The Legend was true

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15 years old girls trio are in search of dragons . Before they find the dragons they need clues . Such weird clues such as golden shining lake , 1000 years old man and the weird dinosaur’s tail . They all know about dragons from one of the girl’s Spanish mother’s legend story from a sleepover that happens to be true . Find out more by reading this story . Note - this story has Spanish words with their translations ,

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 - Awesome legend that no one believes

Clara , Lucky and Zoe were best friends since kindergarten. They all are from different countries but they are living in Canada from 12 years . They all are also same age , 15 . This months there was a sleepover was at Lucky’s house . The day finally came . Everyone was so excited . When they arrived at Lucky’s house they settled in their stuff and when everything was ready Lucky’s mom called her and said “ afortunada ven aquí “ . “ umm what did your mother just say ? “ asks Zoe . “ that’s Spanish , she told me to come to her ! “ replies Lucky . “ oh “ Says Zoe . Lucky goes to her mother . “ Tus amigas necesitan algo ? “ ask lucky”s mom . “ no mamá “ says lucky . “ OK entonces “ says her mother . “ adiós mamá “ says Lucky . “ adiós Querida “ replies her mother . At night Lucky’s mother tells them a family legend
“ Hace 500 millones de años había dinosaurios como todos sabemos, pero también había algo más viviendo en la tierra. había dragones. había millones de ellos por todas partes. pero hubo una tormenta que podría arruinar el mundo entero, así que los dragones combinaron sus poderes y salvaron el mundo ya que usaron tanto poder que murieron, pero algunos todavía dicen que los dragones aún viven. “ Clara uses her phone translation app to see what she was saying she read it loud “ 500 million years ago there were dinosaurs as we all know but there was something else living on earth too . there were dragons . there were millions of them all around . but there was a storm that could ruin the whole world so the dragons combined their powers and saved the world as they used so much power they died but some still say that dragons still live “ she translated it , “ wow “ said Zoe . “ I know right ! “ said lucky . “ Ahora ve a dormir “ said Lucky’s Mom . “ what she said “ asked Clara . “ She said go to sleep now . “ replies lucky . “ tell her we said ok “ says Zoe . “ dijeron ok “ tells Lucky to her mom . “ buenas noches “ says her mom “ . “ she said good night “ tells Lucky . “ goodnight . “ says Zoe and Clara . The next day everyone did breakfast and left Lucky’s house . At the noon , they all went exploring the forest . “ I loved your mom’s family legend . “ said Clara . “ yeah me too “ said Zoe . “ yea my mother’s side of family has very interesting past legends . “ said Lucky . “ let’s go see if we can find any clues about the dragons . “ said Clara . “ umm ok ? “ said Zoe . “ girls are you sure you want to do it on our last the of weekend . “ said Lucky . “ yea ! “ said Zoe and Clara .

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