Alpha Jace

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Waking up Jace already left for the meeting a few hours ago so I get out of bed and hop in the shower. I dry my hair then curl it at the ends before getting dressed and doing my makeup. I don't like to do a lot, mainly because I can't be bothered. I choose out the top Jace got me yesterday with some blue jeans and leather coloured sandles with a plain black chocker. I walk down the stairs to find no one is here.
"Ava they are all outside." Kieran said walking into the kitchen. Kieran is a really nice guy, he and Eliza are the perfect couple but I think she can drive him insane with all her jokes. You’ve got to love some good dad jokes. They were all waiting in the car but not for long, only 5 minutes. As we got to the mall we just did a little shopping but decided to go bowling.
"Hey ladies." A group of guys said walking up to our booth. "So what are your names?" One said smirking.
"None of your business." I say turning around. "Playing hard to get?"
"No, because you're never gonna get." I smirk turning back around. They all just walk away laughing ignoring the fact they’re embarrassed.
"Weirdos." Jen laughed. "I'm just going to the toilet, I'm desperate." I say running out of the bowling ally and towards the toilets. As I got in no one way in there, for a while anyways.
"Rogue." My wolf says as the door fly's open. I quickly get out the stall and reach for the door but before I can they grab my arm.
“Ava, right?" The girl says, turning around she is crying and her expression looks so scared.
"Yes and what do you want rogue, you're on my land!" I snarl and she takes a step back. I felt bad now because she looks so innocent, she's around 18 and has dirty blonde/light brown hair to the mid waist.
"I-I'm from Damien's Rogue pack, Luna, and-and I ran away." She cried.
"Well why did you come?!" I say back.
"He's a bad man; after his mate died he turned horrible to us all and started using the women for his 'pleasures'. I couldn't stay there any longer with what he's going to do." I can't help but feel sorry for her.
"Did he hurt you?" I question. She just looks up and shakes her head at me saying no; I pull her into a hug not caring where she's from. "It was the other women not me."
"I can't stay there, he's planning to kill you Ava and I came to tell you. But I should run, he will catch me soon." She says pulling away.
"No, you're coming back to my pack. We need to know as much we can and you seem like a nice girl. What's your name?" I ask.
"Isabella." She says as we walk out the bathroom.

Isabella's POV

So, she trusts me. The plan actually worked. I don't want to do this but if I don't Damien will kill me and I can't go against my father. After my mother died he went crazy, they can't find out he's my father. They will never like me. However my father said Ava looks just like my mother, I don't see any resemblance except the eyes, Hazel-brown.
"Girls this is Isabella, she..." Ava starts telling some girls about what I told her. They all asked if I was okay. I got to know everyone and it made it even harder to do this. I'm still contemplating whether to get the information my father needs or not. We got back to Ava's house and let me tell you, it was huge. I had to force my mouth shut from how amazing it was. When we got inside I heard a loud growl and a couple of men ran out pulling all the girls away from me.
"What is this rogue doing here." A tall muscular figure snarled at me putting Ava behind him.
"Jace, it's fine. She's came to give us information on Damien and his plan." She said putting her hand on his shoulder, he instantly relaxed.
"Mate." My wolf shouted at me when the door began to open. In walked the most attractive guy I have ever seen, he had dirty blonde hair and light green eyes. "Mate." He growled pushing past everyone. He ran up to me and grabbed me instantly. I heard a few awes in the background making me turn pink.
"Introduce yourselves then!" Ava shouted looking adored at us.
"What's you name beautiful?" He said staring down at me. "Isabella." I laughed turning even pinker, I've never felt this weak around anyone. I just want to melt in his arms. "I'm Stephan." He smiled grabbing my hand. "I'll show you around."
"Wait, she needs to tell us about Damien!" Jace said frowning.
"That can wait; let them get to know each other!" Ava shouted at him.
Walking out the house I suddenly couldn't help but feel regret come upon me, I came here to spy on these people and now I've found my mate. I can't, I'm not hurting anyone in this pack. Especially my mate. My father can suck it, I’m done working for him.

I've learnt a lot about Stephan, he is one of the head warriors here and is Ava's guard. His favourite colour is navy and he hates scary movies. That made me laugh. I told him a lot about myself, except that my father is Damien. To be honest, I don't want anyone to know. And I don't think I will plan on telling, they will hate me if they know. I'm nothing like my father. He's cruel and I just wanted him to stop. Now I can live the life I wanted with my mate and maybe my new friends...

Ava's POV

So turns out Isabella and Stephan are mates. I trust her, and yes I've know her what? An hour but she seems innocent. I've not known Stephan that long either so it will be even nicer to get to know the both of them. We are all sat in Jace's office waiting for her and Stephan to get back so we can talk to her.

"So, why did you come on my land then?" Jace asks.
"Well, truthfully. Damian wanted me to spy and get information on you all but I didn't want to. I was going to tell Ava what's he's going to do in the toilets but, I'm here." She nervously laughed. "And why are you going against him?"
"He's a bad guy; I don't like the bad guys." She shrugs. "I just wanted to get away from him; I was going to run far away." She trails off.
"See Jace. She's harmless." I laugh.
"You will be staying in Stephan's room, if you want that is." I say but she just nods and smiles.
Jace dismissed everyone after he found out about Damien's plan. He's apparently going to attack in a few days and Jace isn't bothered. He's fully prepared but is keeping me on house arrest until it's all over. As I'm heading up to my bedroom Isabella quickly pulls me to the side looking very nervous. "Hey, what's wrong?" I ask in a whisper.
"I need to tell you something but promise you won't tell anyone." She says to my ear. "I promise yeah." I say back.
"Don't get mad and don't change your view on me but-but...I'm Damien's daughter."


"I was running away from him, my mother was his mate...who died. I don't know how, he wouldn't tell me but he sent me here to spy on you. Truthfully I was going to, until I met you and realised how sweet you was. And then I met Stephan. Everything changed!" She said holding back tears.
I pull her into a hug, I know what it's like to have a bad father but I don't know how she will react when she finds out Jace's father killed her mother. I hope she never finds out...
"Please don't tell anyone. No one knows but you. I want it to stay that way. Everyone will hate me..." she begins to say before I interrupt.
"No one would hate you but I'll keep it a secret, eventually you will have to tell everyone though." I say. "I promise one day I'll tell them." She smiles before running after Stephan when he calls her name.

Great. Even. More. Trouble (and secrets).

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