Alpha Jace

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It's been a couple of days since everyone has been here and it's now time for them all to leave, which I'm pretty sad about. I've made so many new friends and met so many new people. However Leila is staying here in Silver Blood with Pogue as they are mates. Hayden is pretty upset about it as they are best friends but we said she is always welcome to come here any time she wants.
"I'm going to miss you all so much!" I say hugging Sophie, Hayden and Eliza. "We will miss you to." They say all getting into separate cars.

"Ava get into the house now and get upstairs and lock bedroom door!" Jace shouted through our mind link. He left early this morning to do patrols or something, I was half asleep listening so I didn't quite hear. "What's wrong?" Val said. It was only me, Val, Jen and Leila standing outside the pack house alone all the guards just ran into the woods.
"Jace just screamed at me to get inside the house?" I said confused.
"Chase just linked me also?" Jen said confused.
"We better head back." I said walking to the house. When we all got inside we headed upstairs to sit on the balcony. One night we set blankets and pillows out and slept here and it was so fun, except when it decided to rain. As we walked in the room I got a duvet to place over the balcony floor so we could sit down. We were just casually talking when we heard loud howls from below on the ground. Standing up I go to check and when I look down I gasp. Rogues, around 30 of them looking around and sniffing the air.
"Guys." I whisper as they all walk over to the railing. "What shall we do?" Leila asks worriedly.
"Wait, did anyone lock the front door?" I ask, maybe it would have been a good idea. "Not me." They all say at the same time. "I'll go and check. Stay here all of you and don't move!" I shout at them. I can't have any of them at risk.
Running out the room I lock the bedroom door then head down the stairs. Looking out the window I see Jace's big black wolf sprint into the scene from the woods. Two large rogues head towards the door, I quickly lock it and turn around to head back up the stairs but the door smashes open behind me.
From instinct I quickly shift and turn around snarling at both rogues. I've never actually fought any wolf before so this will be interesting. The one on the left pounces towards me, I cower back a little before biting down on its neck as hard as I could. I shake my head and drop the wolf. I think it's dead...
The taste of blood floods my mouth causing me to squirm. I close my eyes when I feel my body get slammed again the wall. I whine as I land on my paw and a loud snapping sound was heard. My body started to get dragged by my neck towards the front door by the other rogue. I try and wiggle out of his grasp but as I do it bites down onto my neck even harder than before which makes my wolf feel faint, I feel my eyes starting to drift but A loud growl shoots them back open.
My wolf purrs as she sees Jace's big black wolf come into view. Running over to the rogue he grabs it by the back by its neck and throws him into the direction of the kitchen. Walking past me I keep facing forward towards the door as more rogues may appear. Loud howls and screeching was coming from the kitchen but unfortunately this made more rogues run into the house.
Jace quickly ran out and they all cowered away running out the house, the pack warriors easily caught them and no doubt they'll either be sent to the prison or killed.
"Ava princess are you okay?" Jace said shifting while running to my side. "Okay you're not, I need to get you to the pack doctor but you're going to have to shift." I do as Jace asks. I shift and now I'm lying naked on the floor with a wound on my neck and probably a broken wrist.
"Alpha I just wanted--" A wolf came in but paused as he saw me lying naked on the floor.
"GET OUT!" Jace growled at the guy in his Alpha voice. He looked to only be about 15 and the terrified look on his face made me feel bad. "Can you bring the doctor here?" I whispered to Jace.
"I'm going to have to carry you there, he has other patients also." He frowns picking me up. I wince as he throws a blanket on top of me as we head out the door, not through pain but every move I made seems to hurt.
Walking to the infirmary pack members ran to see if I was okay but Jace just shouted at them to go away if they got to close. Closing my eyes I rested my head on his chest as I began to feel drowsy, I think I've lost a lot of blood.
"Are Val, Jen and Leila okay?" I force the words out my mouth.
"Don't worry about them princess, they are fine." Jace looked down giving me a worried yet reassuring smile. The last thing I remember was closing my eyes...

A loud noise comes to my ears making me quickly sit up. I look around the room and Jace jumps up out of a chair and growls a little. I was in the infirmary it seems, as I'm lying on a bed with tubes running around me.
"How long was I asleep?" I ask rubbing my head. I had a slight headache which was painful. "Around 12 hours." He said rubbing his eyes then blinking.
"And you've been here all this time?" I frown looking at his eyes they were slightly red so he hasn't gone to sleep. He didn't last night either as he kept me awake tossing and turning saying he had pack stuff on his mind but I'm not sure.
"You lost a lot of blood so Jeff needed some of mine to transfer to you." He said. "Hello Luna." A man walked in. He had a tag on his jacket saying Jeff, ahh pack doctor.
"When can Ava come home?" Jace quickly sighed. "Whenever she wants to, her wrist is still healing but that's really it. Just be careful on it and keep it in the cast. Come back to me tomorrow for a check-up, it might be healed by then." Jeff smiled walking out the room.
"We're going home, now." Jace said putting some clothes on the bed before walking out the room. Why was he being so blunt all of a sudden? I've just woken up.
I slowly got out of bed trying to be careful on my wrist. It was my right also which would be hard to do things on as I'm right handed. I walk into the bathroom and get changed. The clothes Jace gave me were comfy. It was one of his large grey jumpers with some leggings and slippers. I don't know why he didn't pack shoes but oh well.
As I get outside the infirmary Jace is stood waiting. I can see the pack house in the far distance and I hope we don't have to walk. "We're walking." Jace said grabbing my left arm and started to basically drag me back home.
"Let go I can walk on my own!" I say loudly at him. Letting go he frowns at me before carry on walking back to the house. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I ask running to catch up to him. His jaw clenched but he didn't say anything.
"Earth to Jace." I say standing in front of him. Every time he tries to get around me I just move the same way. He could easily move me but he just stood there staring at me for a while.
"What the hell is wrong with me?!" He growled. "What the hell is wrong with you, Ava?" He sarcastically said.
"I don't get what you're talking about." I honestly say. I don't know his problem but I do not like his attitude.
"You could of f*cking died Ava." He quietly shouted as a few wolves ran by.
"I just went to lock the door--" I realised he was talking about the rogue attack. "Well I told you to get in and not go downstairs, did you listen? No. You nearly died." He rolled his eyes. He's definitely over reacting; I went and locked the door so my friends would be safe.
"You're over reacting." I rolled my eyes turning around to carry on walking back to the house. "No, I'm not." He growled grabbing my arm to turn me back facing him.
"Yes you are now let go of me." I try tugging my arm away.
"What if you died Ava?! I can't even imagine to think, I'd probably f*cking die also." He tightened his grip as he pulled me closer to him. "Jace, I didn't die so you don't have to think about anything." I roll my eyes at him in anger.
"Yeah, but you don't understand. I don't think I could even fucking live without you and if you would have died yesterday." He took a long pause before saying anything. "Never mind, you don't care." He let go of my arm and began to walk back to the house. My heart dropped when he said that, he really thinks I don't care? I stood there staring at him as he walked away, I couldn't move.
Sitting down under one of the trees I just needed to think. Sitting outside always helps. I realise now why Jace is so upset with me but I don't know what to do or say to him. He just told me he thinks I don't care which I do, I love him. It's clear he doesn't think that.
"Hey Luna, why are you sat out here alone?" A boy and girl ran up to me holding hands, they both looked around 15.
"Oh I'm just thinking." I smile looking down at their hands, they must of just found one another as mates because you shift normally at age 14.
"Would you like us to maybe sit with you?" The girl said. She had brown hair and green eyes whereas the boy had blonde hair and brown eyes.
"Sure." I smile. They both nervously look at each other before sitting down in front of me.
"So, what are your names?" I ask smiling at them both.
"I'm Renny and this is Zach." The girl smiled at me.
"So are you mates?" I ask curiously.
"Yeah we, well Zach actually just realised a couple months ago as he shifted before me." She smiled. "It's a funny story actually but you probably don't have time to listen, it's quite long." She shyly laughs. "I have all the time in the world." I smile back at her. A huge smile lightens up her face as she begins to speak. "Well.."


"So is this your house?" I ask Zach as he and Renny walk down the drive way. "Well it's my parents but thank you for walking us home Luna." They both nod towards me as they walk into the house. I smile turning around as I start to head back home. They are both so cute, I like talking to members of the pack as I get to know more people.

"Where are you?" Jace asks through the mind link. He had blocked me out all day but seeming it's getting late he probably wants to know if I haven't run away again. I was stupid to do that and I now admit it but at the time I was so angry I didn't stop to think about what I was doing.

"The pack houses." I say back.

"Who's house are you at? Why are you at the pack houses?" He quickly said. I could hear the nerves in his voice as he said it.

"I was walking two teenage mates home that I met as I was sat down, alone." He didn't say anything back after that but I wasn't too far away from the house anyways so I could speak to him properly about today. "Hey Ava." Val said as I walked in the house. She was sat on the couch alone. "How's your wrist?" She said patting the couch for me to sit down.
"It's okay, the cast helps the pain." I smile hugging her.
"I wish our moms were here with us." She smiled hugging me back, we used to love this show. She said pointing to the tv. Our favourite show Teen Wolf was on, I think the only reason we all enjoyed it so much was because it was about werewolves. I widen my eyes as she mentioned her mom.
"Val." I mumble pulling away from her.
"Yeah, what's wrong?" She asks looking worried. I completely forgot about Malia, with everything going on it slipped my mind. Im so stupid.
"It's your mom.." I say, from the look I was giving I knew might know what I was about to tell her.
"What about her?" She asks confused.
"She-she said she missed you." I froze the look on her face I couldn't tell her. I'm going to regret this later. "We will get them back one day." She smiled with a tear in her eye, making me feel even worse than I did because she won't get her back.
"So where is everyone?" I ask looking around. The house was pretty silent which I only just realised.
"They are all in a meeting about the rogue attack." She says grabbing my left hand nervously before running up the stairs. "Where are you taking me?" I laugh as she speeds up. "To the meeting, we should be in it." She says before pushing Jace's office door open.
When we get in everyone's eyes turn and stare at us. Jace and Caden give us both an angry frowns before they carry on talking. "Stand up and don't butt in or say a word!" Jace mind links me. I can hear his anger through the link and he doesn't sound good.
"Anyways, like I was saying. I think we should just kill all the rogues in an area of 50 miles from us. I'm sure Xavier would help us in the act." Jace says. This is a stupid plan, not all rogues are bad and that isn't fair. I've not been in the meeting 30 seconds and I already disagree.
"Can I just say I don't think you should do that." I speak up. Everyone around Jace was agreeing with him only because he was the Alpha. I could see a few unsure faces around so I'll speak for them.
"Ava-" Jace began to say.
"We shouldn't kill all rogues because not all of them are bad. I think it's better to find out who exactly attacked and aim to focus on them." I smile.
"That's not a good idea Ava, most rogues are bad and the more that are killed the better." Jace speaks up loudly in his Alpha voice.
"I was a rogue." I smile.
"It doesn't count, you wasn't even one for 24 hours." He rolls his eyes. "I agree with Ava, my mate Josie was a rogue and I can't even think of someone killing her." A man spoke up.
"Yeah, not all rogues are bad." More comments keep coming through and people started to talk and shout over one another agreeing and disagreeing.
"That's enough!" Jace shouted. "The meeting is over, I will decide on my own." Everyone left the room in a few minutes as the wolves that spoke out didn't want to get in trouble.
"You're coming with me." Caden said glaring at Val in annoyance. "Help me." She mouthed towards me making me laugh. She quickly closed the door behind her and I could hear Caden giving her a lecture from down the hall. "Jace, I'm sorry. I know you said not to speak out but I could see people didn't agree with you." I began to say.
"Why can't you just listen?" He sighed shaking his head. "You didn't listen to me when I told you to not go downstairs and stay upstairs and when I tell you not to speak you do."
"You know how stupid the last one sound right?" I chuckle.
"You're pathetic." He rolls his eyes as he walks out the door. I run after him as he heads towards our room. Walking in he goes straight the bathroom and locks it. I just sit on the bed and wait until he's done.

"Jace, I'm sorry." I say as he comes out the bathroom. He took a while as he had a shower but I still sat and waited.
"Are you though?" He chuckles walking towards the wardrobe to get out a pair of shorts. "Yes, I'm sorry!" I say again. He throws his towel at my face as he changes. I cover my eyes and throw the towel to the floor.
"It's not like you haven't seen anything before." He smirks but quickly shakes it away as he locks the bedroom door and walks towards the bed before getting in and turning the opposite way to face me. I decide to get a shower also as I probably smell like a wild dog, when I come out I get one of Jace's shirts and throw it on with some shorts and jump into bed.
"You still mad?" I say poking my head over his shoulder to look down at him. He gently shoves me off him and turns back around again. "Oh the silent treatment. I get it I get it." I say standing up on the bed. "But if you won't speak, I'll make you." I say before jumping up and down on the bed like it was a trampoline.

After 5 minutes of jumping he turns so he's on his back facing up at me.
"I swear Ava." He said rolling his eyes. "Yeah, what you gonna do?" I laugh at him. Standing up he looks at me closely in the eyes glaring at me.
"What you looking at?" I say slightly embarrassed feeling my cheeks heat up. "Just get in bed, please. I'm tired." He says as he laid back down. He now made me feel extra guilty as he hasn't been getting much sleep also.
I lay down next to him, making sure to stay away as he probably didn't want to be near me either. He probably hates me. I lay awake for a while just daydreaming, Jace had fell asleep while ago I think so it was pretty silent in the room which was creepy to be honest.
"Mate." Jace growled in his sleep causing me to turn around to face him.
"Get off her before I kill you." He mumbled again. What was he dreaming about? "Ava!" He shouted quickly as he sat up in bed making me jump. Looking around the room he stopped tensing as his eyes lay on me.
"Jace?" I say as I see his eyes turn black a couple of times before he takes a deep breath and closes them. "I'm fine, get to sleep you need it." He moves a little closer to me as he closes his eyes.
"Jace I'm sorry about earlier, and yes I mean it. I was trying to protect my friends and I should have told you my opinion on the meeting afterwards instead of interrupting. I guess I was mad because you was mad at me but I--" He cuts my off by grabbing me and pulling me towards him, placing his head in the crook of my neck before taking a deep breath.
"It's so hard to stay mad at you, you know that?" He laughs tightening the grip he had on my waist.
"I'm sorry again." I laugh hugging him.

Before I know it Jace is fast asleep in my arms. He looks so cute when he sleeps I love it, even though he would probably kill me for calling him cute.
I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight, I need to tell Val about Malia or I'll hold it a grudge. I decide to just get out of bed and get it over with.
"Ava?" Caden said opening the door to his room. "do you need something?" He questioned.
"Someone, can I speak to Val for a bit please?" I ask. A worried looks comes to his face. "Sure, don't be too long, I need my beauty sleep.” He laughs walking down the stairs.
"Ava?" Val said sitting up. I walk in and close the door before getting into bed next to her.
"I need to tell you something but promise you won't get mad at me because I didn't know how to tell you and I've been scared to tell you--" I always babble on when I'm nervous and Val knows this, it's something I just can't help."Ava, breath. I won't get mad just tell me." She smiles.
"Well, it's about Malia. Your mom Val." I smile sadly at her.
"Yes you said she missed me, I miss her to--"
"No Val. She-she died. Or passed away Val I don't know how to tell you or why the right words are to say” I start to freak out. "W-what?!" She says, tears coming to her eyes.
"It was my father." I instantly pull her into a hug. I can't stand to look at her when she is upset. I'm not a good emotional person; I don't know what to say because words mean so much and the wrong ones can hurt the person even more. I end up blurting it all out quickly in one go. She didn't ask questions, she just sat there crying in my arms. I left her that way; I think it makes a lot of people feel better.
"C-can y-you get Caden please?" She said. I got out of bed and headed out the door and down the stairs to see Caden sat on the couch watching rugby on TV.
"Caden, Val's upset." I say. "She will tell you about it, maybe, but she really needs you to comfort her." Before I could finish my sentence he was already up the stairs and going into their room. I thought it would be best to leave them alone for a while so I headed to the kitchen to get a drink. As I was heading back upstairs I saw Pogue and Leila walking in the front door laughing.
"Where have you two been at 1 in the morning?" I ask them both.
"I took my beautiful mate to the lake to watch a movie, it was hard getting the projector to work but I finally figured it out." Pogue said picking up Leila bridal style as the headed to their room.
"You missed out the part where at the end you knocked it into the lake." Lelia tried to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing to hard.
"Shhh, if Jace knows he will make me pay." Pogue whispers before they close the door to their room. "Okay goodnight then." I laugh walking back to my room. Jace was awake now sitting up on the headboard.
"I'm going to make Pogue pay." He jokingly growls.
"You heard that?" I laugh as he nods.
I walk over to him and straddle his legs after I put my drink down on the side. "So what was that about with Val?" He asks curiously. "Her mom died and I was scared to tell her but I decided to just let it out. I couldn't hold it in from her." I say flopping down back onto the bed closing my eyes.
"Wow." He says lying next to me hugging me.
"Ava, you know you can talk to me about anything right?" He said with his eyes closed. I stared at him amazed.
“Can you stop staring." He laughed still with his eyes closed.
"I'm not staring I'm looking at you in amazement." I laugh back.
"More like a weird stalker."
"It's romantic!" I say loudly.
"No, it's just weird and creepy." He laughs.
"Okay fine." I turn around to face the opposite way from him. "Ava, can you tell me some things about yourself that you have never told me before?" He randomly says.
"Like what?" I ask back.
"Well my favourite food is probably spaghetti, I was born on May the 29th, my middle name is May, also making my full name Ava May Danvers." I laugh. I have nothing interesting about me to say.
"They are very interesting facts." He smiles.
"Okay now tell me some facts about you." I ask back.
"Okay my full name is Jace Lakewood and I'm the biggest baddest, sexiest Alpha in the world and I have the best mate in the whole world." He laughed. "They are very interesting facts. The last one, true. Maybe not the second." I laugh.
"I love you Ava."
"I love you--" I got cut off from a loud bang that was heard from outside witch a series of howls followed after.
"What's that?" I ask worriedly, Jace's face expression was angry and his wolf was coming to bay.

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