Blood Seal

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Christina is kidnapped and sold to what she assumes is a black market organ farm...or is it something else?

Fantasy / Romance
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Rave From Hell

Some of the girls from work had invited me to come out with them that night. It was supposed to fun, nothing more. Something to shake the week off. Work was crazy and we all needed to let off some steam. We had gotten separate cabs to some empty warehouse in the middle of nowhere. It was surrounded by empty fields.

This was my first rave, I had no idea what to expect. The music inside was so unbelievably loud. The bass vibrated through my whole body depending on where I stood and the strobe lights flickered all across the two story warehouse. Everyone there, wore revealing clothing and glow sticks.

I had just gone through a divorce. We spent six years together. We had two kids together and a house. Everything was falling down around me. I felt like an absolute failure in every aspect of my life. All I wanted was a distraction for just one night and then I swore to myself I would work harder than ever.

On the dance floor, I danced for what felt like hours. I felt a glimmer of life vibrate through me again, or maybe that was the bass. I couldn't tell, but maybe I didn't care. It was so much fun. It was a whole new experience to me. I didn't mind the alcohol either, it made me feel alive.

Hours later, when the alcohol had finally hit my bladder, I went to search for the bathroom. I had stumbled my way up a set of industrial stairs that stood above the bar. It looked like it led to a set of separate rooms, all with the same red door. All the rooms were on the left and the right was the balcony that looked out over the dance floor below. The first door on my left held a plain bedroom scene. A bed with white sheets and nightstands, complete with a lampshade. There was even a little painting on the wall.

Yea, nothing suspicious here.

I just kept opening doors and none of them were a bathroom, which was not a surprise.

"Can I help you?" A voice called from behind me. I assumed he was a bouncer from the way he dressed. The name tag that read 'bouncer' might have helped a little.

"Yea, bathroom?" I stumbled over my own shoes. I could definitely feel those extra tequila shots setting in. He motioned me to follow him and led me down to the end of the hallway. It was the very last door.

Of course.

A small bedroom scene was displayed again, but this one had a bathroom. It looked like something out of a remodeling magazine.

I quickly slumped down with my hands holding up my face. A small chuckle came out from my mouth.

I felt like an old woman. Way past her youth, using a bathroom in a illegal warehouse, at a rave, with girls way younger than me. I couldn't help but to laugh.

I picked myself up, washed my hands and splashed some water on my face. To my surprise the bouncer was still outside the bathroom door when I opened it. Immediate embarrassment flashed across my face. He probably heard me laughing at myself in there.

"Will you be returning to the party downstairs?" He asked with a brow raised. It gave away the clue that he did in fact hear me and most definitely thought I was crazy.

"Do I have to?" I giggled. My eyes were glazed over. He took a deep breath and it sounded like he was annoyed with me. I'm sure he was, of course he was, he got to babysit the drunk old lady.

"How about we get you a bottle of water and a chair?" He crossed his arms, his face was stern. He followed behind me down the stairs and directed me to a private booth. "Wait here, don't move" he grabbed my arm and sat me down. I laid my face against the cold table and laughed.

I'm going to wake up and absolutely hate myself.

The bouncer came back with a water bottle, cracked it open and sat me up. The water was so cold, it felt great going down my throat.

"I'm really sorry about you having to babysit me. I never do anything like this, I swear" I got it all out in between sips of water. "You see I came here with some girls from work who are much younger and I thought it would be a good idea"

He laughed at my explanation and then looked around at all the people dancing to the music. "And how old are you? You don't look that old" he sat down in the booth on the opposite side of me.

"I'm twenty-eight. However I feel a lot older, the girls from work are just now able to drink and they out drank me tonight...easily " I put all my cards on the table. Me coming to the rave was a secret plan to get all the years I wasted back, to regain the youth I lost. I flipped out my I.D to prove my age, instead just slapping him with my purse.

"You're not old at all" he roared with laughter. "If fact, your age makes me feel way better. Do you know, in that crowd, most of the women are under 18? Do you know how uncomfortable it is to have to physically escort someone out and know they're just a child?"

That was the moment that the ice broke. We left no taboo topic off the table. My head started to sober up, so I could easily keep the conversation going. It might have even helped that he was very easy to talk to and not so bad on the eyes.

In the heat of the conversation, I realized I never got his name or even got his age. I just assumed he was closer in age to me. Probably not, he was most likely a young kid who saw some vulnerable girl and was looking for a good time.

I looked out over the crowd of people dancing and the music blaring, this wasn't where I belonged. I wasn't this person, I was the person who brought books to the coffee shop and ordered tea. I was the kind of girl who hiked on the warmer days and baked cookies during the winter. I just wasn't this exciting,I wished I was though. I wished I was exciting enough for someone to want all of me everyday.

"Hey, you should think about getting home. The cops are bound to come and bust up our fun" the bouncer broke up the chatter in my head. He was right, the noise this place was generating was bound to bring the cops. I'm surprised they hadn't come sooner.

I didn't want that conversation to end, but he was right.

God, I feel like Cinderella leaving the ball at the stroke of midnight.

I had said my good byes to the bouncer and went into the sea of people to find the girls I had come with. I couldn't find them, I couldn't call them, but maybe a text would get their attention? Maybe I should just get a taxi and leave it be? I had walked out of the building to wait for them. The cool hair was refreshing on my skin, I could smell the outside as I stood still. My eyes closed and the wind gently flowing through my hair. A cool night like this needed some warm soup on a porch swing with crickets chirping off in the distance.

Where are you guys?? Answer your phones!

I stood outside for what I thought were only minutes before I saw the lights. My stomach dropped instantly. It was the police showing up to break up the rave. I ran back inside to try to find the girls, but instead I came into a crowd of people running frantically. They were pushing others out of the way. It was unsettling at how scared they actually seemed to be.. It was madness, something out of a horror movie. I saw people throwing others over the railing from the second floor. Their bodies smashing over the bar and being trampled. People were dying and I stood there frozen, watching the whole act unfold before my eyes. I was watching people kill each other and for what? A ticket for trespassing?

Where the hell are the bouncers?

I made my way through the crowds to the second floor to see if I could see the girls. Then I tried to look for the bouncers, but they had disappeared as well. There was no luck, so I knew I had to find some way to get back outside or stay hidden until the cops came. I'd rather have a ticket than get killed that night.

"The cops! They're locking us in!" A girl who had blood all over her face screamed as she ran down the hall. That feeling in my stomach got even worse. I thought that hiding would be my best option. I clambered on top of the bodies in the hall to the last room, I opened the door to the room the bouncer had brought me to and shoved the furniture against the wall. All that flight or fight instinct went out the door and I hid myself in the closet like you always judge girls for doing in slasher films. I waited quietly, hoping no one saw me come in that room.

I can't believe this is happening!

You could hear the screams of people, glass breaking and furniture shattering. There was the faint sounds of the police shouting commands and then people begging them to stop. This was one of those things you don't survive. I covered my mouth to keep myself from sobbing out loud.

I pulled out my phone one last time and texted my ex. I told him I was sorry about everything and to tell the kids I loved them. I never hit send... it was too late.

There was a noise at the door. The door handle was turning. It startled me and I had dropped my phone. Someone was trying to get in. I tried my hardest to stay quiet, but they had broken down the door. A small sound came from my mouth. Someone was inside the bedroom with me. They were going to find me and kill me.

The closet door slammed open and there stood the bouncer, he looked down at me in shock. I couldn't believe it was him. He kneeled down and ended up hiding in the closet with me.

We sat in the dark, in absolute silence. The sounds of terror were dying down. It was more shouting from the cops I assumed. At some point in the night I must have fallen asleep. I don't remember how I fell asleep or even if I did actually fall asleep. I just remember being in the closet for a very long time and then nothing at all.

Current Day

"Is that everything you can remember from that night you were vampires?" The detective asks me as he flips through his notebook.

I am still looking at his badge in my hand. Its real, all of this was real. Everything I went through was absolutely real. I know I'm right, I never took any drugs. I am absolutely in my right mind. Right?

"Hey, listen. I never said anything about make believe creatures. I never said the word 'vampire', did I?" I can't believe they think I'm crazy. I'm not crazy! This is insane.

"Alright whatever you say, so tell me then. What were they really? What really happened there? Thousands of people go missing every year and you're telling me they all wind up where you were taken to, some mystery island in the middle of the ocean???" The detective is shouting at me, he sounds condescending.

I can never tell a soul what actually happened. If they knew, they'd lock me up. I just need to get out of this hospital and disappear, but I really can't remember exactly what it was...
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