakes her head. No more for her, she doesn’t fancy a major headache tomorrow morning. Especially as she promised her parents to come by for lunch.

“No more?” The bartender leans forward over the counter and his eyes light up a little. Elke shakes her head again, “no, no more.” A smile tugs on her lips, she looks in his and sees the mischievousness in there.

“Are you sure?” His mouth tugs up at one side, and he gives her a lopsided grin.

“I am,” Elke looks down and looks for her purse in her handbag. He is a werewolf, she can see it, and he is attractive, but no, he is not her mate, bad luck for him. “What do I owe you?”

The bartender looks a bit disappointed, but eventually goes and makes her bill. Then she decides to see if her friend isn’t too busy to say goodbye. Malika looks happy, and pretty busy, as she is kissing her boyfriend passionately. Elke shakes her head, that girl knows no boundaries. Lucky for Malika, she is human and not a werewolf. If she ever found her mate, he wouldn’t be too happy smelling all those men on her. Elke decides to turn around and just leave. She’ll send Malika a message as soon as she gets home.

As soon as she steps out into the night, the fresh air makes her smile. The night is not over for many people, it’s still busy in the street, but the little breeze is very refreshing. Elke decides to walk home, her apartment isn’t that far away from here and this way shell be able to save some money.

Her purse vibrates and she quickly pulls her phone out of her handbag. Her sister Fenna, who’s only two years younger, sent her a reminder for the lunch tomorrow. As if she could forget, their mother would remind her of it almost every day.

Suddenly, her foot twists in a wrong way, a hole in the ground she didn’t see as she was too busy with her phone, and before she knows it, she squeals as she almost topples over.


“Whoa there, careful.” A heavy voice comes from somewhere above her. Two hands grab her by the elbows and steady her. When she stands back steadily on her two feet, she looks up to see two dark eyes, their colour not visible because of the dark night. “Are you alright?” The voice pulls her out if her absentminded state. Somehow, she’s just now registering that someone caught her. A man caught her. A very, very good-looking male with a beautiful smile caught her before she went headfirst into the ground.

“Err, yeah, thank you.” Elke smiles, embarrassed that this just has to happen to her. It always does. Looking at her feet, she tries to wipe away invisible dust from her jeans, her cheeks burn. They must look red, tomato red.

“Are you sure? You didn’t sprain your ankle?” When she looks back up, she sees a concerned frown on the handsome face of the beautiful stranger. A wolf, she realises just now. “I could give you a ride home of you want, my car’s over there.” The man points at a shiny black sedan across the street.

But Elke shakes her head. “I’ll be fine, I live just around the corner.” She smiles gratefully, “but thank you for offering.”

“You’ve probably been taught not to go home with strangers,” the man smiles, showing the perfect whites of his teeth. “But I’ve been taught to always be a gentleman for ladies in distress. So please, allow me to guide you to your home.”

“You really don’t have to,” Elke smiles politely, “I’ll manage, you don’t have to waste your time on me.”

“Oh, but you’re not a waste of time, believe me.” The man lowers his head to look her in the eye. “You’ll be the ultimate excuse to not go the pub where some new friends are watching a lame soccer game. You’ll be my way out.” He smiles mischievously now. His eyes are full of it.

“Alright then, I don’t think i have another choice, do I?” She actually likes the guy, he is good looking, and it seems he is a good companion too, maybe she’ll even enjoy his company.

“I’m Gabe,” he introduces himself as he holds out his arm for her to loop hers through.

“Elke.” She looks at the ground, too afraid she’s going to trip again.

“What is such a beautiful young she-wolf such as yourself doing all alone on the streets at this hour?”

“I was out with my friend, though her boyfriend was there too, so I felt a bit like a third wheel.”

“Hmm, that’s lame. Boyfriends always seem to ruin it, don’t they?” His eyes glisten playfully.

“I knew what I was getting into before I agreed. She has a new boyfriend almost every month, it’s nothing new. But she wanted to celebrate our thirteen-year anniversary so badly; it’s be rude to deny her that.”

“You’ve known each other for thirteen years? That’s quite some time.”

“Yeah. Do you know anyone that long?”

“I have friends that I’ve known since I was born. About thirty-one years now.”

“Wow, that’s really long.”


Elke slows down as they reach the door to her apartment complex. Gabe looks up, then shows her a frown. “On what floor do you live?”


“You’re not going to make it all the way up there.” He states as he looks down at her foot. He doesn’t ask, he just seems to state a fact. Before she realizes what’s happening, he has scooped her up in his arms and carries her through the door and walks up the stairs.

“Gabe, put me down,” she orders.

He growls lowly. “Shh, you’re going to wake your neighbours.” He whispers. “By the way, I don’t take orders, I only give them. Although,” he tilts his head a little, “when you try to command me, it’s kind if cute, and sexy as hell too.” A teasing smile appears on his face again. In the dim light of the staircase, she can see his eyes glimmer.

Halfway, Elke realises how close Gabe actually is. He holds her in such a way that her head is at the same level as his neck. Without thinking, she pushes her nose in his neck and inhales deeply. Her eyes close automatically, his scent, mixed with a hint of men’s perfume, its alluring, seductive, it makes her want more. Without really thinking she squeezes her thighs together, in an attempt to lessen the tingles she feels between her legs. His throat vibrates and he growls lowly.

“Woman, you know I can smell your arousal from miles away. Can you stop that?” Again, he growls as he looks down, straight into her startled eyes. “If you don’t, I’m not going to be held responsible for the consequences.”

He stops at the last door, the door of her apartment and lowers her back to the ground. Elke doesn’t dare to look at the man, that now hovers over her from behind. With shaking hands, she grabs her keys from her purse and puts them in the lock, she turns them, and the door opens a few inches. Only then does she dare to look back, straight into a pair of dark, lustful eyes. She gulps, now what?

She hesitates, what should she do? Invite him in? She already knows what will happen if she lets him in, but she doesn’t want him to go already either.

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