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Middle Ground

I was immediately overwhelmed with the room before me. Every possible surface was white in colour, from the white walls to the white, leather upholstered couches. The room seemed to radiate a sense of comfort and peace, but that did little to stop my racing heart. The room had no windows, two large doors were present on either side, one of them being the entrance from where I entered. I stood in the middle of the room gawking at it's beauty, I thought I had experienced luxury at home but, honestly it was nothing compared to the place I was in now. The structure was massive, all covered in white. The air was crisp and smelled like fresh flowers.
Suddenly the door opposite me opened and two males stepped out. They were both nearly a foot taller than me and radiated an aura of immense power. The weight of my existence came crushing down on me as I stood before them. I suddenly felt incredibly uncomfortable in their presence. One of them was dressed in a buttoned down white shirt and black pants. He looked like he stepped out of a magazine cover. Golden circles that adorned his biceps, his skin was a lively shade of olive and his eyes a piercing green, glimmering with excitement and energy.
The other male was so identical to him that he could've passed as his twin they both shared a sharp nose, eyes framed by long, dark eyelashes and sharp jawlines. Yet they were polar opposites, while the first male seemed to radiate life and energy, the second radiated foreboding gloom and death. His eyes were soul less pits of black and his skin pale as snow. He was dressed black formals with no ornaments. Black ink adorned his forearm depicting the tattoo of a scythe. He seemed as though he could gaze into the very depths of my soul. Honestly, I was very intimidated by their looming presence, I felt small and helpless but that feeling was soon overrun by curiosity.
The men looked towards eachother as though they had done this countless times.
Suddenly one of them spoke to the other. "Shall we introduce ourselves, brother?" He asked with a sly smirk. His voice was like sunlight on the clearest stream, like honey, I was completely entranced by it.
"I'm the embodiment of life, call me Gabe " the former spoke smoothly with a wink, as though he wasn't revealing an incredibly large truth that nearly shattered my reality.
"And I'm Death but you can call me Azrael " the latter said in a bored tone. His dark eyes looked right into my very being.
My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and I stood open-mouthed staring at them.
"You can close your mouth now, Athena." The male on the left spoke.
I blinked furiously before composing my self and mirroring Azrael's bored expression . There was something about the guy that I couldn't look away from his piercing gaze. I was drawn to the male the way a moth was drawin to a flame. The two men took a seat on the blanche couch across from where I was standing and gestured me to sit down. I gingerly perched on the edge of the seat while fiddling with my fingers nervously. Gabe took out a big pile of papers from a briefcase I just noticed he was carrying and placed them on the table.
He handed me a few sheets and a pen and motions for me to go through them. I awkwardly took the papers from him and began scanning through the sheets.
I looked and felt like an extremely clueless soul. Which is probably why Gabe, spoke to me trying to explain the blurred words on the sheets. "When a mortal dies on Earth, they are astrally transported to a midpoint in the universe where they would be bound to take an aptitude test to determine which house they shall spend the rest of eternity." Okay that wasn't so hard to understand... "Wait, what kind of test?" I asked him nervously I was a pretty average student in high school, I was sure I had no sort of remarkable intellect that would help me get through though hopefully I would be sorted to a nice house of whatever.
"It's not what you're thinking, you won't require any prior knowledge of that kind.The test will be evaluated by a series of hallucinations which shall force the applicant to make decisions which will help the evaluators decide which house is most suitable for the candidate.
The house of hell.
The house of paradise.
The house of the elites"
Much to my surprise, the words on the paper seem to make some sense.
"What's the house of the Elites" I asked no one in particular.
I was pretty suprised when Azrael responded to me first. "Well that went smoother than expected," He murmured to himself before answering my question. "When the test results are disputed then they are chosen to help the immortals with various tasks and jobs."
"Ohh" I murmured and continued flipping through the pages. I could feel his intense stare on me the whole time. I quickly scanned through the rest of the pages barely registering the words before signing the given space at the end, the ink of the pen glowed gold before fading to a deep red on the paper. I handed the pages to Gabe's waiting hands before catching myself staring at Azrael again. I had to admit he was pretty handsome, his perfectly chiseled jawline defined features were praise worthy. I was pretty sure every female would swoon before him. I blushed furiously when I suddenly noticed that he had caught me staring. I expected him to smirk or say something sarcastic and embarrass me in front of Gabe, but much to my surprise he did nothing of the sort. He offered me a small encouraging smile before both the males got up and stepped out of the room.
It took me a few seconds to realise that the test was probably about to begin. I glanced around nervously as the room suddenly faded around me.

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