That one night

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Chapter 5


Elke pushes her door open a little further, slowly as if to stall the moment just a little longer. She steps forward, and then to the side, to make room for Gabe to come in.

“Are you sure that this is what you want? There’s no way back once I’ve crossed your threshold.” He warns her in n a low voice, one last time.

She just nods, avoiding his gaze.

“Look at me. I need to be able to read your eyes. Are you sure?”

“Yes,” it almost sounds like a whisper, as she can’t bear the dark, lustful look in his eyes. He’s undressing her, devouring her just with his gaze, she feels vulnerable and naked, but also incredibly attracted to him. “I don’t usually invite men in like this, I don’t know why I’m doing it now, but, I’m sure.”

Gabe just nods, then steps inside. He closes the door behind him, takes her keys and locks the door from inside. Then he turns and just looks at her. His eyes burning, aflame.

Her hand reaches out, softly touching his chest as it goes up and down from his heavy breathing. Heat radiates through the shirt he is wearing, he is scalding hot. His hand reaches up and covers hers, keeping it right over his heart. She can feel his strong, steady beat, and her eyes draw back to his. He takes a step even closer, now they are chest to chest, his head lowers, until she can feel his breath fanning her face.

She closes her eyes to his proximity, not able to feel the intensity of his gaze. She feels how his hands move to her neck, drawing her even closer to him, until there’s no space left between them.

Softly, she feels the gentle touch of his lips against hers. It’s just a tingle, a tease, maybe even a test. When he doesn’t do anything more, she grows impatient, pushing her lips against his, closing any space that possibly was between them. Fireworks go off, tingles erupt where their skin touches. Everything is on fire; Elke had heard of the stories of true mates, but never thought them to be true. Until now; now that she has find her own true mate. This is it; this is him; Gabe is her mate!

Her arms are wrapped around his neck, to pull him impossibly closer. His hands slide from her lower back downwards, until they land on her butt. He squeezes her firm flesh, and she takes the opportunity to wrap her legs around his waist. Her body now held up by his hands, she continues to kiss him, deepening the kiss by running her tongue against his lower lip, until he opens his mouth. Welcoming her tongue with his own.

He draws back, just a little bit, to take a breath. “Your bedroom, show me the way,” he commands breathlessly.

Still in his arms, she directs him to her room. As soon as he’s stepped inside, he throws her on the bed and crawls over her, not giving her the slightest chance to pull away. He growls loudly, when he notices her exposed neck as she lays down on her back. He crawls further over her, until his nose touches her weak spot. He kisses her there, then sucks on the skin, earning a loud moan from Elke.

“God, you’re irresistible,” he growls again, while tugging on her top. Her hands glide over his chest, down to his abs, to push him back just a little bit. “You want me to stop?” He asks with a frown. He sits back on his knees, her feet in between. He breathes heavily, and his hands start to shake from the restrained desire. He tries hard to fight the urge to rip her clothes and take her. She can see it in his eyes, the fight, the struggle.

A smile tugs on her lips as she shakes her head. “No, just thought it’d be easier to undress myself first. You’ll get better access to everything.” She bites her index finger softly, then traces her lip with that same finger, a seductive look in her eyes.

Gabe growls loudly, the sound reverberating in his chest. He quickly gets rid of his t-shirt, then gets up to undress himself further in a hurry. “God, Elke, you have no idea what you do to me.” He grumbles.

“I have a bit of an idea.” Elke smiles again, taking her clothes off at the same time he does. “I think I feel the same way.”

In an instant, Gabe hovers back over her. Her back pressed against the sheets. In one quick movement, he spreads her legs, and climbs in between. He inhales deeply when he reaches her core. “You smell divine, Elke, and you’re all mine.”

His tongue softly tingles her core, making her upper body jolt up in reflex. Her hands grip his hair, pulling and tugging hard at their roots. Another growl escapes his throat, followed by a loud moan. “Sorry sweet, I’d love to do some foreplay, but I don’t know how long I can keep my wolf from taking you.”

“Don’t,” Elke orders. “I need you, right now.”

“I need to prepare you, Elke,” Gabe warns her with a deep frown. “I’ll hurt you otherwise.”

“Don’t.” Elke breathes, “just take me.”

“Come here,” Gabe growls as he pulls her leg to move her core closer to his hard rod. The tip of his cock strokes her clit, and she jolts up again, sensitive to the touch. He grabs his cock, hard and ready for action, stroking her sensitive spot with his tip. Precum leaks from his tip, mixing with her flowing juices. One more time he moves through her slit, before halting at her opening. “Do it,” Elke whispers.

Gabe looks her in the eyes one more time. Then he enters her, gently, softly. Fighting back the urge to slam into her to the hilt. As soon as he is fully into her, he leans over her and he kisses her, teases her with his tongue, before he pulls his head back to look at her again. “You alright?”

Elke nods, only then he starts to move, slowly, back and forth, chasing their climax. Sharing that feeling, bonding their souls, giving in to their lust, until they both can’t no more.

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