Alpha Jace

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"Caden because it's Val's birthday tomorrow, take her out tonight somewhere so we can plan the party." I say to him, he just nods and heads upstairs.
We are going to have a meeting on what to do for Val's birthday. I want it to be a big surprise as she's not had a party before and she deserves it. Through all this effort I hope she throws me one when it's mine...yes that sounds selfish but I have also never had one and it sounds so cool. I'm just winging it as people suggest what to do, from what I've saw in movies they are really fun so my goal is to make it a movie party.
"We're leaving now!" Val shouts before closing the door.
"Okay guys, we will have a party at the house. Maybe we could do a pool party? With the bar but I know she won't want a lot of people here so maybe just us?" I say to everyone sat in the kitchen.

(Ava, Jace, Jen, Chase, Pogue, Leila, Xavier, Hayden, Sophie, Logan, Eliza, Kieran, Stephan and Isabella)

"That's amazing, she will love it!" Jen says all excited. She's the party person and I love how she gets excited over them. "Okay, sorted. Easy. Sophie, Hayden bring drinks. Eliza, Leila and Jen bring food. I'll bring balloons and decorations with Isabella and yeah we're all sorted." I smile at everyone before they head out the room.
"Okay this is going to be a good party!" Hayden laughs heading out the door with Sophie. We all decide to just go to the nearest shop to by the things we need. There is no point going to the mall just for decorations and food, we would end up spending hours there and that is not what anyone wants. I swear I'm always going to the mall and it doesn't get tiring but after going constantly, you get bored...and I hate spending Jace's money.
"How about these pink ones?" Jace says handing a pack of balloons. With the number 50 on them. He's so dumb sometimes.
"Jace, she's 19 not 50." I roll my eyes as he laughs and puts them back. I pick up some streamers and a banner that you can custom at the counter along with some yellow and red balloons. Jace said to write "happy birthday Val!' on it but that's too about 'you’re old now!" Joking.

We all then pay and head back home, when we get in we all hide the stuff in a spare room and just head to bed. It's been a long day. "I'm getting a shower." Jace said heading to the bathroom. "Me first!" I shout running in before him shutting the door. "Ava!" He growls. Laughing I get in but tie my hair in a bun so it won't get wet. I love when he is annoyed as his brows furrow up and he looks adorable.
"Jace we have run out of my shower gel!" I shout. "Just use mine then." I hear him laugh. I pick it up and shake it. Nothing. "Jace yours has run out!" I shout, by the end of this I will have a sore throat!
"Well let me in and I'll give you some more." I can visually see him smirking behind the door. "No way." I laugh. Getting out the shower I look behind the toilet to see a box with a spare one in. Gotcha.
After I get out I put my pjs on and hop into bed while waiting for Jace. He ends up taking a really long time but I just lay there and "fall asleep" I hear him go downstairs, probably for a drink or something.

Jace's POV

When I get out the shower Ava is fast asleep. I put some shorts on before kissing her head and locking the door. Stephan and Isabella are sat in the living room just talking. I think she's borrowing some of the girls clothes until she gets some. I think she's in Ava's pjs. Yes there Ava's, actually my favourite ones Ava owns. They make her look so cute, it's these baby pink velvet shorts with a white fluffy jumper. She usually wears my shirts to bed though which makes me die inside, but no one knows that. I'm the "big bad alpha" as she calls me. Got to keep my reputation.

I heard Isabella talking about how she's Damien's daughter with Ava, however I can't mention it as she promised to keep quiet. I'm going to keep it till myself until I feel I can trust her because she's Stephan's mate. If I mention it Ava, Isabella and Stephan will all probrably be mad and I don't really want that at the moment. I know she intentionally came here to spy on Ava but she met her mate and that changes everything. Ava could persuade me not to do something in a couple of minutes, to a certain extent, so I know why she changed her mind. Or maybe she just doesn't like her father?

"Thank you for letting me stay, I know you are cautious because I'm from Damien's rogue pack..." she begins to say, Stephan headed back to the room but she stopped in the kitchen. "Don't worry." I say walking out, I cut the conversation short. I begin to head up the stairs. Opening the door I get into bed a pull Ava towards me. I'm won't let anyone hurt my mate. Ever. A low growl escapes my chest thinking of anything happening to her.

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