Zalir's Mystery Librarian

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Zalir, a district known for supernatural beings; Notorious for killings, drug dealings and so forth. Everyone in the country knows that the famous "mystery librarian" resides in this district, in a place called "The Library of the Tenth." This mysterious librarian goes by the name of Eve Aphelion, a quiet elf whose objective is to find the infamous cursed ring that killed her grandfather. However, time is limited as she is under the "librarian's curse," where if the librarian quits the role, they will die, and the curse will be pass along to the next librarian. Seven is a playful vampire infamous for killing off the official gang of Zalir, ruling the whole district and her main objective is to help Eve, to repay for her kindness, but also escape an oath she didn't agree to. Two opposites have to work together in this dangerous district in order to escape a curse and a one-sided oath. Will they both survive? Possibly. Warning: May contain certain triggers in the story.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

1: The Deal

“Do you want to make a deal?” A voice echoes throughout the whole library.

A cursed spirit about the size of Godzilla and pitch black, blacker than night itself, stands before Eve Aphelion. Their eyes are that of the moon and the magic presence was strong, I tremble in fear.

“I said,” the voice booms. “Do you want to make a deal? Or do you want your grandfather’s death be in vain?”

I clench my fists and grit my teeth. I hated the thought of leaving the cause of my grandfather’s death unidentified. “...What is this deal you speak of?” I hesitantly ask.

“You dare risk your life to fulfill this deal?” The voice asks.

I think about it for a moment and tremble in fear. I don’t want to die, but I don’t want gramps to die in vain either... I sigh.

“...Fine. If that means figuring out how he died, I’ll make a deal with you.”

The spirit grins. “Good choice, Miss Aphelion.” They bring their hand forward and open it, revealing a ring. The jewel being a crimson red and the metal being shiny to the point that it’s indescribable. “Do you know what this is?”

I shake my head. “It’s quite pretty, though.”

“Don’t let that fool you,” the spirit chuckles. “I want you to find this ring.”

I tilt my head in confusion. “Is this....supposed to be an insult?”

“No! No!” They laugh. “This...Killed your grandfather."

"Are you familiar with 'Librarian's Curse,' Miss?"

I stare at the ring in confusion, and nod. “My grandfather taught me a little bit about it, but it’s still a foreign concept to me.”

They clap. “Oh good! You’re going to be under the influence of the curse. Your gramps broke our deal after all.”

I stop. My face in pure shock after hearing that my grandfather broke the deal with this...Thing that could be considered the devil. I slowly looked up at it. They were grinning. Why are you smiling after mentioning this? Do you not feel remorse?! I thought, but I couldn’t let it out. I was too afraid.

“Why must I make this deal...?” I mutter under my breath.

“To fulfill the half that your gramps didn’t.” It grinned. “After that, you’ll live the life you wanted.” He shrugged. “That’s if you accept it.”

I became indecisive. I didn’t want to die young, but I didn’t want a shitty life either. “Alright.” I finally blurted out. “Tell me what I have to do. All I want is for you to leave me alone after.”

“Brave, aren’t you, Miss Aphelion? I like it.” It chuckles. “I promise to leave you alone once this deal is completed. Now, you must follow these rules.” A giant scroll appears in front of her eyes.

Number 1. Don’t quit your job. If you need to skip a work day, ask me. You wouldn’t want to die young, now do you?

Number 2. Don’t try to kill yourself to curb the rules...You’ll just pass that on to another poor soul.

Number 3. You must find it before the 1 year time limit, or else you turn to stone.

And lastly, Number 4. You must fall in love within the time limit. Your gramps’ last wish was for you to love someone, even if Zalir won’t accept it. If you complete this before you find the ring, I shall conclude the deal.

I scoffed at the last rule. Falling in love? That was never going to happen. No one in Zalir would be accepting of my lesbian relationship, let alone my sexual orientation and even if my gramps didn’t care, I still do. I was scared of that thought. I sighed and nodded. I'll face the hardships starting this day forward. “Alright. I’ll become the librarian.”

The ground rumbles. "I appreciate it," the spirit says. "Make your grandfather proud." I panic. Will I die here and now? Did I break the deal already? That's what I kept thinking in that moment. Then, the ground shatters like glass. I fall and fall, the void slowly consuming me.

"Well...I guess we'll never know..." I whisper before the darkness fully devours me whole.

I suddenly sit up and gasp for air. I place my hand on my forehead and sigh.

"It needs to stop reminding me about the deal. I'm not a child." I mumble.

Today is going to be another boring day. Go to the library, clean up the book piles, shoo away the gangs and go home. There wasn't anything interesting that happens.

"Time to go to work..." I groan. I dislike going to the library with my "legendary title," but I would die if I skipped work without notifying it. That is what the librarian's curse is after all. I pick out a white turtleneck, paired with a black plaid belted midi skirt.

Eh, it's decent. I thought. I turn around and raise an eyebrow. Am I missing something? I stood there remembering what I needed, and I grab a brown overcoat. I turn around again and smile. Alright. Let's go. I would not like to be late.

I wear on brown high heel boots and begin walking to the library. The "Library of the Tenth" is apparently the famous place for the "mystery librarian." Who uses that title anyways? It's pretty fuckin' lame if you ask me.

I continue walking until I hear a tall woman sprint from a mile away. She trips and accidentally falls on me.

"Oh! I'm sorry, miss!" She says worriedly. "Are you alright? Hopefully I didn't dirty your outfit!" She looks over my shoulder and inspects my skirt. She sighs in relief. "I didn't mess up your pretty outfit..."

"It's fine. My outfit isn't important right now." I respond. "Are you alright? You took quite a fall." I stand up and brush off the dust on my skirt. It was a good idea to wear the overcoat.

She stands up and I look at her. She's really tall. Like I'm talking, 6 feet tall. She has short white hair that compliments with the outfit she’s wearing; Black cargo pants, a black long sleeve shirt and a scarlet red fanny pack. "Um...Are you going to keep looking at me?" She chuckles. "I've never seen someone inspect my features that intently before."

I turn around in embarrassment. "Sorry. You're just really tall and pretty." I blurt out.

She laughs. "Why thank you! I’ve never had somebody say that! People tell me that I’m scary..." She places her hand on her chest, acting like she just went through heartbreak. It was kinda similar to how I looked when a girl rejected me in high school. Yeah, we don’t talk about it. “Are you going to the library as well?”

I nod. I couldn't tell her that I was the "mystery librarian" there even if I tried. It would be too dangerous not only for me, but her as well. "So, what's your name?" I ask.

"Seven. You?"

"Eve," I reply. "...Are you the one who owns this whole district by any chance? I feel like I’ve heard that name before on the news."


"Oh...Sorry for my rudeness." I immediately reply.

"No, that's fine! And yes, I own this district. I can even make you mine if you want." She grabs me by the waist and pulls me closer to her. She then pushes me away. "I'm joking haha!" She chuckles.

"That wasn't funny." I scoff, my cheeks getting slightly pink. "Let's just go to the library." I begin to turn around and walk. Seven follows me from behind. "I'll die if I'm late..." I mumur.

"What?" Seven asks.

"Nothing." I answer and speed up my walking pace. I hear a snicker and slightly look at who's laughing.

"Do you see her?" A girl asks.

"Yeah! Why is a girl like her even living here? She's weak and dumb." The boy next to her whispers loud enough for me to hear. “Doesn’t she like women? Gross.”

"Seven, don't worry about them. This is common for me..." I say quietly.

"I can't really leave that alone when a friend of mine is getting insulted." Seven says angrily.

Friends? We just met like a minute ago... Eh, whatever. Having a friend won't hurt.

"Oh! It's Boss Seven! Hopefully she sucks that elf's blood dry. We don't like gays." The girl across the street shouts. "It would be so nice if the little bitch heard it, too!"

I sigh and grab Seven's hand and pull her to the library, but her body refuses to move. "Seven. It's okay. You wouldn’t like the idea of me being lesbian either-"

"It's not!" She shouts, pulling her hand away. "I don't care if you're lesbian. Are you just going to let them insult you?!"

"I don't care whether or not they insult me. I'd rather not feed into their expectations." I weakly smile.

She sighs and walks towards you, her eyes locking onto yours. "Just let me threaten them once. Please..." She begged, like a puppy craving dog treats. I wouldn't know, I don't have a dog.

"...Fine, but please do it quick. I would like to- Ouch." I couldn't finish my sentence once I saw Seven punch the couple and they run off.

She appears in front of me. "Let's go to the library, shall we?" She asks.

"I was going to do that in the first place, but you gave me the puppy eyes..." I mutter.

I take back what I said. Today was kind of entertaining...

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