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When Athena Morales meets with a tragic end and is sent to the middle realm to determine where she will spend the rest of eternity in heaven or hell, a filing accident dooms her to spend the rest of her time in Hell, when she was meant to be in Heaven instead. The council is notified eventually and soon she will be offered her place in paradise, however, does she really want to leave Hell, or has she grown to like the King Of Hell far more than she anticipated, faced by a choice to enjoy the rest of her days blissfully or to remain in the dreadful place with the male she might possibly love, helping him deal with rogue demons, rebellious souls and perhaps unearth the mystery of her past?

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The little girl on the screen let out a giggle as her mother picked her up and spun her around in a circle. Her yellow floral sundress matching the hue of her blonde curls that framed her chubby face. Her hazel eyes danced with mischief as she set off running as soon as her mother set her down on the ground she hobbled away fast as her tiny legs could carry her.
I let out a genuine smile, which was pretty rare considering my profession and nature. The girl had soon become one of my favourite humans to monitor. She was a bubbly ray of sunshine in that cruel world. The girl headed towards the edge of the garden where she knelt on the ground plucked a single daisy from the garden. She looked around with a satisfied grin before heading back to her mother and handed her the flower. The woman gently smiled her daughter and tucked the flower behind her ear. Little did they know that their lives were about to change forever.

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