Driven by Amour

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Alpha Hadriel D'Angelo, the fearless, warrior leader of the Southern Blood Pearl Pack, a standalone wolf, who's heart and mind are clouded by sinister vengeance. But behind Hadriel's icy façade hides one, painful secret, a secret that he will soon pay its price.  Will the big bad wolf eventually give his heart to the bold and sweet Isaura Vitalis? Or does his thirst for revenge needs to be quenched first? 

Fantasy / Romance
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"Hadriel? What are you doing here?" She stuttered, backing away on instinct, my wolf whimpered and my heart ached. She was afraid of me.

I slowly closed her bedroom's window and dusted myself off, Isaura's eyes watched carefully my every move, she was on guard and she was damn right to feel that way.

I heaved up a sigh, what was I going to tell her? Breaking in her bedroom at half past eleven in the night wasn't a graceful way to redeem myself, nor make her any less comfortable in my presence, I realized just now how creepy and horrible my move was.

My steps faltered at the sudden realisation, I looked up sensing a curious gaze watching me, I noticed how her posture tensed and I could hear her frantic heartbeats, her doleful Hazel eyes brightened with curiosity and apprehension, she was acting defensive still, yet her reddened cheeks told me another story.

"I apologize for… this afternoon, you caught me in a sour position, I wasn't myself… and you didn't deserve such treatment." I found myself searching for words, I have never been nervous in my entire life, yet this little one made me swallow half of my words and forget about my pride and virility.

Isaura arched a brow in confusion, she sat straight on her bed, folded her arms and threw me a mischievous grin. "Is what I hear correct?" she acted shocked and I grinned, "The great Alpha Hadriel D'angelo is apologizing! To ME! The blasphemy!" Isaura feigned haughtily and fell on the mattress.

I chuckled and shook my head, she had her brother's sense of sarcasm, actually sarcasm ran through the veins of this family.

She sat up again and smiled at me, my heart warming, and my wolf happy to see her smile for us. I haven't felt this bliss for years, and I yearned for it to be honest.

She patted the place beside her and I finally decided to approach. Her scent that drove me to madness invaded my poor soul. The drowsily sweet fragrance of vanilla and orange blossom, a beautiful oriental mix that made me close my eyes and inhale as long as I could, making my wolf growl in lustful desire, because God knew when will I be this close to her again.

I sat beside her, but not too close, all the fear and the reluctance vanished, leaving us both with peace and comfort.

"Happy birthday." I whispered while showing her a small bag, Isaura widened her eyes and looked at me soulfully, her cheeks flushed with a beautiful rosy colour.

She bit her lower lip, and I gulped, feeling my canines elongate, itching me from commiting the unthinkable, but I restrained myself, as painful as it was.

Tucking an auburn lock behind her ear, she glanced shyly at me, "But… you didn't have to… and my birthday is tomorrow.."

I smiled genuinely, "Then I'm glad to be the first one to give you your gift."

Isaura's eyes were filled with confusion now, I sensed the hostility back in her tone, "B-but why? you… you don't even speak to my brother anymore… and we were never… actual friends. I don't understand…" she shook her head. She was genuinely and utterly troubled by my sudden act of kindness, hell and I wasn't known for my good-natured self, that was for sure.

A nerve ticked in my head and my chest pained, I knew that her words were right and the truth stung me like hell, but how could I explain ? I knew it was a bad idea coming here… I shouldn't have came.

I got up, fists balled and my jaw twitched, she followed my gesture and I sensed that she wanted to approach but I didn't let her.

I walked towards her window and opened it, "I apologize again… Happy birthday Isaura." I whispered before hopping off outside.

"Hadriel, wait!" her shout was lost in the echo of the eerie night, as I was already on the run, back to the cold forest, feeling my soul and my heart ripping out in an atrocious pain, the pain of rejection.

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