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Deathly introductions

Death's point of view
I wandered around the elaborately constructed library in search of one of the red scrolls, when suddenly, a high pitched beep rang out from the device in my pocket. A noise symbolised the death of a human. It was my responsibility to monitor and escort their soul into purgatory where they would take the altitude test to sort them into their respective fields to spend te rest of eternity. Heaven and Hell one could guess easy enough and the Elite, the elite were a particular group of mortal souls that assisted us immortals with our daily work as secretaries, assistants and so on.
Letting out a sigh, I headed back to my office to check on the recently deceased mortal. When I entered and saw the familiar face on the screen, I dropped whatever was in my hands. The girl I vividly remembered watching over until a few years ago, when she and her mother completely disappeared from the map. It was dismissed as a filing accident by one of the elites, however I suspected there was more. I reluctantly let it go as I had much more pressing matters to deal with.
On the screen her limp form was stuck in a car which was broken beyond repair. Her blonde curls was matted red with blood and a shallow gash was across her forehead, but what concerned me the most was the large piece of debris which stuck out from her chest, piercing her heart. Thank God he had better sense than to try and pull it out because honestly, it was the only thing that prevented her from bleeding to death on the spot. She had lost consciousness and her head rested on the steering wheel. The wound on her chest bled profusely, staining her turquoise shirt a deep shade of scarlet. The pained rise and fall of her chest slowly decreased to a complete stop as she breathed her last.
I felt her soul leaving her body and my heart constricted painfully, she was not supposed to die so soon, she had several more years left ahead, several more years to grow up and experience life. I stared at her lifeless form for a few minutes before my brother, Gabe barged into the room without knocking. "Come on Az, we have an introduction in like less than five minutes" He said.
It was our duty to give an introduction to newly decreased souls about the workings of the 'afterlife' as they called it.
I glanced at the clock as I hastily left the room with Gabe.
I knew without looking that the human was Athena. Seeing her on the monitor was one thing, but seeing her here was a whole other thing. I was incredibly curious about her disappearance and other anomalies in her file. I held my breath as I pushed open the door and entered the room masking my curiosity with a somewhat bored expression.
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