Alpha Jace

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"Stay here and don't move." Was Jace's last words before he ran out the door then locked it behind him. I made sure to just stay in bed until Jace got back, I couldn't hear any growls or fighting so I'm not quite sure what's going on to be honest. Laying down I decide to close my eyes for a bit as they are desperate to be shut anyways. Sleep just didn't love me recently which I hated, I'm always so tired but I can never get to sleep.

"Sorry to scare you, it's a false alarm." Jace says through the mind link. I'm somewhat relieved but mad he scared me like that.

"It's okay; I'm going to sleep anyways."

"Night princess." I've realised Jace hasn't told me much about the rogue attack yesterday; actually he hasn't mentioned it at all. He probably has good reasons though?


Waking up I groan as I turn over to get my water, accidentally falling off the bed and onto the hard floor. "Ava?" Jace says laughing as he peaks his head over the bed to look down at me. "Yes?" I say as if nothing happened.
I head to the bathroom to get ready and have a shower. When I came out Jace wasn't here but I knew he was in the house so I put a top and shorts on before heading downstairs.
As I go to reach for the handle it's completely broken so the door just gently pushes open.
"Why is the door handle broken to our room?" I laugh walking into the kitchen where Chase and Jace were sat.
"Oh yeah, I locked the door last night when I left didn't I, so when you fell asleep I couldn't get back in." He shrugged drinking his water before heading towards the front door.
"You could have just woke me up to open it you know?" I laugh.
"Ava, make sure to go see Jeff today at 12 and also I won't be back till, later but if you need me just say." He winked before running out the house, literally. "Okay then." I laugh turning to face Chase. "So what happened last night?" I question Chase who was silently making breakfast.
"I'm not sure. Jace and Caden said they would handle it. I know it was something about a lone female rogue though." He shrugged. A lone female rogue?
"She asked to speak to Jace independently so Jace told us all to leave." He shrugged. I frown before heading out the kitchen door. It's 11am so I've had a long lie in, I'll probably slow walk to the infirmary so I'm not too early. As I’m walking I can’t get my mind off what Chase said. Accusations and assumptions kept coming to mind but I shake them away. He's been acting weird lately, coming home late with messed up clothes and smelling weird before the rogue attack. And now a lone female rogue wants to speak to him alone?
As I reached the infirmary I said hello to Jeff and he did a full check up to see if I was okay and doing well. My wrist wasn't broken anymore; it healed very quickly which was surprising. It’s handy being a werewolf sometimes.
"Hey Luna." The girl Renny from the other day said walking out the infirmary. "Oh hey, are you okay?" I ask, meaning why she was coming out the infirmary.
"Yeah, Jeff is my father so I was just asking him for some money." She smiled before holding up a €50 note. I laugh when she wiggles it in her hands. "Would you mind coming to the border with me a second? My friends said they would meet me there before we all head to the mall." She smiles.
"Not at all." I smile back, she's such a nice girl and kind of reminds me of a younger me as she's quite shy. She was telling me about all her friends, school and Zach. I was home schooled so I can't relate to the gossip and bitching about the popular girls she's telling me.

"He snores quite loud, I have to shove him off the bed until he shuts up. But he looks so cute when he sleeps, not like I'm staring or anything." She laughs talking about Zach.
"Don't worry, were all guilty of staring." I begin to say until we finally get to the border. "Don't tell anyone but Jace is the cutest sleeper ever, and look at this." I say showing her the picture of all the boys in onesies. Bursting out laughing she runs to her friends after thanking me for walking her. Jace's hates me calling him cute so if he finds I'm telling pack members, he would be pretty mad.
I sit at the border for a while, just through boredom, before I feel movement from behind me.
"So you're the bitch he chose." A woman stood in front of me with folded arm. She had light blonde hair, a slim figure and strangely big lips, they were very noticeable. "What?" I said back to her, she was clearly a rogue from the alerted vibe my wolf was sending to me.
"Jace." She sarcastically said back. Is this the rogue Chase was talking about? "Who are you--" I got cut off from Caden quickly running into the scene out of nowhere.
"Katherine, leave!" Caden growled before ‘Katherine’ rolled her eyes turning around to run away back into the woods. "Caden, who was that?" I questioned but he already began walking back to the house.
"She's just a random rogue who came here yesterday." I heard the uncomfortableness radiating from his voice. "Well how do you know her name then?" I begin to question.
"S-she told us." He gives me a duh expression.
"Well--" I start to say but he cuts me off. "Ava, she came to the border yesterday saying something to Jace but he told her to leave. That's all I know." He said before turning around quickly and walking away, what the hell?
I decide to follow him and see what is happening, he walks straight to the pack house and into Jace's office and begins talking. As I get close I put my ear against the door to listen.
"She came back again, Katherine. She was talking to Ava. I don't know what about.” Caden said to Jace.
"Shit." Jace mumbled as Caden carried on.
"What can we do?"
"We could just kill her?" Jace said. Okay I'm not going to get mad, I'm just going to ask this Katherine what the problem is then. I quickly descend the stairs and run into the woods, I shift so it gives me a better chance of not being caught.

Finally reaching the border I shift back and put my clothes on.
"Katherine!" I shout. In around 30 seconds she walks out from deep into the woods with an evil look on her face.
"Ava!" She mimics my voice. I hate her already.
"Why did you come to speak to Jace last night?" I say. Looking around I need to make sure no one is coming, I can feel Jace trying to mind-link me but I'm blocking the connection for the time being.
"Did he not tell you?" She looks shocked, gasping for effect. "I'm pregnant, with his baby!" She smirks while laughing.
"No, Jace wouldn't, I don't believe you." I say shaking my head not trusting her words.
"Well believe it hunny." She smiles sitting against a tree just outside the border.
"How do you know him, you're a rogue?” I question.
"I wasn't always a rogue. Me and Jace, we were lovers since high school; it was basically perfect. Until you came along. He kicked me out the pack the night him and Caden found you and Valerie. I was heartbroken but at least I have something against him, his own child. We were pregnant before also but sadly I lost the child. He was heartbroken. Crushed." She sighed shaking her head. I couldn't help but believe her a little but for all I know she may not know him at all.
"So that night I made a pact with myself. To split you both apart, and this baby is going to be the key in doing so." She laughed standing up.
"Bitch." I snarl at her as she begins to walk away. "Excuse me, what?" She turns around coughing. "You heard me." I growl at her, my wolf wants nothing but to rip her apart right now.
"Believe me, I'd fight you but I have better things to do." She flicks her hair while turning around. I walk up to her and shove her on the floor from behind but before I can do anything else I feel myself being pulled away. Turning around Caden was grabbing me while Jace was getting Katherine off the floor.
"Hey babe." She whispers in his ear.
"Kat, just get off the fucking floor." He says annoyed. Why did he call her Kat? He has a nickname for her and everything? I shove Caden and give Jace a funny look before storming into the direction of the house.
"Ava!" I hear Jace shout on a number of occasions but I decide to ignore him. When I got to the house I decided to take a walk to the lake instead as it always calms me down. I sit against a tree and just stare out onto the moon lit lake. My wolf was upset Jace could do that but all I could feel was anger toward him. Maybe it would be good to let him explain because it could be a lie? I question to myself, everything adds up perfectly that it's hard not to believe it.
"Ava?" I hear Jace say out of breath. I look up and just ignore him looking back towards the lake.
"Just let me explain." He says before sitting down in front of me so I have to look at him. "What." I stare at him.
"She is lying Ava, don't believe her." He says. I pull my knees to my chest and rest my head on my knees. He sighs before carrying on. "Okay when I was 18 lots of my friends found there mate in school so I was giving up. I got a girlfriend from my pack, Katherine. We hooked up a couple of times but I told her to leave one day, my wolf hated me for sleeping with someone who wasn't my mate."
I was listening to everything he was saying making sure not to miss anything. My wolf was now angry he slept with Katherine but that's not the problem. I get his point so far.
"She began to become clingy and her wolf persuaded her I was her mate. I got mad and told her to leave my pack and never come back. She swore to ruin my life but I didn't hear anything from her for a couple of months." He sighed. "I was relieved, until she came back though, with a baby claiming it was mine. I knew it wasn't as you instantly have a feeling to protect the child with your life. She killed the child right in front of me. I don't know who the father is and I won't ever but how she could kill her own child I don't know." He shakes his head.
"That doesn't explain why you have been acting weird and coming home late." I say rolling my eyes.
"That day I went out to do patrols and then to check the borders, I was in wolf form but Katherine was in my cabin house, it's a small space so being there her smell radiated around the room and she's a rogue. I went to get a shower there and when I came out she was there sat on the bed. I don't know how she got in or even in the pack territory but she did." He says to me. It was believing as rogues smell can be pretty bad. And the shower did break at one point in our room. "I told her to leave and never come back or she's staying in my pack prison forever."
"Well she did come back, twice." I say.
"Ava, I promise you she means nothing to me." He begins to say. "Then why haven't you killed her already, if she does all this." I shrug at him. He's killed probably too many wolves to count so why does she matter so much.
"I don't know to be honest, but if you want that I'll make it happen." He says, my wolf is telling me to say yes but in reality Katherine is just a broken girl. She's creating a whole new reality for herself, even giving herself a fake mate. However that mate is mine and only mine.

"She's in the pack prison and is staying there now for as long as you want." He says grabbing my hand. "I can't even understand why you think I'd do that to you, at all." He frowns.
"Well you've been pretty mad at me these last few days." I shrug. "No matter how mad I am at you I'd never ever do that." I believe him, no matter how much I try persuade myself he's lying I know he isn't.
"Hey." He says lifting my chin up.
"Why did you go to her and not me?" I say.
"When we we're in the woods, you ran straight to 'Kat' and helped her but not me." I say confused. "I was protecting you, Ava I've saw what she's done to people who get in her way and I didn't want her hurting you."
"I can protect myself." I chuckle as he pulls me into a hug. In reality I probably can't, Jace said I need to start training soon with him so I can learn and get better in case anything happened to me.
"Because we're fine now I need one thing. Answers. Why did the rogue attack happen the other day?" I say.
Sighing he pulls me closer to him. "According to some of the rogues we captured, they said their leader wants you and won't stop until he gets you, I feel as if the rogue in the woods when you came home has a big role in this. I knew I shouldn't have let him get away!" He growls creating an even tighter gap between us.
"Why me?" I question confused.
"I don't know but I swear to god if someone lays a hand on you, I'll be going to hell after, that's for sure." He smirks before hugging me. "I love you so much Ava."
"I love you to, sometimes." I smirk standing up while grabbing his hand. "God you weigh a tone!" I shout trying to pull him up. Standing up he grabs my hand as we start to walk back to the house, it was dark anyways but a few lights were plotted in places.
"Ava!" I heard a familiar voice say. Turning around I gasp at the sight In front of me. Blood is covering her body and deep wounds are on her stomach and sides. I feel Jace pull me closer to him as to him the unknown woman wanders closer in pain.



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