Alpha Jace

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Letting Go

Jace's POV

Waking up I quickly get a shower and head downstairs, Ava wants me to let Katherine go and to be honest I don't know why. She deserves to rot in the cells, but I'm not going to upset her by killing her. It doesn't take me long to get to the prisons as I run in wolf form.
"Katherine, I'm letting you go." I walk in the cell and open it up while grabbing her arm forcing her out.
"Aw baby, you want me instead?" She pouted towards me making me feel sick.
"No." I bluntly say looking at her.
"Well why then?" She replies, I ignore the questions she throws at me until we get to the border. "Answer!" She screams when I throw her over.
"Ava wanted me to let you go." I stare at her; I can't believe I ever ‘dated’ with her, if you could even call it that. She's crazy. I was young and stupid and never cared about anyone or anything, I regret some things that I did. I was stupid, but that's no excuse.
"That bitch." She laughed. I grabbed her neck and slammed her against a tree. "Don't talk about my mate like that!" I growl.
"But I'm your mate!" She cries prying my hand from her neck.
"You are not my mate and will never be. You made Ava upset with me and I had to tell her things I didn't want to!" I growl again. If I had to choose I wouldn't have told Ava about Katherine. That may be wrong but sometimes things are better left untold. Especially things that mean nothing to you.
"What? That you wanted me instead?" She rolled her eyes while holding her stomach. "And our baby."
"It wasn't my baby!"
"You know it was Jace, you know it!" She snarls at me.
"No." I growl.
"Say she wasn't but now your own daughter is dead!" She begins to cry, I know she wasn't my daughter but I hate to think she killed the child. She's so caught up with having the perfect relationship she persuades herself things that aren't true.
"Don't come back here or I'll kill you!" I growl as she runs back towards the woods.
Walking back I bump into Stephan, he's one of my head warriors and has been a good friend of mine for a while.
I haven't spoke to him though with everything going on.
"Hey Stephan." I say walking up to him.
"Hey Jace, what's up?" He asks as he starts to walk with me back to the house. "Nothing I was just wondering would you start to be Ava's bodyguard for when I'm not around?" I ask, I need someone to be able to protect her when I can't.
"I would be honoured to guard the Luna." He looks prideful walking back towards the house with me. "Ava this is Stephan, he will be your guard when I'm not around." I smile when her face frowns.
"Thank you Stephan but Jace I don't need a guard." She looks confused, with all what's going on I need to know she's safe and I trust Stephan to do the right job.
"Think of him as a new house member then, Stephan want to move in?" I ask, his face lights up and he nods. "I'll take one on the bottom floor he says walking to the spare rooms, looking in each one to see the biggest.
"Jace, Stephan seems like a nice guy but I don't need a guard." Ava laughs folding her arms at me.
"Well I won't be around the house for a couple of days as I'm doing lots of meeting and trainings. I've invited Xavier to come tomorrow so Stephan can look over you all." I smile pulling her into a hug.
"ARE THE GIRLS COMING TOO?!" She jumps up and down with joy. "Yep." I laugh heading towards the door when I see Caden walking down the stairs. "Bye!" She yells at me before running somewhere to tell the other girls.
"Ready for this meeting?" I sigh as me and Caden both head out the door. "Nope, 3 hours of torture." He laughs sighing.
"We have the other tomorrow with Xavier, Logan and Kieran." I laugh patting his back.


When we got inside the big meeting room everyone bowed their heads in respect.
"So, we are here to discuss the attack that is supposedly from Rogue Damien and Alpha Noah. We know so far that they are going to attack to get Ava." Some of the pack members growl when they hear this about their Luna. "So we need a plan to stop it." I finish.
"I think we just need to train some of the younger ones 15-19, so if anything happens to the houses or there family they can protect them and maybe help fight? We don't need to do much as we are the most powerful pack in America and have many allies who would be willing to help us." Simon, one of the main trainers said.
"I agree, I don't know if Noah has any allies other than the rogue Damian so we have a fair advantage. With over 2000 members in the pack we are sure to win as Noah has only around 500." Another man suggests.
"We will win this, I know it. It's just the luna. Do we know she will be safe?" Someone else says. "I swear nothing would happen to my mate if I'm with her, I will protect her with my life and you all have my word on that." I say to everyone. They all nod in agreement and we carry on speaking about the problem. This will be a long day.

The meeting was finally over and I can head back home, before I do I think I will quickly do a patrol with Caden first, it always makes me feel better when I do it myself and know nothing is there.

Heading back into the house Ava is sat curled up into Stephan with Val, Leila and Jen also. They all scream looking at us out of breath. "You scared us!" She screamed running up to me and jumping in my arms.
"We just walked in the door." I laugh stroking her hair. "But so did the scary people in the film!" She laughs holding me tighter.
"You're so cute." I say putting her on the floor. "I know." She said flicking her hair while running off into the kitchen.
"Can we all go and get pizza?" She pleaded while pouting for extra effect.
"No, I'm really tired tonight." I sat sitting down on the island.
"Please." She says hugging me from behind.
"Fine." I sigh getting up and picking her up. It's hard to say no to her. "Girls, we're getting pizza!!!" She screamed in a deep voice laughing. I love her laugh so much.

Ava's POV

When we finally got to the mall we all headed straight to Pizza Hut. None of the other guys wanted to come so it's just me, Jace, Val, Jen and Leila well and Pogue but obviously he would come to get pizza. I love Pogue he's so funny, but I don't know how Leila handles him and his jokes.
"Could I have 3 pepperoni pizzas please." Jace said to the woman while I stood next to him.
"Sure, that's $35 please." She smiles taking his card away before soon coming back. "Just take a seat and it will be ready soon." She smiled at me before we walked away to the table the others had picked out.
"Oh Jace, when we last came I saw this top I really wanted. Do you mind if I quickly check if it's still in?" I ask.
"Sure, I'll come with you." He smiles and we head towards the shop I saw it in. It was still here and Jace bought it for me, he's so kind I don't understand how I got him as a mate.
"Oh, you again." Veronica rolls her eyes bumping into me making me drop my bag on the floor, if you can't remember she's the fake tan girl who worked at the diner and "Valentina Italia" who was a real bitch to us with her friends. Remember her?
"Oh. And you again." She smirks winking at Jace. "Been working out?" She giggles putting a hand on his arm. I tug Jace towards me, well try; he's too heavy for me to actually move him. She just throws me a dirty look before looking back at Jace.
"Maybe you would like to go out some time?" She smirks twirling her long brown hair through her fingers giggling. Can she not see I'm going out with him, yes she can actually.
"I'm sorry, I'm not really into the whole orange fake tan look and you seem like a real b*tch. Besides I have an amazing girlfriend anyways." Jace says looking down at her. And I'll tell you, her face was priceless.
"You're not that attractive anyways." She says flipping her hair before moving around us and walking down the mall. Which however she was wrong, I don't mean to brag but my mate was godly.
"That's not true." I laugh looking him up and down smirking. "I know." He says mimicking Veronica pretending to flip his none-existent long hair.

When we got to Pizza Hut the food had just arrived which was good. We all talked and ate, it was so much fun and a big laugh that when we came home, I was really tired but I didn't want to go to sleep yet. I can never get to sleep anyways so there wouldn't be much point.
"Cinema room?" We all said running and picking out another film. I've recently just been binge watching lots of films and I love it but it can get boring sometimes. After putting in a film I sit with Jace while everyone is cuddled up with their mates, I slowly feel my eyes closing before sleep finally take control of me..

"AVA WAKE UP!" I feel lots of people shaking me. "Get off!" I groan, opening my eyes I see Hayden, Sophie and Eliza stood over me.
"GUYS!" I stand up shouting while hugging them all. "I'm so happy you are all here, we have a lot to catch up on!"
"First, breakfast." Sophie says walking down the cinema steps and into the kitchen, we all quickly follow as I'm starving.
"Bacon?" I say and all the girls nod in excitement. I get out a pan, oil, bacon and start to cook it. Bacon always makes the start to a good day.

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