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Aria's pack was gone, falling prey to an unprovoked attack. Left were the survivors whose responsibility had befallen on her. Tending to her pack, finding the attackers and seeking vengeance were the purposes of her life now. A mate, a new pack and politics were never on her list. Join Aria on her journey for retribution and transformation into a mighty Luna.

Fantasy / Thriller
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It happened the day before Aria's father, Alpha Keith, was to take her sister and her to the neighbouring packs. They had a coming of age tour planned; to enhance the diplomatic relations with the other packs.
It was always important for the alpha family to know their allies. Their brother had had a similar tour when he had come of age, six years ago.
Aria was wrapping up her lookout duties, when she spotted her best friend, who had to take the next lookout shift, Drew. "Go get some sleep, I will take it from here" Drew said. "Any problem tonight?" he further asked.
"None. It is unusually quiet though"
"You are just nervous for your tour Ars"
"Maybe" she shrugged, looking down. She spotted that her shoelace was untied and bent to tie it. That was the moment that would forever haunt her. She supposed later; it was a curse and a blessing combined; thrust on her by the Moon Goddess.
As she bent, something whooshed past her head. She looked up to see what had happened and saw the entire front guard dead or dying. Her team lay bleeding before her very eyes; silver bullets in the middle of each member's forehead.
She stood frozen with shock, coming out of it only when she heard Drew's pained beckoning. "Ars run!" he said, breathing his last. Seeing her best friend dead, seemed to snap her out of her trance and into action.
"Alpha!" she yelled in panic. "Father! Daddy!" she mind linked Keith. "Yes Aria" he replied sounding tensed due to her tone.
"We are under attack. Northern lookouts compromised. I am the only survivor. Waiting for your orders to attack or scout."
"Fall back"
"FALL BACK ARIA" he said using his alpha voice, tinged with an underlying panic. The alpha voice had no effect on Aria, but the panic in his voice made her follow the orders. She ran towards the town, deserting her post, but not before gauging the attacking numbers. It was five hundred strong armed attackers, against a two hundred something, uninformed pack warriors.
They were coming from the mountain passes and their attack was unidirectional. This made the situation less hopeless, as there was a chance of escape from East, West or South borders.
She relayed this to her father, just when his mind link reached every pack member,
"Attention pack. We are under attack. Warriors to the northern borders. Non-combatants to the safe houses. THIS IS NOT A DRILL"
The rest of the night was a blur; at the end of it Aria was numb. She and the some hundred non-combatants were leaving the annihilation of their home for the neighbouring pack. Leaving the life as they knew, leaving their fallen families and happiness behind just with a thirst of vengeance as their companion.

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