Alpha Jace

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"You girls ready for your first training session?" Pogue walks into the kitchen with Leila by his side.
"No, why do we have to do it!" Jen wined to Chase who just rolled his eyes at her.
"I'm excited to kick some Alpha ass." I laugh at Jace as he walks into the room sitting down next to Caden and Val. "Like that will happen." He folds his arms smirking. When us girls went shopping we all bought workout clothes so that's what we're wearing, even though we don't work out it actually came in handy. I'm wearing a black sports bra with legging and green illuminating shoes, they looked cool okay.
"Lets go then?" Caden said placing lots of water bottles on the table. Picking one up we all walked outside and down to the lake as the gym isn't far from there. When we got there it was huge inside, there were lots of pack members working out and playing different sports.
"We are going to do the first half outside but I'm just going to tell everyone to be gone in an hour so we can have the gym." Jace said walking inside. "How come Jace's muscles are so big but he never comes here?" I ask Caden confused. "He does, when he's not working or at home with you he's here." He laughs as we all head outside.

"Okay so I want you all to shift and try to take us out okay?" Jace says smirking towards me. "Mate on mate." Pogue laughed making us all cringe. "Pogue be quiet and focus." Chase shouted.
We all shifted and lined up facing one another, Leila was on my left with Val on my right. Then Jen next to her with our mates facing us. Jace nodded telling us to start, I wasn't sure what to do so I just went for it. Us girls charged towards them, as I was about to open my mouth and bite Jace he quickly side stepped me causing me to fall on my face. Growling I turned around and charged again, this time I gently bit on his leg making him jump in shock. It was only training so we aren't hurting one another so I didn't too bite to hard.
Frowning he stands up and begins chasing me in and out of the trees, catching up he gently nudges my body of causing me to smack into a tree. He rushes over but I trip him up and quickly stand up. Shifting I put my clothes back on and laugh at him lying down on the floor.
"Shut up, you caught me off guard." He frowns putting his shorts back on. "Let's just meet everyone at the gym big bad alpha." I smirk heading back.
"Okay now we have done that, and you two chased each other around the forest." Caden says looking towards me and Jace smirking. "We going to head to the gym and train in human form.
"Seriously?" Leila moans jumping into Pogues arms. "Carry me slave!" She orders pointing towards the gym. "Me to." I say walking to Jace and he picks me up bridal style. "Whatever you wish princess." He laughed grabbing me. When we got to the gym we ended up playing a game of tag instead around the woods, it didn't take long to persuade the guys to let us not train, so Jen was extremely happy.
"Tag you're it!" I say jumping from behind a tree touching Jace's shoulder.
"Damn it!" He shouts running after me, it didn't take him long to catch up. Grabbing my waist he accidentally tripped over a tree trunk and made us both fall to the ground.
"Ouch." I laugh sitting back up rubbing my sides.
"What do you mean ouch, I cushioned your fall." Jace said moving me onto his lap. "You had a hold of my waist to tight." I laughed standing up.
"Well tag." He said running off into the woods towards the others. This man...

"Okay okay we will go swimming now because I can't be bothered running." Caden laughs throwing Val over his shoulder. "Yeah I'll meet you all there in around half an hour, I'm just going to check on my mom." I smile heading back towards her house. "I'll come!" Jace shouts running after me.
The walk was short as we wasn't too far anyways. Jace knocked on the door. Opening it my moms face lit up and invited us in. "Thank you Jace for all the things but I didn't need all this." My mum laughed, Jace ordered some men to come fit the toilets and kitchen. He also bought all the furniture and essentials she needs. He basically re-did the whole place for her.
"Don't worry." He smiled sitting down on the kitchen counter. "I'm so happy you let me join the pack."
"You're my mates mother, I couldn't just say no."
"Anyways I'm going to get a job in the town so I can fund for myself, I'm going to wait awhile after I feel Noah won't bother me." She sadly smiles.
"He won't bother you." Jace sternly said grabbing my waist and pulling me towards him. "Aw you are both so cute, I can't wait to see you get married!" My mom said in awe.
"Marriage?!" I laugh, I haven't even thought about that and I don't think Jace has either. Most wolves just mate and then leave it but I think it would be nice to have a wedding like humans do. "You would both look lovely!" My mum said pinching both our cheeks causing Jace to freeze, not knowing what to do. "Moving on from the subject, we need to be heading back mom but tonight dinner at the pack house?" I smile hugging her.
"I'll be there at 6!" She smiles waving us off.

"Marriage hey." Jace laughs bending down so I'll jump on his back. "She can be very forward sometimes but I love her." I laugh holding onto his neck tightly.
"Would you like to get married?" He stopped putting me on the floor to look down at me. "I guess." I shrug, in actual fact I'd love to, but I don't want him worrying about it while all this is going on. "Oh right." He asks looking a little nervous, what the hell Jace is never nervous.
"Get ready and meet me at the pool?" He says walking towards his office. "Okay."
I walk into our room and get changed, I'm wearing my all black bikini as I'm plain and basic. Walking out after I'm ready I bump into Jace walking inside.
"Oh I'll just wait for you." I say jumping into the bed. It doesn't take him long to get changed as he's just wearing shorts.
"We are matching." I laugh as he's wearing plain black trunks. Grabbing my waist he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. "Put me down!" I laugh as we head to the pool, it's indoors but it's at the very end of the hall. I've never been in the water but I have seen it a couple of times.
"I'm going to throw you in!" Jace says laughing walking over to the pool.
"No. Put me down!" I wiggle out of his grasp and stare at him. I smirk before pushing him into the water, diving in straight after. "That wasn't funny." He comes up with an unpleased face trying to hold in his laughter. "Oh you see, it was." Pogue said walking in with Leila before jumping straight in holding her hand.
"Shut up Pogue!" Jace said picking me up so I had my legs wrapped around his waist. "Aww!" Caden said jumping in the pool right next to us. "Where's Val?" I ask as he comes back up.
"Here!" She shouts going down the slide at the top of the pool. The pool was set in a glass room, Jace said he used to use it for parties at school but hasn't used it in a while, he's just had it redone I think. There is an open slide and a dark/underground type slide and underneath it is a bar, which is pretty cool.
"I want a go!" I shout getting out of the pool then running up the stairs and going down. I landed with a big splash.
"Watch out!" Jen, Leila and Val shout jumping off the top of the construction landing next to me. We all begin to laugh and hold our stomachs. "I'm in the mood for ice-crème." Leila laughs looking at Pogue as he walks in with lots of snacks. "Hey, these are all for me!" He says shielding all his food.
"I swear Pogue, how are you so fit!" I laugh as he opens a bag of chocolates and crisps. "Hey!" Jace growls at me. "I mean body wise." I laugh splashing him. He laughs before kissing me. "You can only say that stuff about me!" He growls pulling away. "Whatever Alpha." I mock swimming away from him. Pulling me back he lifts me up and throws me across the pool under the water fall.
"HAHAHA." Val laughs as I come up pushing all the hair out of my face. Caden sneaks up behind her and throws her into the pool next to me.
"HAHAHA." I mockingly point at her.
"Not funny Caden!" She says folding her arms. "It was." Jace laughs butting in.
We were In the pool for hours and I see the time. "Oh my god we need to get ready for dinner and make it. It's 5:30pm!" I don't know how to feel about. It's just my mother with Jace's parents to introduce one another but I feel quite nervous.
I run upstairs and quickly get a shower and put a summer dress on with socks then run downstairs to see Jace in the middle of cooking something.
"What are you making?" I ask hoping he picked something good.
"I though just spaghetti as I know it's your favourite and I know most people like it?" He questions. "Great." I sigh in relief, it's not a meeting the parents type meal but I love it so ah well. I take over from Jace as he runs upstairs to get changed but as he does a knock at the door is heard.
"Come in." I smile as Lydia and Caleb walk in giving me a hug. "Sorry I'm just in the middle of cooking and Jace is upstairs getting changed so if you want to just sit at the table?" I say walking them to the kitchen. I love the kitchen, it has white/grey marble surfaces and is black and white theme, and the table is in the dining room which is attached to the kitchen so I can still talk to them.
"Mm spaghetti, my favourite!" Lydia laughs taking a seat on the table.
"Do any of you want a drink?" Jace walks in heading to the fridge.
"Oh hey mom, how was your day mom?!" She glares at Jace who just froze staring at his mother. "How was your day mom?" He sighs sitting down at the table. "It was good thanks son." She laughs, another knock was heard and it was my turn now. I made Jace get the door as I was placing the food on everyone's plates.
"Sorry I'm a little late, I got lost." Mother laughed walking into the kitchen saying hi to everyone. "I'm Darcy, nice to meet you." She said shaking hands with Lydia and Caleb.
"I'm Lydia and this is Caleb, we are Jace's parents." Lydia smiled shaking her hand back.

After placing the food in everyone's places and taking a seat next to Jace I smiled and began to eat.
"So Darcy are you liking the pack so far?" Lydia smiled asking my mother.
"It's amazing, better than Noah's." She laughed, my mom is so friendly. It must pain her to be away from her mate, no matter how horrible he was to her but I love how she can be so strong and grown up about it. "Everyone is welcoming me and I've made friends with a few of my neighbours." She smiles; she genuinely looks happy which I haven't seen from her in a long time.
"I was wondering tomorrow would you like to go to the mall with me and do a bit of shopping?" Lydia asked and my mom's face lit up. "Oh I would love to!"

We had desert and talked for a bit before saying our goodbyes.
"That was exhausting!" Jace moaned flopping back onto the couch. "We only had to talk and smile?" I laugh falling on top of him.
"Still." He closed his eyes when I lay my head on his chest. "Can we watch a film?" I pleaded grabbing the remote as I start to flick through the channels.
"Sure." He laughs hugging me while getting comfy. "Us to!" We heard loud footsteps running into the living room. Everyone sits on the couches and floor while watching the screen. I put on paranormal activity 4 which was a big regret.
"I'm not moving!" Jen said hiding into Chases chest. "Me either!" Val said to Caden who was just laughing at the movie.
"I'm not moving either!" Pogue said hiding into Leilas body which made her push him off. "Oh come on you big baby." She said grabbing his hand pulling him up the stairs. "Babe I was joking I'm not scared." He laughed letting go of her hand then running to his room.
"Are you not scared?" Jace said looking up at me. "Pfft no."
We head upstairs and jump into bed. I close my eyes as I feel so tired from everything we have done today.
"Night." Jace says pulling me towards his body. "Night." I kiss his cheek before I feel sleep overcome me.

I've been awake for hours, sleep just doesn't love me, I want to close my eyes but they just won't shut. I remove Jace's heavy arms from around me and head downstairs to get a drink. As I'm filling my cup with water I hear the door open, I quickly turn around screaming before throwing my glass at the person.
"What the hell Ava?!" Jace shouts standing up looking at the broken glass scattered across the floor. "Good job I ducked!" He growled.
"Sorry I thought you were an intruder or something!" I laugh holding my stomach. "Yeah, you're not scared ey." He walks towards the pool room before locking the door and heading back to the kitchen.
"I'll be upstairs; I just was worried where you were." He kissed my head before he started to walk out I grabbed his hand. "Jace, I think you should let Katherine go." I say, frowning he looks confused at me. "Why?"
"I don't think she will come back. You just need to tell her straight you are not her mate and send her on her way." I rub his hand soothingly. "Whatever you want princess." To be honest I just don't want that bitch on my land, she may be in the cells but if she killed her child she may kill another from our pack or anyone else if she escapes. Our patrols are amazing so she won't be able to get back in the pack. I’ve not thought much about Katherine, only at night when I can’t sleep. Today was one of those nights.
"Thanks." I smile and we head back upstairs to bed. I try to forget sometimes everything is messed up but I need to stop. Everything is not okay.

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