Alpha Jace

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On the run from her abusive pack. Ava and her best friend Val need an escape. However in so trying they come across two wolves. An Alpha and a Beta. Never did they know after that day their lives would turn upside down... For the good? I first wrote this book on Wattpad in 2016 and it has 750K reads on there. I hope you all like it here :) Or for the bad?

Fantasy / Romance
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skip this if you want it's not important

This is to help you understand who the characters are and relations, some you will not know until later in the book but you can skip this if you want.

Character List

Ava- main girl

Jace- Ava's mate, Alpha of SilverBlood pack

Caden- Jace's Beta

Val- Ava's bff/ Caden's mate

Chase- Gamma(3rd in command) to Jace

Jen- Chases Mate

Pogue- Dalta to Jace

Lelia- Pogues mate (Hayden's bff)

Lydia- Jace's mum

Caleb- Jace's father

Lola- Jace's cousin

Renny and Zack- young mated couple in Jace's pack

Noah- Ava's dad

Darcy- Ava's mum

James- Ava's ex-fiancé

Isaac- Val's ex-fiancé

Malia- Val's mum

Nate- Val's father

Alpha Xavier- Blue Eclipse pack with mate Hayden

Alpha Logan- moon light pack with mate Sophie

Alpha Kieran- eunoia pack with mate Eliza

Katherine- rogue bitch :)
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