Alpha Jace

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This is an original story and I haven't stolen any characters or plot. If it is similar to any story sorry, I haven't read one like it...

I wrote this book when I was 14, I am now 19.

Enjoy reading :)

Ava's POV

(whole story in Ava's POV unless said)

Waking up the bright sun hit my face causing me to squint my eyes shut. Looking around first I yawn and step out of bed to run to my best friend Val's room which is underneath mine. Running down the stairs I open her door, she is dressed and is now putting her shoes on.
"You ready to do this?" She said to me standing up to hold my hand.
"Ready." I said as we started to walk down the long stairs. We heard a loud cough from behind causing us to stop in our tracks. Isaac and James are stood there smirking in front of us. Val takes a small step closer to me in shock as Isaac started walking towards her.
"Come on babe. I won't hurt you." He said reaching his hand out to grab her. "That's what you said last time. Don't touch her again or I will kill you." I say putting Val a little behind me.
"Why so aggressive babe?" James said to me folding his arms.
"You both know why." I said scoffing. They have the audacity to say that, really? At this moment I tried to look strong and powerful, I couldn't show any weakness. Even though inside my whole body is trembling which was shown through my now watery eyes.
"Yes but we said to never discuss that didn't we? We are never going to tell anyone. Are we?" James said taking a step forward. How can I keep this in? It's a secret needing help itself.
"Yes. We won't tell." I and Val said at the same time.
"Anyone?" He said taking another step closer.

"No one."

They both turned around laughing at the thought of their dirty little secret being kept. Not for long. "Are you ok?" Turning around to Val I see her crying a little. I wipe the tear trailing down from her eyes and we head to the kitchen.
"Hello dear, we are just making breakfast. Are you excited for your big day tomorrow?!" My mother Darcy says to me while Malia, Val's mum gives her a big hug. "Not particularly." I roll my eyes looking at her strangely. We are supposed to be getting married tomorrow. I to James and Val to Isaac.
"I know dear but you can't go against what your father says can you? You know the consequences. You can't upset Noah." She says quietly while a tear rises in her eye.
Noah, my father, is a selfish man. He doesn't think about others and does what he pleases. Whenever he is angry he takes it out in my mother by hurting her, these are the consequences. She has never told me but I see the bruises and scars. She tries to pretend everything is ok when in reality, everyone knows how it really is, they're just too afraid to speak up. Noah was almost going to reject my mother when they first met but decided not to only for his own pleasure. My mother is a good, kind person. She doesn't deserve him.
"Mum we have to tell you something." I say stepping forward towards the kitchen counter. "Anything girls." A small smile formed on her face.
"James and Isaac, they...hurt us. It was a couple of months ago. They said if we told anyone they would kill us." I blurted out quietly so anyone around us couldn't hear. I said it so fast I wonder if they even heard what I said. I don't know how they will react.
They both gasped and looked at each other angrily. "That's it." Malia says running up the stairs with all of us following her. She ran into our rooms and a couple minutes later she came out with two backpacks.
"What is this for?" I say taking the bag from her.
"You are both not staying here any longer. You can't live here it's not good, it's not what you both deserve." Malia whispers standing next to my mother.
"That will mean we have to become rogues..." Val said taking the bag and putting it on her back.
"It's better than this. Trust me." Mother says with another small smile. Me and Val give them both a big hug like it was our last...I hope it's not our last. They would do anything for us; I love them both so much.
"We will come back for you, we promise." I say walking down the stairs. I'm not so sure I want to do this. It's a dark world and we could easily be killed in a few weeks with the rogue population growing. But I know I can't stay here. Not anymore.
When we go to open the front door I come face to face with the man himself. Noah. Or in other words my father.
"Hello Noah." I say looking up at him. I never call him Dad because in my eyes he doesn't deserve the title. A dad should protect his daughter, not sell her away for money and trade as he has done by forcing a marriage upon me.
"And where do you think you two are going." He says folding his arms while raising an eyebrow.
"We are just going into town to buy a few things." Val smiled. Her smile was full of pain; anyone could easily see that which wasn't good. Hopefully Noah doesn't notice.
"I'll drive you both." He said picking up his car keys and heading out the door. He only drives us places so we won't run away. He underestimates us a lot and assumes we are too weak to go against him. He's wrong. Very wrong.
"It's fine we can walk." I say pushing past him slightly with Val. Quickly we both speed off running so he can't force a yes for the answer.
"Run and don't stop Val" I am ahead of her but not by far. We can't stop running, not now or ever...

When we get around a mile out of territory I am now exhausted. We have been in our human form the whole time so it is harder to run. Both of us never said a word throughout, our minds filled with random thoughts.
"That was a close one." Val says sitting against a tree. "Come on we can't rest yet we have to keep moving." Taking my bag and clothes off I throw them to the side. Val does the same and we both transition into our wolf. Picking up our bags and clothes in our mouths we start to run at a fast pace west.
I have known Val since I was born, her real name is Valarie but I've always called her Val. Her father Nate is my father's beta so they are practically brothers. She understands me like no one else; I could trust her with my life. Val's wolf is really pretty just like her, she has a caramel coloured fur. In her human form her hair is a dark brown. However my wolf is pure white and human hair is a dirt-blonde.
When I'm in my wolf form I feel free, like nothing else matters. I'm never really allowed to go outside. At the most once a week, maybe two. Whenever I do I run and run until there is no ground left to cover. After hours of running I only just realise it is night and quickly come to a stop. I nod at Val to tell her to shift as I do.
"We must be so far away." Val said putting her clothes back on.
"I think we should rest here for the night." I notice a place we could stay, pointing at a small underground cave ahead of us.
"Better than out here, I guess." She said following me. I begin to follow her but I stop again when I hear a crack of a branch behind me. Turning around I can't see a thing as the darkness is overpowering the light. The moon only slightly lighting up the forest ground.
"W-who's their?!" I should as I hear Val come up from behind me. Moving out from behind a tree I see two wolves. One has pure black fur while the other is a soft brown colour. We take a step back in shock. I don't know what to do. My mind and body are blank. Now what is confusing is that suddenly the most amazing smell just hit my nose. Where is that coming from?
Confused they both look at each other then back at us. They then sit down right I front of us and lower their heads.
"What the hell?" Val says gripping onto my hand a little tighter. "Are they not going to kill us?" The black one starts to walk towards me. When it comes into the light I realise just how big it is. Huge to be precise. Reaching my feet it sits down and just stares at me. I extend my hand out to feel his fur but when I make contact with his skin a tingling like sensation runs up my whole arm. I jump back in shock but in doing so I trip and fall backwards, smacking my back on the ground.
"Are you ok, what happened?!" Val says running over to me kneeling down.
"Val, when I touched him, I got a weird feeling in my arm. What is that?" I say looking at the huge black wolf In front of me. Val slowly turns around to see the brown wolf right behind her. Slowly she reaches her hand out as well to stroke its soft fur but when her hand makes contact with his skin she quickly pulls her hand into her chest while the wolf starters to shake its head in delight.
"What is that?" She says holding her hand running towards me again. We turn and stare at the wolves in front of us now side by side. The Black one is much taller than the brown one but they are both very large for wolves. I've only ever saw Val's wolf before so I don't know how big or small normal is. Maybe they're males and that's why they're big? Mother always told me Noah's wolf was much larger than hers.
"Shift." I demand. They both look at each other and turn around. Are they walking away? In a couple of seconds they had disappeared into the woods ahead.
"Where did they go?" Val said as worry shakes her voice. A few second later we see two men walk out from the woods with just basketball shorts on. Oh my god...Me and Val look at each other wide eyed but quickly shake it away.
"Are they gods?" Val whispers in my ear laughing.
"Not exactly." One of the guys said.
He had brown messy hair and was pretty tall. He was very muscular as he had like an 8 pack but I didn't really count. I think if I stared he would probably get creeped out. Val's face turned a slight pink as did mine. I can't believe he just heard that...
"What are your names?" The other one said. He was taller than brown hair and had a dirty blonde hair colour like mine. He was well built and to had an 8 pack again or something. He was extremely attractive I have to admit. He stared at me the whole time making me go beet-red. Why was he looking at me so intensely? Hopefully he can't see me because its so dark.
"I'm Val." Val said smiling slightly at the brown haired guy and he reciprocated. I noticed this and raised an eyebrow at her but she just told me to shut up. "I'm...erm Ava." Blondie gives me a smile and nods his head. "Well hello erm Ava and Val. I'm Jace and this is Caden." He says pointing to his friend. I don't know whether to laugh or be mad he mimicked me.
"Ava. Come over here a second!" Val says running into the cave quickly behind us. I give Jace and Caden an awkward smile and I follow after Val. "One second." I say following after her.
"I know why we got them tingles!" Val said looking a little excited. She's never looked this happy in a long time. I wonder what's come over her. "What why?!" I say interested in what she has to say.
"I've only just remembered but when I was younger my parents told me that it happened to them when they first met." She says.
"So that means..."
"They are our mates!" She said excitedly. Val has always wanted to find her mate. She was always being forced into relationships by her father for money, she always wanted someone to love her unconditionally and not just for her father. Me however I've always been scared of the thought. My mum and dad aren't good mates. He beats and abused her. Is that love? Is that what mates do to one another? I don't want to turn out like them. Val always told me opposite thoughts on mates but it was all I knew, it was what I saw from a young age.
Val's parents were always strange; they were on and off with one another but Val only seem to see the good parts, never the bad. I think this is why Val loved the idea so much.
"Val..." I begin to say but she cuts me off.
"It will be fine Ava. I've told you time and time, your mate would never hurt you."
"Noah hurt my mum." I said looking to the floor.
Embracing me into a hug she stays there for a few minutes. She knew I was scared. What could I say?
Walking out Jace and Caden look shocked for a second. "Watch out!" Jace said as he quickly shifted into his wolf form. As I turned around a grey wolf was standing there staring at me with its red glowing eyes.
"Rogues." Caden said as he then shifted and came to stand next to Val. Surrounding us we're around 5 rogues all ready to fight. What just happened? One pounced on Jace and another on Caden. I decided to close my eyes because if I was going to die, I'd rather not witness it.
I could hear slashed and growls around me, I didn't dare open my eyes once except to make a run for it. I can't help but feel bad. Jace is my mate, I shouldn't be running? Should I?
"Why are they protecting us?" I ask Val grabbing her hand while running into the cave quickly. "I told you this before Ava. Mates would do anything for you. Even if you have just met." I shrug off her comment. I know this isn't always true. Not long after Jace and Caden catch up to us. How did they fight them all off, it was 2 against 5?
Pretending like nothing just happened Jace decides to speak up.
"So Ava, Val. What are you both doing here? Whatever the reason is I'm happy you are." Jace said winking at me. I can feel my face heating up. It's a good job it's dark out here.
"We are, well were running away." I say bluntly.
"Why?" Caden asks looking confused.
Me and Val just look at each other, we don't want to say yet. They would probably get weirded out and reject I want that?
"Well, do you girls want to come back to our pack house." Caden said moving on from that subject.
"Sure." I say. We have nowhere else to go and I know by going to their house we will be safe from Noah, James and Isaac. I hope.

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