Wild Blood

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Chapter Two - Run

There were no dreams of her floating around this time. It was just a dark and peaceful sleep. My mind was completely shut off to everything. I felt every muscle loosen up and stress leave my body. It was these kinds of sleeps that I yearned for. Such a tender sense of safety in these woods. My heart was full out here. I wasn’t scared of anything, not even that wolf I seen. I had never had the feeling of home, but this was the closest thing I could feel to it.

I often wondered what my life would be like if I wasn’t different. If my eyes weren’t this odd colour and my blood was crimson just like everyone else’s. Maybe my parents would have been kinder instead of being on the verge of madness. I could have friends, have connections with people. I was alone in this world. I was ripped out of anything loving, if even I received love as a child. I was so numb to this world, to everything. I wanted to be awakened by friendship, maybe even love as I read in my now burnt book. My stomach twisted just thinking how he tore that book away and burned it without a care. I just wanted someone to love me, anybody…

My thoughts began to fade and my eyes fluttered open to a dark forest. I checked my watch, 9:37 p.m.

“Fuuuuuuck,” I panicked. I ran to the house to see every light was on. I stopped dead in my tracks at the edge of the forest.

My eyes observed over every inch of the house, and every single light was on. Very unlike them, I thought. We kept our house somber and quiet, never attracting any more attention than we needed to.

I watched my mother and father walk from the kitchen to my room. My father destroyed my room like a tornado; rooting through my clothes and my stuff. I burned with anger inside.

They thought I ran away. Mentally, I was panicking, but it was now or never to get away. My gaze froze on the third figure in my house. Who was that, I thought. I edged closer to the house. I was in stealth mode, I was lucky to already be in black clothing, I would blend into the background perfectly.

I sneaked my way over near the kitchen window, listening very closely.

“How long has she been gone?” An unfamiliar voice hollered.

“Approximately 7 hours, sir.” My mother replied.

My eyes narrowed. Why would anyone else but my parents be concerned about my whereabouts?

I held my breath and listened again.
“You were given one fucking job. Keep the kid until she was twenty-one and now you fuck up?” The voice spat with a heavy British accent, “Why was she given so much free room to roam?”

My mother cleared her throat, “She was getting antsy. She needed the space.”

“Space?! She was going to be twenty-one next month, and you thought now was a good time to give her space?” He roared.

“Our apologies, Sir, we will find her and bring her back.” My father finally chimed in.

“You better bring her back, or else you can kiss your retirement goodbye, actually, kiss your fucking lives goodbye.” He replied.

“We understand that you are upset, Sir. But we will find her.” My father responded.

“You better, we were so close - so goddamn close.” He slammed his hand making a loud thud. “This is your fault, if we don’t have this girl delivered by next month it will be on your heads, understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” They both said in unison.

The door slammed and a car ignition started. I held my breath again, fear this time. What was going on? Were these even my parents? I was to be delivered somewhere? My mind was moving in so many directions. I wanted to cry and scream at the same time.

My thoughts interrupted as my parents – or whoever they were began to speak. “Let’s go check the train station, she could have been there, we can ask the workers.” Joanna spoke.

“That little bitch, disappeared right under our noses.” Miles hissed.

“When we find her, and we will, that freak will be chained in the basement until her twenty-first birthday.” Joanna muttered.

I almost gasped but I threw my hand over my mouth. These weren’t my parents. Now I knew for sure. I listened closely as the door slammed and the two truck doors opened and closed. Both were gone. Good.

I ran over to my window and opened it quietly. I grabbed my backpack and threw in some essential items. My knife under my bed, some clothes, my flashlight, and my compass among other stuff. I ran to the kitchen, ducking my head so I wouldn’t be seen. I grabbed mostly non-perishable food items and stuffed them in to the bag, and I grabbed the map off the table. I went into their bedroom and grabbed the gun hidden in their closet with a bunch of their ammunition. I also grabbed their envelope of emergency money. I went back over to my room and crawled back out the window.

I darted into the forest running faster than ever. I ran for what seemed like forever. I didn’t know my way in this bush, but I did have a great sense of direction. My eyes adjusted to the dark forest, and I could see well at night. Another one of my freak abilities. I took out my compass and map, I’m going in a good direction. I should hit a road within the next couple of hours. I kept my pace at a power walking speed.

Exhaustion was pulling me in a lot quicker than I thought it would. My legs were sluggish after all these hours of walking. I glanced at my watch 2:42 a.m.
Just another hour or so and then I would be at a road. And then what, genius? Walk another couple of hours?
I stopped and let out a huff. I stood near a big tree with humongous branches. Maybe I could rest up there?

I jumped grabbing onto the nearest branch. I pulled myself up and threw my leg over the branch. I continued like that until I was about 20 feet up.

There was a big enough limb that I could sleep on. I dug into my backpack and grabbed a couple of my essentials. A big rope. I tied myself around the limb just in case I slept a little too soundly. But after what happened tonight, I doubt I would.

I leaned my head against the tree and let it all out. I cried quietly into my backpack. After all these years of being raised by those people and I’m just a little bitch; a freak. I was going to be shipped off. But the real question circling my mind was who were these people, who did they work for? Why would they want to raise me and then ship me off? I knew the reason, it was my blood. This blue blood I was cursed with. They never taught me about my blood or why I was the way I was. I was just taught to fight, be a good warrior, but why? This question loomed over me. I was mystified by it all.

My eyes finally closed and sleep found me for a couple of hours.
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