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I am lost at sea. I cannot see or hear anything other than the harsh ocean waves swallowing me whole. I cannot control my body. My limbs are frozen, both from exhaustion and terror. Where is everyone else? The need to breathe is ever-existent. My lungs are burning. I don't think I will last much longer. I am going to die. Rough hands grab me and drag my unmoving body to the surface. My body act on its own and I gasp for air as I painfully cough up all of the saltwater I have swallowed. The cold rough hands of my unknown saviour grasp my forearms so tightly, I think it might draw blood. It's painful to open my eyes, but the curiosity is too much to bear. I am faced with pitch black eyes, grey skin and most importantly - a man with a tail!

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

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Atlas is a stormy romance between a cold and distant merman and a warm and loving woman.

Atlas will forever be imprinted in her mind. For every second of every day. How can she escape the essence of him?

How can she resist these attractions to a man that belongs in a storybook?

His cold, but gentle fingertips. His lips brushing against her skin.

How can she escape this need for him? The need for Atlas.

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