Alpha Jace

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"Mom?!" I say running up to her. "Jace we need to get her to the infirmary."
Jace quickly picks her up and we start to quickly run over to the infirmary. She was badly injured and I want to know what happened, but by the look of it she's doesn't have any energy to talk. "Jeff!" Jace shouts as we run inside, in minutes she's in a hospital bed and her wounds are being treated.
"Can you tell me your name and what happened?" Jeff said trying to distract her from the pain.
"Darcy." She whines as she moves a little. "And what happened to you?" He adds. "Noah." She looks towards me before her eyes slowly flutter shut. Jace frowns as he looks towards me.
"Your father did this to his own mate?" He looks shocked but also angry at the same time. "Yeah." I say looking towards him with a tear in my eye. "He doesn't care if he hurts her, he always told me he sent his ‘wolf away’ so he wouldn't stop him from doing what he has to do. I never knew what he meant and still don't."
"Weird." He frowns standing up and heading towards the door. "I need to talk to Caden, you can come if you want or wait here?"
"I'll wait with my mom." I say, I don't know when she will wake up but I can't leave her side. My wolf lets out a little cry as she watches her mate walk out the room. She wanted him to comfort us but he probably has more important stuff to do. A couple hours go by of me just staring into space and actually falling asleep at one point when my mother gasps and quickly wakes up.
"You're okay mom don't panic!" I say squeezing her hand tightly. "Ava darling I've missed you so much." She sadly smiled at me. Jace quickly walked into the room out of nowhere and sat besides her bed with me.
"Ms Danvers are you okay?" He said.
"Just call me Darcy, and Ava who's this." She put a hand over her mouth to whisper to me.
"This is my mate, Jace." I smile proudly as her eyes widened.
"He's gorgeous!" She whispered again making me widen my eyes as Jace smirked. "Mom!" I laugh. "Ms Danvers I need to ask what happened to you but if you don't feel comfortable telling me, you can just tell Ava if you would like."
"It's fine." She looked down and put her other hand over mine.
"Noah is up to something. Him, James and Isaac have been planning to get you and Val back ever since you last ran away. He got involved with a very powerful rogue called Damien after he said he ran into a young girl who he claimed was his mate. However Damien lost his mate after she was killed by an Alpha named Caleb."
"That's my father." Jace butted in confused.
"I was confused but after Damien saw a picture of you he was whispering "mine" to himself and "she looks just like her". I heard Damien talking to his rogue pack saying how they are going to go against your father and kill you for hurting him? I think his mate may have done something to him maybe. They planned to attack your pack but I'm not sure if it happened, N-Noah wouldn't let me leave the house. After Damien knew I found out he tried to kill me but I managed to escape, barley."
"A recent rogue attack happened, it was bad." Jace shook his head. "This Damien however will be dead when I see him." He said growling.
"He didn't tell your father anything; he lied about helping him so they are no longer working together. However they both plan to take you down Jace." My mum looks sympathetically at him.
"I'd like to see them try."
"They are also all out to get Ava, that's all they care about. But if they take you down first then they think they can get to Ava. I don't know if the attack will happen or when but it will be on the same night." She said worriedly. I don't know what to say, this so to be war will be over me and it pains me to think how many innocent people will die from it.
"Ms Danvers you can leave when you feel ready, there are a lot of wounds over your body but you just need to rest and be careful." Jeff said before walking up to mother. "Here are you prescribed drugs to take, have one a day around 12 and you should be fine in the next couple of weeks."
"Thank you." She smiled taking the drugs off of Jeff.
"You can come back to the house with us." I smiled helping her out of bed.
"Is there somewhere I could live on my own for a while to clear my head?" She said.
“The cabin house isn't too far from the pack house?" Jace said looking towards me. When we got to the cabin it was medium sized and was really cute, you could also see the lake from it.
"Ms Danvers I need to ask this, is Noah your true mate, because no wolf would treat there mate like that?" Jace looked confused; I was a bit shocked by his question. "Yes." She sadly smiled walking into the house.
“I will come visit you as most as I can." I smile hugging her. “I don't know why you don't just live with us?" I say pulling away.
“I just want some space for a while."

When me and Jace got home I headed straight upstairs to our bedroom before shutting the door, I to wanted some alone time but that's not going to happen. "Ava." Jace said knocking on the door, opening it I head over to the bed and get under the covers.
"What's wrong?" He saying lying down then stroking my hair. "A rogue pack and my old pack are after me. My mom just came home all beaten up, what do you thinks wrong?" I groan covering my face in frustration with the duvet.
"Nothing will happen to you, I'll make sure if it." He says grabbing my waist while pulling me closer towards him. "I don't care about that I care about what's going to happen to the people around me, they will get hurt and it will be my fault." I turn to face his muscular chest; I swear it's so easy to get distracted by it. "It's not your fault." He frowns as he starts to stroke my hair. "But what if you get hurt Jace, that will be because of me." I close my eyes liking how his hands move through my hair.
"Nothing will happen to me." He reassures. "You need to stop thinking about the 'what ifs'."
"But what if-" I begin to say before he quickly plants a kiss on my lips. "Tomorrow we go swimming, after you start training with me. No buts." He says before turning the opposite way, dragging my body over his at the same time so he can still hold me.
"That was funny." I laugh snuggling closer towards him.
"I am pretty funny aren't I, oh don't forget sexy."
"Eh, I'd say annoying." I laugh, he doesn't respond but just pulls me closer to his hard chest. Everything's turned around so fast In only a couple of days. I hope everything turns out fine.

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