Alpha Jace

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Only you

"Let's get home; I want to know everything that happened." Jace said putting his arm around me as we headed back to the house. I was glad to be with Jace and Val again, but my scent will be in the air. Noah may know where I am or who I'll be with. The rogue that 'wanted me' was weird. Jace got distracted so he didn't have chance to kill him, after that we didn't see the rogue for the rest of the night.
"Did I tell you how beautiful you look in that dress?" Jace smirked down at me.
"Yes." I laugh.
"However you should have been wearing it for ours!" He lightly growls."I don't like it anyways." I shrug when we get into the house changing the subject. While walking me and Val talked and I couldn't find the courage to tell her about Malia but I think it’s time. It’s not fair to keep it in any longer.
"Val." I say quietly after everyone walked into the kitchen.
"You have a weird look on your face. Wait, James didn't do anything to you again did he?!" She said raising her voice a little but I shushed her. It was quiet but I decided to nod instead of speaking. This wasn't what I wanted to tell her, I needed to tell her about Malia...
"I'm going to kill him!" She growled, unfortunately this brought the attention of Jace and Caden as they both quickly scurried into the room.
"What's up baby?" Caden said to Val.
"Nothing!" I quickly reply, I feel this would be the best time to tell them but it's very late and everyone looks too tired to handle it.
"Ava. I think we should." Val quietly mouthed to me. "Think you should what?" Jace said crossing his arms as he lent on the door frame.
I nodded over to Val so she could tell them. As I did fear flushed her face, she looked as if she wanted me to say no but it's too late for her to go back now. "Well like you know James and Isaac were our 'boyfriends' as you may call them. We said they were fine but they weren't." Is all she said? Both of them looked confused for a second until anger splashed both their faces.
"They didn't do anything to hurt you both did they?" Jace says gritting his teeth a little. It wasn't easy to tell but his jaw was clenched and he looks really mad. Me and Val just look towards one another in desperation. She nodded at me to carry on. Great.
"They did bad things to us and I know you probably know what it is so you don't need to shout or scream." I quietly say. I've just gotten back and I don't want to argue anymore. "Are you upset about it?" Jace looks at me, I could see him trying to hide his anger but little growled came through each word.
I had to think for a moment about his question. Was I sad? Obviously. I wished it would never have happened but it's weird to say this but I felt so used to it? I can't describe it but after it happened it just felt like the usual. I'd never had anyone to have sex with, while having feelings for them but just through pain and for James pleasure. It pained me every time thinking how he could just use me but I lived with it and didn't tell anyone except Val as she was going through the same thing. She says she's fine but I know she's not. I think we both tried to put the past behind us and forget.
"Did anything happen last night?" I can't lie anymore, I just nod at him question. I close my eyes and hear a loud thud. To open I see a huge hole in the wall with Jace pulling his fist out. "Okay now Ava..." Jace began to say as he walked over towards me. I want to leave to past behind me, I don't want to think about it anymore. It a part of me I would love to forget but sadly I have to live with.

I feel so much stronger than I ever have before. I'm putting the night behind me so I can open new doors.
(quote-Elisabeth Murphy)

(I hope this inspirers you in some way to move on and forget the bad things in your life and start fresh so you can live how you want to and not let anything maybe being mistakes, unfortunate events and bad times stop you from being the best person you CAN be!)

"I know you will be mad if I do something to that bastard so, what do you want me to do about it? How can I help? What can make it better" Jace says through gritted teeth while caressing my face in his hands. There is only one thing that could make me feel better.
"You." I whisper at him. After one simple word all his anger disappears and a smile forms on him face. He quickly places his lips onto mine. His kisses are soft but passionate. James was just forceful and rushed but Jace makes me feel different. Tingles run throughout our lips as the kiss becomes deeper.
Not breaking the kiss he quickly picks me up and heads towards the stairs and up to his room. Kicking the door open it slams against the wall but it quickly gets shut again.
Walking over to the bed he places me on top of and quickly throws his shirt off. I gasp as Jace kisses my neck, he smirks realising this is where my mark will be. He trails kisses down it causing me to bite my lip.
"Mark me." I whisper into his ear...


Waking up I turn to my side and see Jace fast asleep next to me, I try to stand up but I feel a sharp pain in my neck.
"Ouch." I say grabbing onto the spot where he marked me. "What a cutie." I hear the door open as Pogue walks in, of course eating breakfast.
"Pogue, be quiet!" I shout at him as he walks over to the couch in the corner.
"Yeah well I could have come in here last night and told YOU to be quiet but you know I kept silent. Unlike you." He said laughing at his own joke.
"You're so immature." I laugh at him as I shake my head.
"Yeah, so are you." He wiggles his eyebrows at me, this kid. "Anyways, want to prank Jace?" He says running into the bathroom. Minutes later he comes out with a bucket filled with water.
"I don't think that would be a good idea--" I say but before I could finish he throws it onto Jace. I get up fast so the water doesn’t touch me but for Jace, it was too late. "I better run now." Pogue says as he drops the bucket and runs towards the door. Quickly Jace looks up at me frowning angrily.
"It was Pogue." I whisper to him. Getting up he puts a pair of shorts on and runs towards the door after him.
"POGUE!" His voice growls throughout the house as loud foot steps descend down the stairs. I run to the balcony to see what was going to happen outside.
"What happened?!" Val said running into the room and onto the balcony with Caden.
"Well, Pogue decided to play a prank on Jace."
"I'll go separate them both." Caden shakes his head. I look down to see Jace throw Pogue across the mud as they both play fight outside.
"Omg!" Val says as she twisted my body to reveal my mark to her.
"What?" I slightly blush.
"You and Jace mated!" She shouts, very loud actually.
"You both what?!" Jen said running onto the balcony to see my mark also.
"Guys chill out!" I laugh as they both squeal in excitement.
"Just you left Val." Jen smirks at her; Val lets of an unsure look but smiles through it.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
Pulling down her top a little there is a red mark in the shape of a crescent moon.
"Why is it like that?!" I ask feeling mine.
"Mine is also." Jen said pulling her shirt down a little to reveal the same mark on her collar bone. "What is mine?" I ask walking into the bathroom, when I look it's a beautiful shaped circled sun.

"It's beautiful." I say to my wolf as she purrs in excitement.
"Not as beautiful as you princess." I hear Jace say, in my mind.
"W-wait how?" I reply back.
"Mates can communicate through mind link once the marking process is done." I can feel happiness radiating through the link?
"We can also feel one another's emotions."
"Great so now even my emotions belong to you also." I laugh. I will now officially have no privacy.

"I'm going to get dressed." I say to Val and Jen hinting at them to leave the room. The catch on and do so. "Your clothes are still on the other room." Jace says walking into the bedroom. He was full of mud from playing around with Pogue.
"Don't come near me you muddy pup." I laugh at him. "That's offensive!" He shouts back walking towards me.
"No! Don't touch me." I laugh running around him and out the door.
"I want a hug." He smirks holding his hands out chasing me out the room. I luckily make it to Val and Is room but as I shake it I realise it is locked.
"Open!" I shout and Val soon appears at the door. Running in I try and close the door but Jace is right behind me.
"You're not getting away from me." He runs towards me and picks me up in his arms.
"You're so annoying!" I laugh trying to wiggle out of his grasp. Looking down my clothes are full of mud. Great.
"I'm going to get a shower now." He said putting me down and placing me onto the floor as he kissed my head.
"I guess I have to now also." I roll my eyes. "You can have one with me if you want you know. It's saving the trees and I'm all about saving the trees." He smiles.
"The trees? Are you serious...Just go get a shower you idiot." I laugh at him as he walks out the room and closes the door.
"Well that was kind of cringe." Val laughs getting changed.
"Shut up." I say walking into our bathroom. Getting into the shower I realised how much I missed being here. I'm glad to be back even though it was only a day.


"Hey guys." I say walking into the cinema room. Everyone was sat down watching Jace and Caden playing a video game.
"Hey princess." Jace says pulling me onto his lap. He was sat on the floor so he basically dragged me down. Jen and Val were talking while Chase just sat there looking bored while Pogue looked annoyed sat in the corner.
"What's wrong Pogue?" I ask him.
"Jace and Caden won't let me play!" He pouts.
"You've been playing all night, we need a turn." Caden laughs but a knock at the door interrupted him.
"Alpha, someone is on the phone for you." A little girl around 10 ran in holding a phone.
"Who is it Lola?" He replied.
"Alpha Xavier." Jace's face lit up for a second as he quickly stood up and ran for the phone closing the door behind him. "Who was that little girl?" I ask not aimed at anyone.
"That's Jace's cousin." Caden replied.
Standing up I walk out the room and into the living room to see Lola heading out the front door.
"Lola!" I shout before she could fully walk out.
"Luna." She nods her head.
"Just call me Ava." I smile at her.
"A-are you sure Luna-I mean Ava because mommy said to call you Luna when I see you." She looked so scared. Am I that scary?
"No it's fine." I smile at her. "So what are you doing?" I ask her.
"I'm just going to play with my friends by the lake- I mean the woods yes the woods." She smiles cautiously. "I won't tell anyone." I smile at her as she runs out the door to her friends. They all wave at me and head into the woods. I didn't even know there was a lake in this pack?
"Yeah. She's right here. Uh-hum. Yeah sure be here tomorrow at around 3? Perfect. Okay see you then." Jace laughs as he ends the phone.
"Who was that?" I ask looking up the stairs to see him walking down.
"Alpha Xavier. Him and his mate Hayden are coming to visit for the weekend."
"Are they coming for any reason?"
"Were having the Luna and Beta Female meeting with the pack." He smiled. I completely forgot about that, shit. "You seem nervous?" He asked chuckling.
"I am a little."
"You will be great, don't worry princess." He kissed my head before heading towards the games room.
"What are you doing?" he asks as I head up the stairs.
"I'm moving my things into your room."
"Who said you can do that?" he smirks folding his arms.
"Fine then, I won't—"
"I'll help." He interrupts walking behind me before grabbing my waist and lifting me into his shoulders. "Put me down you’re going to drop me!" I say holding onto his head as tightly as I could.
"You're squishing my face." He murmurs through bunched cheeks.
"Watch out!" I say as he walks towards the bedroom door. I smack my face on the very top of the door frame and fall flat onto my bum.
"Are you okay?!" Jace quickly turns around and kneels onto the ground next to me. "It's not like I'm dying, I'll be fine." I say feeling my face heat up with embarrassment.

"Finally finished, this took hours!" Jace whined jumping on the bed.
"Only because you took so god damn long!"
"Don't blame me, you're the one that kept talking about every piece of clothing you picked up. Anyways do you want to make some food, I'm sure everyone's hungry." Jace says holding his stomach.
"How about you make it?"
"Ur the female." He smirks back.
"Is that support to be some sick sexist joke?!" I fold my arms at him.
"No I mean you're just better at it than me a-and-"
"Save it. You're making me spaghetti." Walking down the stairs everyone is sat around the table. "Ava!" Jace's mom hugs me. I recognise her voice from when Jace has phoned her.
"Nice to finally meet you." I smile back.
"Jace is making dinner everyone!" I shout really loud and everyone looks at me in disgust.
"No way in hell! Have you eaten his food?!" Pogue shouts back.
"I'll make it don't worry everyone." Jace's mum and dad got up to walk to the counter.
"Jace what's your mum and dads name?!" I ask quickly through the mind link.
"Lydia and Caleb."
"Lydia, Caleb I'll help." I smile winking at Jace.
"You're such a sweet girl Ava." Lydia smile at me. The way she smiles reminds me of how my mum smiled at me. I need to talk to Jace about rescuing her.

"Later can we talk?" I link Jace.

"Sure princess, is anything wrong?"

"It's okay I'll tell you later."

"It's ready!" Caleb shouts to everyone about 10 minutes later. Pogue comes rushing in with his plate already out the cupboard. "Here you go." I smile putting some spaghetti on his plate. When everyone had finished getting there food I sat down at the table next to Jace.
"So you all should know Alpha Xavier and Luna Hayden are coming tomorrow with a few other packs. Make sure to make a good impression."
"What shall we wear?" Val asked confused.
"Just something nice babe." Caden said smiling putting his arm around her. She smiled making me remember I still need to tell her about Malia. I think it would be better after the pack meeting as she would be down and upset throughout it all but the longer I don't tell her, the guiltier I feel.
"What's up Ava?" She said putting a hand on mine, blinking out my thoughts Jace's parents were no longer there with us so they probably left. I feel kind of bad not saying bye. "Oh nothing, just day dreaming." I smile. She just nods back and stands up. "Well I'm going to get in my pjs, we're not doing anything today so what's the point." Shrugging she heads for the stairs.
"I'll come to!" I shout to follow her but Jen grabs both our arms. "I was thinking how about we have a girly sleep over in the cinema room, like watching movies and eating popcorn?" She laughs.
"Sure that sounds amazing; we've never had a sleepover." I smile truthfully. Me and Val never really had any friends. People were just scared of us from our father's reputations.
"Can we join?" Caden, Jace and Chase all walk in the room. "Did you not hear the girly part? Or do you want us to paint your nails and do your hair?" Jen mocks them.
"Nope we're good." They all start to back away until Pogue walks in. "Can I join in?" He pouts. "Of course you can Pogue." I smirk to Jace and put an arm around Pogue, only to make Jace pull me closer to him and wrap his arms around my waist possessively.
"Mine." He growls at Pogue. "Dude, your seriously need to calm yourself." He said as he walked away rolling his eyes. I burst out laughing causing my sides to ache as I lay dying in the floor.
"It wasn't that funny!" Jace murmured walking away into the kitchen. "It was the funniest thing I've ever heard." Val laughs.

"Have you got the popcorn?" Jen shouts up the stairs as I ran into Jace's room to get it. He was sat on the bed closing his eyes.
"Sup dawg." I say jokingly causing a huge smile to appear in his face. "Why can't you sleep next to me tonight? Can you not have this girly sleepover another night." He pouts. Rolling my eyes I walk over to the bag of popcorn sat on the desk.
"You can come down if you want-"
"Really?!" He quickly jumps off the bed. "Sure. If you let me do your make up." I smile.
"No way." He grunts laying back down on the bed.
"Sorry then babe, night." I kiss him before leaving the room and running down the stairs and into the cinema room to see Jen and Val had eaten most of the food. "What the hell guys, you didn't save any chocolate for me!" I laugh to see the mess of sweet wrappers and a few cans everywhere. We haven't even been sat her for half an hour.
"Can we go get more?" Val asks. "Try and persuade Caden, he lets you off with everything." I smile and we all run up to Caden's room.
Val knocks and we all walk in to see he is shirtless standing on his balcony. "Babeeee." Val says hugging him from behind. "Oh god what is it?" He sighs turning to face her.
"Can you please take me Ava and Jen to get some more food please." She pouts. "If Jace and Chase say yes then I'll happily take you." He smiled making me and Jen run to both our mates. Knocking on his door I get no reply so I just walk straight in the room. "Jace?" I say not being able to see him.
"Yes princess?" He says walking out the bathroom. "Please can Caden take me Val and Jen to get more food for our sleep over?" I pout to emphasise my point.
"We literally got so much this afternoon."
"We, well they kind of ate it all. Please?." I walk towards him.
"Fine, I'm coming with you though." He smiles putting on a pair of shorts and shirt.
"Yay." I say grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the door and down the stairs to meet with everyone. They all were already waiting for us so we ran to the car and got in. "Here's my card." Jace said as we arrived at the mall. "Are you sure?" I ask to be polite. "I don't mind, not to show off but I'm kind of rich so yeah." He whispered in my ear.
We made it back quick enough as it didn't take long to pick most things off the shelves and throw them into our baskets. We decided to let our mates come watch films with us as it would be more fun with everyone there. The boys said to watch scary movies, probably only to hug us but I wasn't that scared. I lie...
"Shall we all go to bed, it's late and we have guests tomorrow." Caden said picking up a sleeping Val bridal style. I give a questioning look to Jace and he nods in agreement as we walk up the stairs. Running into his room I jump on the bed after brushing my teeth and snuggle into the duvets. Jace follows afterwards pulling me closer to his body. Sparks flew across us making me feel warm.
"I love you." I said kissing his cheek. As I said this he pulled me even closer to his body causing me to feel suffocated.
"Can't. Breathe." I laugh pretending to gasp for air.
"Night Jace." I turn around to face away from him.
"Night princess."

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