That one night

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Chapter 8


Slumped down in the backseat, Gabe looks out the window of the car. These familiar mountains covered in forrest's are something totally different than the flat, green countryside from where he was only twelve hours ago. He sighs, the last thing he wanted to do, was leave. Though Black was understanding when he explained what was going on, he felt like something broke. He broke Black’s trust.

The houses outside become familiar, and Gabe unconsciously straightens in his seat. “Almost there, sir.” Vedo informs him.

“Are you happy to be back home again, Vedo?”

“I can’t deny that I’m happy to be reunited with my family. It’s nice to be able to see them again.”

“Should I hire someone else, Vedo? Should I ask my brother to give you a different job, one that keeps you closer to your family?” Gabe doesn’t sound accusingly, just concerned for his friend.

Vedo shakes his head fervently, “No sir. As long as you need me, I’ll work for you.”

“There’s a chance that I’ll be moving to the Wolvenberg pack, will you move with me then?”

Vedo nods. “Of course, sir. I go where you go. You’ve been good to me, thanks to you, I’ve been able to travel the world. I’d follow you anywhere, sir.”

“Then we have to make sure that your family moves with us, don’t you think? That is, if the Misses agrees too, right?”

“That would be great sir. I greatly appreciate it. I’ll talk to miss. Marian, don’t worry about that.”

Gabe frowns as a thought enters his mind. “Vedo, have you ever seen Beta Peter’s son? His successor?”

Vedo shakes his head. “I only met his eldest son Jacob Maes once, but that was before he became the Alpha of the pack of his mate.”

“A Beta who becomes Alpha, extraordinary.” Gabe remarks, Vedo just nods as he focusses on the road ahead.

“He is a remarkable man, sir.”

“I’m sure he is,”

His family home shows up in front if them, partially hidden by large oak trees. As soon as the car stops in front, the front door bursts open. A short, female runs through, followed by a tall copy of Gabe himself.

“Gabe!” the female smiles brightly, and her arms spread wide when he steps out of his car. A smile appears on his face, as his mother runs into his arms, slamming him backwards against the car by the force. “I’ve missed you so much my boy.” Her gaze goes from the top if his head, to the tips of his toes, before looking inquisitively in his eyes and pushing a lock of hair behind his ear. “Your hair has grown, and you seem to have become taller than you already were.”

“Mom.” Gabe gazes back at his mother with live in his eyes, “I stopped growing when I was sixteen.”

“Still,” His mother pouts, though she doesn’t let go.

Gabe looks over his mother’s head to his brother. The differences between them are starting to show. Ever since Ira took over, he has become more and more stronger, and it’s visible too, his muscles ripple underneath his shirt when he moves. Ira has a more authoritative aura surrounding him too, it makes you feel obligated to bow your head and stare at your feet. Though Gabor resists; he is still his twin, even if his brother now wears the title of Alpha, and he does not.

He shakes the extended hand of his brother firmly, with his mother still clinging to his waist. “Gabe,” his brother greets with his raw voice, the stern look on his face eyes brighten for a second when he says Gabe’s name. “Welcome back home, brother.”

“Thanks.” Gabe looks closer to his brother. His eyes are dark of tiredness, the wrinkles in the corners if his eyes seem deeper than normal, and his eyes look duller than usual. Probably a large amount of worry that has kept him up at night.

“Any news from Ilona?”

Ira shakes his head. “Last time she was spotted, was near the borders of the pack. She could be anywhere by now.”

“Tried to call her?”

Ira lifts his brow with a sarcastic glare. “What do you think? She’s even harder to reach as you are on your travels, and you’re hard to catch when you’re traveling. She has smelled freedom and is chasing after it.”

“Can you blame her?” Gabe shrugs as he starts to walk in the direction of the house. “I think I can say that I know how it feels.”

“Boy,” Ira rolls his eyes. “Please, grow up.”

“What?” Gabe halts in his tracks. “Have you ever thought about the reason why I left? It has nothing to do with teenage dreams or being immature!”

Ira sighs. “Sorry, I know. If only you’d tell me why you’re running away from us. From me.”

“Not now, Ira. We need to find Ilona first.” Their mother interrupts the men. “And before that,” she taps the tips of both their noses with her pointer finger, “we are going to eat.”

Their mother puts her arms through those of her sons and takes them inside.


Later that evening, Elke returns home. Talking to her uncle about her pregnancy and the future, made her think about things. She should call Gabe, she really should. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be understanding. Maybe he could help, support her and the baby. Then she would be able to become Beta after all. She must call him, as soon as possible!

She searches the dresser where she left his number, but it’s empty. Frantically she rummages through the drawers. Then she searches the coffee table and the couches for the piece of paper.



“Malika, get over here!” Elke yells.

The door bursts open, “calm your horses, Beta. You don’t have to use your command on me, you know!” the girl pants.

“I left a piece of paper on the dresser; did you move it?”

“You mean the clutter that was crowding that dresser? I cleaned it out. Tomorrow is garbage day, so I cleaned up and took the garbage outside.”

“No!” Elke starts to panic now. “You’re kidding me, you can’t be serious!”

“I am though. Was there anything of importance between that rubble?”

Elke plops down on one of the couches, her head in her hands. “There was a piece of paper between that junk, with a very important phone number on it.”

“Shit, I’m sorry El. I thought it was all for the bin. Whose phone number was it?”

“Do you remember I went home early yesterday?” Malika nods. “I found my mate last night. He left early this morning before I woke up and left his phone number. I have to call him.”

“Why? He ditched you.”

Elke shakes her head, her voice soft and strangled. “I need him.”

Malika seems to realize something. “Is he – what do you call him again?”

“My mate, soulmate.” Elke nods. “Yes, he is.” Though Malika is human, and Elke is not, they get along pretty well. When Malika found out about Elke being a werewolf, she was very curious and wanted to know everything about her. She kept asking questions. As much as she hated all those questions, she appreciates it now, she doesn’t have to explain anything, Malika already knows.

“So? What now? Is there a way to find out who he is?”

Elke shrugs. “The only way is via Uncle Remus, but I don’t think he’ll be willing to help. He’s mad at my mate for leaving.”

“He could have a good reason, you know.”

Elke nods, but isn’t convinced, “he could.”

“Want me to switch topic?” Malika takes a seat on the corner of the couch and starts filing her nails.

Elke nods again, “please.”

“Why didn’t you tell me there is a new Alpha in town?” Malika glances at Elke, before looking back at her nails.

Elke frowns, “a new Alpha?”

“Don’t pretend that you don’t know, you know that doesn’t work with me. You’re going to take over from your dad, you’re the first to know about these things.” Malika points with her nail file at Elke accusingly, then she bends forward with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “You know I won’t tell anyone, so tell me, is he as good-looking as they say?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, a new Alpha?” Elke’s voice raises a bit. “They must keep me out of it. I knew Remus is retiring, but I had no idea they’d find a successor.”

“Is he going to retire? Really?” Malika looks at Elke with eyes wide of surprise.

Elke nods. “He is. My dad is retiring at the same time.”

“You’ll be the Beta soon, then. You won’t have time for me anymore.” Malika pouts, then frowns. “But why are they keeping you out of it? You should know about these things.”

“I don’t know,” Elke shrugs, then looks down to her still flat stomach and runs her hand over it gently. She hasn’t told her dad yet, but if Remus could tell, then her father must have his suspicions too.

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