Secret Of Diamond

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Issabell is a princess from a kingdom named crystal,and she had a disease that caused her to be ugly.One day,she have gotten bullied by the other princesses as normal and she discovered a diamond in a vase in her room...........

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The Secret Of The Diamond

"Why! I hate everyone! Why does everyone wanted to bully me,I just wanted to be friends with the other princesses and be happy!"Issabell screamed distressly as she smash all the funiture in her house.Issabell was lonely as she has a disease that will cause her to look ugly and she was studing in a princess magic high school near her kingdom.Everyone in the high school was good-looking but she was plain-looking and everyone dislikes her.Therefore she felt miserable going to school and being bullied by the princesses from other kingdon.As Issabell smash the vase, she saw a tiny object sparkling ,she was attracted by the tiny sparkling odject and walked towards it.When Issabell walked the third step,she squad down to the floor and saw a pure white diamond.She was amazed as she had not seen a diamond as pretty as this diamond.As Issabell was wondering why this diamond is in the vase in her room,she fainted in one second.
When Issabell woke up,she realised that her surrounding is full of small ting white diamonds.Issabell looked up to the sky and saw her room ceiling.At that moment,she realised that she had shrink and she was in the pure white diamond.Just then,she saw a mirror on the floor and looked at it.Issabell could not believe her eyes that she looked fetching and her disease were gone.
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