Alpha Jace

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Running into Val and Caden's room I decide to wake her up early as we should plan to do something fun with the rest of the girls. They are all sleeping in the guest bedrooms with their mates so I don't want to wake them up before we've not made any plans..
"Val?" I say knocking on the door while opening it. Her and Caden are stood on the balcony? Jace told me this morning him and Caden were going out to a meeting. Weird.
"Hey guys, Val I was wondering if we should all do something with the girls today?" I ask.
"Yeah that sounds good, how about we go to the mall and for a meal or something?" She suggested. It was a good idea as I've not ate at a restaurant in a while and I want someone else to cook the food instead of me for once. Everyone says I'm a good cook in the house but I once gave Pogue salmonella which he was annoyed about. Oops.
"Yeah that's good. I'll tell the rest of them, then I'll get ready." I smile running out the room. Caden gives me a wave as I close the door. Walking down the stairs I still can't think why Jace might have lied? I'm probably overthinking nothing. I walk over to Jen's room which is directly facing Pogue and Leila's. Knocking on both doors Chase comes out of one and Pogue the other in a couple of seconds.
"Yes?" They both groan.
"Please tell Jen and Leila we are going shopping at the mall and having dinner so be ready and meet in the living room at 12." I smile at them both.
"So does this mean all my money is going to be gone?" Chase laughs. "Probably knowing Jenna." I laugh with him while going down stairs again to the bottom floor. In the house there are three floors. It's a lot of effort walking up and down them every day just to get to my room but Alphas are always on the top. I tried to persuade Jace to move to the ground floor but he wouldn't.
Running down the long hall I come to Hayden's room where Xavier pops his head out the door. "Ava?"
"Please tell Hayden that we are going to the mall and dinner today so get ready and meet in the living room." I smile before quickly turning to Sophie's room.
"Ava?" Logan asks opening the door.
"Please tell Sophie we are going to the mall and dinner today so get ready and meet in the living room at 12." I smile again out of breath turning finally to Eliza's room.
"Ava?" Kieran asks popping his head around the door.
"Please tell Eliza we are going to dinner and shopping at the mall so meet in the living room at 12." I say for the millionth time.
"How many times have you said this?" Kieran laughs.
"A lot." I laugh turning around and running back upstairs to bump into Jace walking out of our room. "You scared me!" I say holding onto my heart. The door flew open so fast I didn't know what happened.
"Oh sorry I just thought you had gone." He laughs scratching his head. I felt kind of bad as he probably thought I ran away again. I smile at him and just walk into the bedroom. "So what are you doing today?" He asks sitting on the bed.
"We are going to go to the mall and have some dinner." I say throwing on a cropped top and leggings. It was simple but I thought were just going to the mall.
"What do you think?" I say pretending to be on a catwalk or something.
"Maybe this." Jace says standing up and walking to the wardrobe.
"I think this would look nice!" He smiled holding up a black top with this blue denim styled jacket.
"Yeah okay." I smile grabbing it and throwing it on with a necklace and some black boots. I decided to tie the jacket around my waist as it was boiling hot outside and put my hair up in a pony tail.
"This better?" I spin around. "Yep." He smiles kissing my forehead.
"I'm going to send some guards with you in case anything happens." Jace smiles walking to the bathroom.
"No!" I whine.
"Or would you like me to come with you instead?" He smirks.
"No guards please! I just want it to be us girls. WITHOUT any guards."
"How about they don't go with you but they will be around the mall?" Jace tries to bargain. "Fine!" I roll my eyes.
"Anyways what were you doing this morning?" I question making my way towards the door. "Oh me and Caden were just doing pack things you know." He nervously smiled.
"Oh, okay. Well see you later." I say heading down the stairs. Caden was with Val this morning so that's a lie. "You ready to go?" They all say watching me come down the stairs. "Yeah sorry I was late."
"It's fine but who's going to drive because I dibs not to." Sophie laughs.
"Well I can't even drive yet." Eliza says.
"I'll drive." Jen says walking to the car. We all get in the car; it's an 8 seater so being 7 of us it's good for us all to fit.
When we finally get to the mall we go in different shops and talk about anything random that comes to mind. It's been a good day out so far.We walk into a big shop, Jen looks around in amazement holding her purse in her hand while picking up a lot of clothes and shoes. I was just walking around when I notice some cute onesies. They were grey with wolf ears with a nose and eyes. "Guys!" I shout and in a couple of seconds they are all by my side.
"We all seriously have to get these." I smile grabbing my size. "And these for the guys!" Eliza shouts pointing to the same ones but black and in the male section. "Who would buy these?" Val asks laughing at the male onesies. They looked pretty weird to be fair. "Us!" I laugh. Walking to the till we all pay for our stuff and head outside. We decide we should get some food as we are all starving.
"Look at her shoes like I'm pretty sure no one wears them." I hear a girl say from behind us all. I decide to ignore the comment and carry on walking with everyone; it might not even be about us.
"And that girl with the converse on like who even wears burgundy anymore!" They all laugh. Looking next to me I see Val is wearing burgundy converse, yep they are defo talking about us.
"Excuse me bitch we can hear you!" Jen turns around to look at the girls. They were all walking in a big line like us. There were 7 of them, like us which was also pretty typical.
"Okay, good for you?" A girl with dark brown hair and a lot of fake tan said. Wait, I remember this girl. She was the waitress at the restaurant Pop's me, Val, Jen, Jace, Caden and Chase went to that time! The only difference is that her face is even oranger than it was then.
"You're the waitress at Pop's aren't you?" I question her.
"No, why would I work in that shabby place. I'm a waitress at Valentina's Italia, you probably don't know it as it would be way too expensive for you." She sarcastically smiled looking me up and down.
"I'm pretty sure you were the bitch that spilt Ava's drink all over her." Val said.
"Nope, but I applaud the obviously stunning girl that did that. Anyway how's that boyfriend of yours, broken up yet so I can have him?" She laughs with her friends. "He's so hot; I don't understand why he would go out with you and not an attractive person girl me." He bats her eyes.
"Nope, still together and he's not really into the whole Orange face look." I smile back.
"Well I'm already late for work; I've got to go." The girl smiled pushing through all of us. When she left we turned around to see all her friends rush off in a hurry in different directions like they didn't even know one another.
"Hey, how about we eat at 'Valentina Italia'?" Sophie mimicked.
"Yes!" We all smirked.
"Hi yes, table for 7 please." I smile at the girl as she looked down at the menus, not even realising we were standing in front of her.
"Sure yes, I'll be your waitress---" She began to say finally looking up at us. “Right this way then." She sarcastically smiled leading us to a big table. As we all sat down she threw our menus onto the table and got out a note pad.
"Drinks?" She rolled her eyes.
"I'll have a lemonade."
"I'll have a water."
"I'll have a coke."
"I'll have a lemonade."
"I'll have a lemonade to, actually just an orange."
"I'll just have the same."
"Yeah me too."
"Is that all?" She said crossing her arms.
"They will be here soon." She began to walk away. Wait!" I called her back."
"What's your name?" I question.
"Veronica." She frowns at me.
"Yeah, basic bitch name." I jokingly whisper to Leila who was sat next to me. Tonight will be fun.


Tonight was not fun. Walking out the restaurant it was pretty dark. The food was disgusting so we decide to leave it; we only paid for the drinks as the owner said it was fine because we ate none of the food. Leaving we heard Veronica get shouted at as we complained about bad service. That was good but now we are all starving.

"Hey princess, how was your night." Jace mind linked me.

"It was fun, except the food was terrible so I didn't eat any of it." I mentally laugh.

"I'll cook you something when you get in."

"Thanks, where was you actually this morning, you said you and Caden had pack stuff but he was at home?" I question. For awhile there wasn't a response until I said his name again.

"Oh yeah, Caden left early that's all." Jace said before completely blocking the mind link.

"What's up?" Val says sitting next to me in the car.
"Jace, I think he's keeping a secret but it's just nothing probably." I shrug.

"Why do you think that?"

"Well this morning he said he was out with Caden doing pack stuff but Caden was home all morning. When I asked him he stuttered and when I asked again in the mind link he didn't reply for awhile." I say.
"Hm, that's kind of weird but I'm sure it nothing. It's Jace." Val laughs. After the seemed long car journey we finally reached back home and I'm feeling so tired for some reason. We all decide to put our onesies on and sit in the kitchen while talking and eating junk. I found a few pizzas in the fridge so I cooked them and got out some chocolate etc.
"Food!" All the boys come down grabbing the pizza and drinks.
"Hey!" I shout smacking Pogue's hand away from the pizza boxes. If he has one, he will have them all.
"Ava do you know where Jace is?" Caden said standing next to me. Realising he isn't here I frown in confusion. "No." I shrug.
"Hm." He said walking away to stand next to Val again.

"Jace?" I said through the mind link.

"I'm sorry Ava, I've got caught up at my parents house. I'm just leaving now." He quickly answered back.

"That's fine." I reply. Around 10 minutes later Jace quickly runs through the door.
"My mother made me stay for dinner, I'm sorry I didn't think I would be so late!" He shakes his head.
"Don't worry." I smile hugging him. "I like these onesies." He says smiling at us all. "You should all get them too." I laugh back.
"No way." They all say at the same time.
"To bad." I say running to the shopping bags and throwing them all big black wolf onesies.
"We are not wearing these!" Xavier says holding it out in front of himself.
"If you don't we're not talking to you." Val says.
"Guess you're not talking to us." Caden laughs. We all look at each other and pretend to seal our mouths shut. "They won't last." Pogue said.

An hour later we are still sat in silence. It's now 1am and I'm feeling really tired but I'm not speaking until they put them on. It will be so funny.
"Fine!" They all growl and we all laugh really loud. Walking out a few minutes later they come back in the onesies. They look so cute.
"Aww, you look adorable!" I pout at Jace.
"Don't call me cute, I'm an Alpha I'm not cute." He huffs.
"Cutie." I smile kissing his cheek.
"Let's watch a film." I smile as everyone heads to the cinema room. None of the guys look impressed about being in wolf onesies but it is a good joke. Standing in a line talking we all scream really loud so they all turn around. Quickly taking photos we all run upstairs to mine and Jace's room.
"Delete the photos!" They shout knocking on the door.
"We're printing them off and sending them to every pack member." I laugh. In the photo they all look so worried and shocked at the same time.
"This is so fun." Leila laughs holding her stomach.
"Leila, open the door!" Pogue laughs. I think he's the only one finding it funny out of the guys. "It's not funny Pogue!" They all shout. "We can't have people seeing us in onesies we’re High ranked wolves!"
Opening the door we all look at them. "We are joking we won't send them but can we keep them?" Jen asks.
"For your eyes only!" Chase says.

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