Alpha Jace

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It’s A Boy

We all decided to take a walk in the woods just to talk about random things and our problems. I told them about what's happening with Damien and Noah. I understand I may look like his mate but still, psycho.
"That's weird about Damien." Sophie says looking a little worried. "Is he going to be a Katherine, all possessive?" She laughs. I hope not, he's probably just hurting from the loss of his mate.
"I'm not sure but Jace let her go yesterday."
"What?!" Eliza said shocked. "Why the hell did he do that?"
"I asked him to, she's just upset and I told him to tell her straight to leave and never come back. I don't think she ever will to be honest." I reply. We all start talking about different stuff but Hayden seems a bit quiet than usual.
"Hey Hayden? Are you okay?" I ask.
"Well I have an announcement to make." Hayden said looking a little nervous. "What is it?" Leila said.
"I'm pregnant!" She smiled. Everyone's faces lit up with joy. "How come you didn't tell us sooner!?" Sophie and Eliza said.
"I wanted to surprise you all together." She smiled giving us all a big group hug.
"That's amazing Hayden, do you know the gender?" I question pulling away from the group hug.
"It's a.....boy!" She smiles laughing with joy. "But Xavier doesn't know, I want to tell him tonight but I don't know yet.” She shrugged. A baby...oh god I wonder if Jace will want them now after hearing one of his best friends is having a child. A boy especially, usually Alphas want a boy so he can take over the Alpha position a lead the pack after they retire.
"You need to do a baby reveal. Omg when he's coming home from the meeting we will all give him blue balloons!" Leila shouts with joy, I think she is very excited that her best friend is pregnant.
"He will be so confused. Yes!" She laughs. I asked Stephan to get the stuff for us and we all are now preparing it in the living room. We blew the balloons up and we are going to pop out behind trees and give them to him. It's so cringe but it will be so cute!

Xavier's POV

"I agree, I don't know if Noah has any allies other than the rogue Damian so we have a fair advantage. With over 2000 members in the pack we are sure to win as Noah has only around 500." A man suggests. "Well Noah phoned me the other day telling me how Alpha Jace has stolen his daughter and he needs help getting her back. I pretended I knew nothing but declined his offer as he wanted a treaty." I say.
"He's possibly asked other packs and those that are not doing so well may agree, which is bad..." Jace begins to say.

"That was painful to sit in." Jace said rubbing his eyes as we walked out the meeting room. "Same, my eyes are killing me." Logan said next to me. "I agree, Hayden has been acting weird these last couple of days and I don't know why. It's stressing me out and I can't put a finger on what's wrong." I sigh. "Maybe she's just having girl problems?" Pogue said shrugging. "Probably." Kieran agreed as we headed to Jace's house.
"Here you go." Eliza said stepping out behind a tree with a blue balloon in her hand. We all jump as she scared us, I didn't even sense she was there. "What's this for?" I ask taking it off her.
"You'll see." She laughs running back in the direction of the house.
"Here." Sophie said handing me another blue balloon before quickly running off. "Sophie!" Logan shouted but she just ignored him.
"What's going on?" I laugh to the guys. "Who knows?" They laugh and we just carry on walking. We keep walking but after a while Jen, Leila and Val have handed me blue balloons which is odd. And after they all just run off without saying a word.
When we get to the house they are all stood outside but now Ava is holding a blue balloon. "Only the Alpha of the name Xavier may pass." They all laugh blocking the door.
"What's going on?" I laugh taking the balloon from Ava. "Just go inside!" They all shout at me. I quickly do as they say, for girls..they are intimidating okay, and when I close the door I hear Hayden shout me from the kitchen.
"What's going on, I swear I've asked this 10 times now." I laugh, when I look at her a huge smile is plastered on her face. "Why are you so happy babe?" I jokingly say.
“I'm pregnant."
My eyes widen and my mouth falls open. "NO WAY!" I shout running up to her giving her a hug. "Do you know the gender?!" I smile pulling her away.
"Yep, and he's going to be a great Alpha one day." She smiles, wait this makes sense of all the blue balloons.
"I'm so happy!" I smile hugging her even tighter. "I love you so much."

Ava's POV

"So what's happening?" Jace says after Xavier closed the door. "Hayden's pregnant and we wanted to surprise Xavier." I smile, Jace looks a little sad but quickly shakes it away. "He will be a good father." He smiles hugging me. "So will you one day." I laugh pulling away.
"Wait, you're pregnant?!" He shouts.
"What no! I'm just saying one day." I laugh, his face looks sad again. "You can all come inside now." Hayden laughs opening the door. As we walk in Stephan is coming out.
"Hey Stephan, where are you going?" I ask him. He's actually a really nice and funny guy and I'm glad he's my guard instead.
"I'm doing a patrol." He smiles before running into the woods. Laughing I walk inside and everyone is sat around the kitchen island. "So what's for dinner, I'm starving." Pogue said pulling Leila into his lap. "I'd thought we just order take out?" Jace questions. Everyone agrees on getting Chinese.

"Hello Sir, I've got your food." The delivery boy says to Jace, he's quite young but it's so cute how he said Sir. "Thank you, how much will it be?" Jace asks.
"$100 Sir." When Jace runs upstairs to get his wallet the boy starts talking to me about random things. "Your father's house is huge!" He says. I quickly snort then begin laughing, I think I scared the delivery guy. My dad, meaning Jace.
"He's not my father, he's my ma--boyfriend." I laugh. "I'm sorry, he looks young but he's really big and tall so I thought he might be your dad or something." The guy says going a little pink.
"Here you are, keep the change." Jace says giving him some money before closing the door. "You're never going to believe what he said to me." I start laughing and Jace just frowns. "He didn't say anything bad did he?"
"No. He said and I quote "Your dad has a big house"
"I don't look like your dad!" He quickly says back. "I know he said sorry and that you're just really tall he didn't know." I'm now at this point holding my stomach dying of laughter.
"I'm only a couple years older than you!" He says trying to hold in his laugh. Im 18 and Jace is 21 so it's only 3 years, personally it's not a big deal but to others it may be. "Lets just eat." I set everything out on the table and get some plates so everyone can just pick up what they want.
"Tomorrow you girls can go to the mall if you want? Stephan will go with you with a few other guards but we have another meeting." Caden says emphasising the "another".
"Sure yeah."
"So a baby hey." Caden said smiling at Xavier and Hayden.
"Yeah." Xavier smiled putting his hand on Hayden’s stomach.
"Maybe you will all be dads one day!" Xavier said happily. "They can all be friends."
"Now that, that would be amazing. When I have a son he will be the getting all the girls." Jace said smirking at me.
"He will be a respectful young boy who will treat girl's right. And not kidnap them!" I smirked back at him.
"I didn't even kidnap you." He shouted back in defence. "Well you wouldn't let me leave." I said back. "Because I wasn't going to let my mate go." He rolled his eyes at me.
"I'm glad you didn't."

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