That one night

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Chapter 6


Gabe was on his way that night to watch a soccer game with Fenna’s mate Brandon and his friends in their regular pub. He really didn’t want to go, he wasn’t really looking forward to it. Making new friends is always hard.

When on his way, he ran into this girl, who tripped and almost fell. He caught her, and was instantly enchanted by the light in her eyes. She must have been the most beautiful woman in the world. He just knew he had to make her his, he couldn’t resist her even if he wanted her.

Now he is waiting at the door of the apartment of this overwhelmingly lovely girl, or more likely this amazing woman. They had known each other for only fifteen minutes, but he was certain after the first second he had seen her. This is her; she is his mate; he needs to have her. He had had girlfriends, oh hell, quite a few, but none were like her. They were nothing, compared to her.

She didn’t want his help when she almost tripped and fell. She didn’t want the help he offered, but he helped her anyway. And when he saw how many stairs she had to climb to get to her apartment, he felt the need to carry her up.

So again, he looks intently at her unlocking her door. He knows that if she invites him in, he won’t say no. He knows that if she invites him in, there’ll no way back. He can smell her arousal in the air, her scent, sweet as flowers. A low growl escapes his throat, and she looks at him through her lashes. God, this woman, what she does to him, she has no idea!

She opens her door slowly, as to prolong the moment. Then she steps aside, making way for him to come in. “Are you sure that this is what you want? There’s no way back once I’ve crossed your threshold.” He warns her, one last time.

Gabe turns in the warm and comfortable bed he is lying in and smiles at the sight of the female beside him. Pride, and love fill his heart; she is so beautiful, and she doesn’t even know it, and she is all his.

His mate.

She is lying on her stomach, with her arms underneath her pillow, and her head turned to the left. She has one leg pulled up also to her left, and the cover is draped over her body.

Her long blond hair cascades down her back and partially over her face.

Gabe reaches out to uncover her face, so he can see her features. Gently, careful not to wake her, he moves the hair in her face away. His fingers wander further, gently touching her skin, so he can feel the tingles that erupt as soon as his skin touches hers. His fingers follow the round of her shoulder, over her arm where it disappears under her pillow. Then he trails a line from her shoulder over her back. Again, and again his fingers trail her skin. He can’t get enough.

Something starts to vibrate on the floor, and he quickly gets up to find the culprit. His phone in the pocket of his jeans shows ten missed calls, and five messages from his brother. Gabe frowns, something serious must have happened and he immediately pulls his jeans on, to step out of the room to call his brother back.

“Iravor,” he says as soon as he has entered his mate’s tiny kitchen.

“Gabor, can you please, for once in your life behave like an adult and just pick up your phone?” the furious Alpha-voice of his brother kills his ear.

“What did you need me for?” Gabe pinches the bridge of his nose between his fingers. He can feel headache coming up.

“It’s Ilona.”

Gabe frowns. “What about her?”

“She ran away again and won’t come back.”

Gabe sighs. “Again?” Ilona is their eighteen-year-old rebellious sister.

“You have to come back and take her home. You’re the only one she listens to.”

“What makes you think she’ll listen to me?”

“She listened to you last time. You’re alike, you understand each other. You both run away from your responsibilities.”

Gabe remains silent. He knows his brother thinks he is irresponsible, that he acts like a ostrich and is lazy as fuck. Nothing could be less true than that. He is responsible, he doesn’t run away from his problems and he is not lazy, he just never got the chance to prove himself. He feels useless at home, so he went travelling, which makes him still feel useless, but at least he gets to see something from the world.

That’s why he is willing to think about Black’s offer. Though he has already made his decision and with his mate right here, he doesn’t have to think twice. “Saying that won’t help, you know. If you want something done from me, you should be kissing my feet, not offend me.”

“Gabe!” Iravor growls. “Get your lazy ass over here! Now!”

“I am in the middle of something, Ira. I can’t just leave!”

“What? Are you in the middle of shacking a woman? Sorry I disturbed your sex.” Ira growls furiously again, and starts talking in Alpha-mode. “Get home! Now!” The line goes dead immediately after, and Gabe sighs.

The last thing hasn’t been said about this. If Black’s offer is off the table because he has to get back home for this, Iravor will have to hear it. He won’t be commanding him anymore from now!

Gabe walks back to his mate’s bedroom to find the rest of his clothes. In the bathroom he quickly gets dressed and then walks into the hallway to leave. Right in front of the front door, he hesitates and turn back around. In the kitchen, he finds a piece of paper and scribbles and excuse and his phone number. He places the paper on her nightstand, then leaves quietly through the front door.

Right after closing the door quietly, he pauses and takes a deep breath with his eyes closed. It hurts to leave her here like this. This is not the way he wants to treat his mate, it gives off all the wrong signs and that’s not how he wants to start his relationship with her.

He starts walking down the stairs and pulls out his phone. “Vedo, get ready, we need to leave, now.” Once outside, he looks up at the apartment on the top floor for one more time. With a heavy heart he steps into his car and makes the engine come to life with a roar.

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