Alpha Jace

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Waking up I reach my hand out behind me to feel if Jace is still in bed. Confused when I don’t feel him, I sit up and pull the covers off me. Where'd he go?
Standing up I walk into the bathroom to get a shower and get changed I feel all hot a sweaty; it must be warm outside because all the windows are open. Looking in the mirror I see my mark which causes a huge smile to appear on my face.
"Are you up yet?" Jace says through our mind link. I completely forgot we had that.

"Just getting a shower now." I reply locking the bathroom door behind me. When I get out I dry my hair and curl it at the ends. We have the big meeting/presentation tonight so I thought I'd do my hair nice. Walking out the bathroom I go to the closet and get out some tight jogging bottoms and black crop top and put them on with some socks. It's my lazy excuse for clothes today. I head down to Jen's room where I see Val inside with her.
"Hey guys?" I shout down the hall. They both walk out and come down the stairs with me to meet everyone in the living room.
"Where is everyone?" Jen asks walking around to find no one, the house is completely silent for a change. Normally Pogues loud chewing surrounds the whole hearing system. "Maybe they are outside?" Val asks. We head outside, there are so many people I can't make out who anyone is out. There are surely around 200 people here right now.
"What the hell, I didn't know this many people were coming!" Jen shouts making a few people stare.
"There she is the new Luna." I heard a few people whisper as I walked through the big crowd to find Jace. I feel bad as I have to shove a few people out the way as they are like nails and won't budge a step. "Sorry." Is all I say repeatedly moving through the crowd.
"Hey you're up." Jace said when we finally found him. He was standing with a few people talking to them.
"I'm Alpha Xavier, this is my mate Hayden." A tall, muscular man smiled down at me. I turned towards his mate who smiled also. She was about my height with brown hair and hazel eyes.
"Ava how about you show Hayden and the other girls around the pack house?"
"Come this way." I laugh with Hayden as she follows me. Along the way we bump in Hayden's friend Leila.
"Hi, mind if I come along?" She smiles. "Not at all!" I laugh. Leila had blonde hair and bright blue eyes; she seems like a really nice girl. Jace ran after us stopping me while introducing a lot more people. Hayden and Leila introduced me to Sophie and Eliza who were mates with Logan and Kieran. Logan was Xavier's beta and Kieran was his 3rd. Most of the girls looked bored as we all had the same fake smile plastered on our faces.
There were a lot of us which I wasn't very used to, 7 in fact. It made me feel quiet and shy but I needed to make a good impression for Jace, to look strong and like a leader... I think that’s what he wants?
Me, Val, Jen, Hayden, Leila, Sophie and Eliza headed into the house just to talk and get to know each other a bit more. When I opened the door Leila looked a little strange and agitated.
"Are you okay Leila?" I ask concerned. "Yeah, my wolf is pacing really fast around in my mind?" She says before we hear a loud banging sound. Quickly turning around we see Pogue stood in the living room wide eyed as a broken bowl of chips scattered the floor.
"Mate!" He growled, shoving me out the way so he could stand directly facing Leila. I turned around to see them both smiling at each other. His wolf just took over.
"So what is my beautiful mates name then?" Pogue wiggled his eyebrows at her laughing. "Leila." She smiled shyly hugging him trying to hide her rosy face.
"You can show Leila around the house if you want?" I said to Pogue.
"One second let me just tidy my room is like a dump." He says running heading towards the stairs but stops. Turns around and kisses Leila of the head before heading back up them to his room.
"Let me just tell you Leila, he's a handful." I laugh gesturing the girls to follow me into the kitchen. "Oh god." She laughs.
After talking for a little while I learnt quite a lot about everyone and we talked about how we met our mates. Some were very interesting.


"I met Xavier when I was a Rogue, I accidentally trespassed on his land. His beta found me and tried to kill me (Logan) but luckily Xavier came just in time. I wasn't a bad rouge I was left as a pup and was raised by humans. I had to leave as I was putting them in danger. I'm good friend with Xavier's beta now though, there’s no bad blood."


"Well, I just found mine." We all laugh at her comment. Pogue runs in and in a matter of second they are both out the room and I can hear Pogue talking and asking questions about her.


"I met Logan when Xavier and my father were supposed to go to war. I was in line ready to fight when I saw him. Long story short I stopped the war and here we are today. My father still hates Logan buts he's a good guy." She says smiling.


"Well, Kieran basically kidnapped me from my home. I'm not a wolf so I wasn't sure on the 'mate' thing but over time I fell for him. It's so hard I swear all the werewolves are gods or something?!" She questions.


"I met Chase through a pack meeting. My old pack and this one SilverBlood were discussing a rogue problem and I was bored so came with my father. It's not amazingly exciting but one thing; I wasn't ready for a mate at the time so when he tried to carry me to the pack house I 'accidentally' kicked him in the balls."


"Well, me and Val were running away from our old pack and we came across Jace and Caden as we trespassed on this land. Rogues attacked and they fought them off basically." I smile at Val.

"Sometime mates are so annoying though." Eliza laughed.
"Oh tell me about it!" I laughed with her.
"Logan is so protective. Sometimes in a good way but others in an annoying way!" Sophie said making the rest of us say "same" and the exact same time.
"Hey, talking about us are we?" Logan said walking in with the rest of the guys.
"Nope." Sophie said quickly pretending to look around the room as we all copied.
"Be ready in an hour everyone as that's when the meeting will start." Jace said making us all stand up and head upstairs.
"Where are they all going?" I heard Kieran say.
"Who know, probably getting ready?"
"It takes me 10 minutes to get ready, it's an hour early." Caden laughs.


After we got ready we decide to all just wear shorts and a shirt because it suddenly turned even hotter this afternoon. Jace mind linked me earlier telling me to and the others to meet him at the lake. I've wanted to see the lake for a while but never have had the chance. Jen says how its so beautiful and I hope she's right. "Lets go." Jen smiles leading the way. We are all walking and talking until we reach the lake. Hundreds of people are talking and drinking and eating food. Fairy lights are all around the trees and as the sun was setting. It did look beautiful.
"Come on!" Jace ran up to me grabbing my hand while him and Caden took me and Val onto this stage type thing in front of the lake. "Everyone!" Jace shouts in his Alpha voice causing it to suddenly come quiet quickly.
"I know you have all been waiting and wondering who these amazing women are so. I would happily introduce you to the new Luna and Beta female of The Silver Blood pack!" Everyone suddenly cheers and hollers causing me to turn bright red.
"Ava Danvers do you take the role of being Silver Bloods luna?" Jace asks holding my hand. "I do." I laugh while everyone cheers again. "Val Danvers, do you take the role of being Silver Bloods Beta female?" Caden asks. "I do." Everyone whistles and howls as someone turns the music up again. I loved that me and Val had the same last name, it made me feel like we were sisters as I love her more than a sister. She means everything to me. Looking over and seeing the huge smile on her face reminds me of this, but makes me remember. Malia.
"Party!!!" I hear Pogue shout in the crowd while dragging Leila up on stage.
"Jace, Caden I found my mate!" He shouts excitedly.
"Were happy for you mate but not for her, you have got a lot on your plate. Literally." Jace whispers to Leila causing her to nervously laugh. She would be moving into this pack so Jace will be her new Alpha, which would be nerve-racking. Turning around I see people diving into the lake in bikinis and shorts shouting and having fun.
"Ava you have 5 seconds to run." Jace began to say.


"5,4,3,2,1" Jace quickly says before picking me up and throwing me in the lake. It was a little beach type lake but it started quite deep.
"Jace!" I shout as a gasp for air. I hear a big splash next to me as Caden and Val both jumped in together. "You have 5 seconds Jace." I smirk at him.
"Yeah, what you going to do in there." He folds his arms staring down at me smirking.
"5,4,3,2,1!" I say before taking a deep breath then diving under. I know he will jump in and come down before anything could happen. I was holding my breath for around 10 seconds before I felt myself being pulled to the surface.
"Ava!" Jace shouted at me.
"I knew you would come in, it's not like I would die!" I laugh splashing his face.
"What if I didn't?!"
"Well it would be your fault." I laugh. "N-no it wouldn't!" He nervously shouts. "I'm joking!" I splash him in the face. The water isn't too deep, I'm able to stand up in it but it feels as uncomfortable in my clothes as all they are doing is sticking to my body. Taking my shirt off I quickly throw it onto the stage.
"Ava!" Jace says covering my body with his arms and body.


"You're in your bra!"

"Well it's just like being in a bikini!" I laugh at him. He's so cute when he's mad. A little crinkle comes in between his eyebrows making my heart melt.
"Put my shirt on." He says taking it off and handing it to me. Looking at his body I'm certainly not going to complain about this one.
I swim to the stage to let Jace talk with his Alpha friends and Betas. Getting out I see the rest of the girls stood there in huge oversized shirts.
"Guess we all had the same problem?" I laugh. "Yeah but I went back and grabbed all our bikinis so I think we might get away with wearing them!" Jen says. We all go behind trees to change and come back out. Running on to the stage we all grab hands and shout the guys to come over.
"Where's the shirts we gave you!" They all shouted at us.
"Over there." We say pointing to the front of the stage. Swimming to the side they all get out and head over to the pile of shirts. When they were a few steps away from us we all jumped into the lake screaming.


"Jace just have some fun and stop worrying about everything!" I shout. He takes a moment to think, looking as if he's arguing with himself before jumping into the lake with the guys causing the biggest splash ever.
"You're so cute." He says squishing my cheeks together. "Yeah, I know." I laugh at him. I take a moment to think. When I'm happy I forget every worry I have or every mistake I've made. I'm so lucky to be here right now and have the best mate anyone could ask for, it's perfect.
"Am I cute?" He says trying to pout cutely.
"Eh." I shrug.
"What?! I'm like the cutest one here." He says pulling me closer to him.
"What about that guy, he's pretty cute." I point towards this old guy sat on the side of the lake with his mate. He looks around 75 and wasn't, I'll say my type.
"I'm having words with him later!" Jace pretended to be angry as he growls towards him causing the old guy to look confused at us.

"I love you." I laugh in his ear.

"I love you to."

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