Tales of Aranea: Of Sage and Mist

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Months of the Year (in order):

Nova Die, Tabeo, Imber, Ortum Solis, Viridis, Solem, Calor, Nubilus, Mitis, Ventus, Casum Sole, Nivalus

Days of the Week:

Solisdie, Mordie, Secdie, Medietas, Querdie, Quindie, Sidie


Herus, the True, Almighty God

Gods of the Human Race:

Clarus, high goddess of life (frost)

Medela, goddess of health (scarlet)

Sophia, goddess of wisdom (silver)

Robur, god of strength (gold)

Profectus, god of prosperity and growth (sage)

Arx, god of protection (ivory)

Levitas, god of speed (bronze)

Dark lords:

Nequam, emperor of evil and harm (sangria)

Nex, lord of death (ash)

Umbra, lord of shadow (cedar)

Mirus, dame of mystery (amber)

Tristus, lord of sorrow and loss (mist)

(DISCLAIMER: I do plan for a rewrite of this novel, but with my others still in the works, it might not come for long time. Thanks so much! ^-^)

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