Alpha Jace

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Ava’s POV

We all decided to forget Val's birthday as a joke so the surprise would be even better. It will be hard for Caden to just wake up and act like nothing's happening. I don't think she will like this one bit but it will make the surprise so much less expected.
"Hey Val you look upset?" I said as she walked down the stairs.
"It's nothing." She quickly replied before getting lots of food then heading upstairs. She looks really angry...
"She is not happy with me." Caden said running into the kitchen whispering. "She's going to lock herself away all day so no one go in until tonight." I say laughing, I feel kind of bad but she will love the surprise. "That's going to be hard for my wolf. I need you to come help me today Ava." He said sitting down next to Jace.
"On what?" I ask confused.
"A ring."
"Your proposing?!" I scream-whispered causing all the girls to awe.
"Yeah, I love her." He shrugged. "That is so cute." I smile. I know how much Val loves Caden so she will say yes. I can't wait to see her reaction.

"How about this one?" He said holding up a plain gold ring with a diamond in the centre with two smaller ones either side. "No. How about this one!" I say holding up a silver ring with a big square diamond in the middle with four smaller ones in each of the corner of the square. It had an infinity sign engraved small in the middle centre. It was perfect.
"I love it." He said handing it to the woman at the till.
"What lucky woman is getting this?" She said looking at the ring laughing. "That will be 2000$ please." She smiled handing it to Caden in a bag. He gave her his card and 10 minutes later we were in the car heading home. Caden wouldn't stop worrying about what she will say, he's just winding himself up.
"What if she says no?" Caden asks looking worriedly at the road.
"Caden, believe me. Val will say yes." I laugh. "But--"
"Caden stop worrying!" I shout causing him to snap out of his thoughts. We are home!
"Hide the ring and don't give it her until the very end!" I say getting out the car. Looking up Val is sat on her balcony looking pretty upset, I feel so bad now, it's her birthday and she's all alone. When we get inside us girls begin setting up the pool room. It looks really cute with all the balloons and bannisters/streamers.
"Okay so everyone get ready and be down here hiding, when I'm done I'll tell Val to get dressed and we will come down. Surprise her." I quickly say running up the stairs to get ready.
I pick out a baby pink matte dress with matching heels. I then do my make up; I went for natural except my eyes which were a smoky brown. I wouldn't say I'm amazing at makeup, I just know the basics really. When I got my makeup done by that rude woman at Noah's house I got a few things from her but she basically made me look a little like an orange.
"You look amazing princess." Jace said walking up behind me as I'm doing my makeup. "Thanks, now you get ready!" I say shouting while pointing towards the wardrobe. He comes out with a white v-neck and some smart trousers. "Will this do?" He laughed as I smile.
"I'm going to talk to Val now so tell everyone to get ready." I say walking out the room then knock on Val's door.
"Come in." She shouts, opening the door she's still sat on the balcony. It's been hours, god.
"Hey." I say sitting next to her. "Why you dressed up all nice?" She says looking me up and down smirking.
"Get ready yourself then I'll tell you. Birthday girl." I smile hugging her.
"So you didn't forget?!" Her face lights up with joy when I shake my head.
"How could I forget my best friends birthday?!" I shout back. "Now go get ready." Laughing she runs into her room with a big smile on her face.

"Everyone is set up now, we're ready." Jace says through the mind link.

"Okay, Val's just getting ready now." I say smiling. Half an hour later Val walks out onto the balcony looking amazing.
"Follow me Miss Valerie Danvers..." I say getting up. When we get out the room I put a princess tiara on her head and grab her hand to follow me down the stairs. "Your making me scared." She said as we walked towards the pool room which was pitch black.
I give her a handful of balloons before opening the door. Everyone jumps up and screams surprise. She jumps up in joy. "Guys!" She awes on the edge of crying.
"Happy birthday babe." Caden says pulling her into a hug. "I thought you forgot!" She laughed. Everyone said happy birthday and gave her presents. There was loud music and drinks and everyone seems to be having a good time.
"I think she like it." Jace said looking over at Val who had the biggest smile on her face ever. "I'm glad." I laugh hugging him. "Ava I'm freaking out, I'm really nervous." Caden says running over to us. "You will do fine man." Jace says patting him on the back. "Time to open the presents now!" I shout calling everyone over to the living room so Val can open her presents. I got her a silver necklace with a crescent moon on it with a little diamond in the middle.
"Omg thank you guys there's so much, I don’t deserve all this!" She says opening every present, she loved them all but I could see Caden having a mental battle with himself as the time went on. "Ava this is beautiful!" She says opening the necklace I got her. I got up and hugged her. "It looks just like the one we had when we were kids!" She says putting it on. When Val and I were little we had plastic necklaces of the quarter moon but they were very plain so we stuck a diamante on each one so that's where I got the idea from. We lost them playing in the woods and both cried for about a week.
Looking over at Caden I cough to get his attention and he stands up and walks over to Val nervously. "I guess it's my turn to give your present then." He laughs getting down on one knee. Everyone gasps and Val covers her mouth in shock.
"Val, I can't tell you how much I love you. So I'm going to show you how deeply I feel about you through this. I-I'm not sure what I'm support to say but Valerie Danvers, would you do me the honours of being Mrs Valerie Jones?" A huge smile grew on both their faces.

"I-" Before she could answer the door suddenly slammed open.

"Rogues!" Jace growled in his alpha voice throwing me behind him. Rogue after Rogue came running into the room causing everyone to scream.
"Get upstairs!" Jace shouted at us all.
Running up the stairs we stopped at the top bannister to look down. By now all the guys have shifted and are fighting the. How the hell did we not smell them?
"Girls, it's happening." I say.
"I didn't get to reply!" Val says watching Caden from above sadly.
"We need to help them!" Sophie shouts as she begins running down the stairs.

"Don't let anyone down!" Jace shouts to me through the mind link.

"We can't go down, if we don't get killed. Jace will kill me." I shout.
Looking down there is around 30 dead rogues scattered across the living room. The boys have now pushed them to retreat outside. Running to the balcony I see a big black SUV pull up outside the house. I freeze when I see who gets out. Noah, James, Isaac and Damien.
"Crap." I say to the girls. "Look!"
"We need to get Darcy!" Val shouts/whispers at me. "We need a plan."
"I have one!" Isabella says looking at her father before turning back towards us. "So...."

Looking down the stairs I nod to the girls before we quickly sprint down them.
"Shift when I shout." Isabella shouts before running out the front door. A few minutes go by before she shouts.
"SHIFT!" As we do rogues run in, we take them out and head into the woods running as fast as we can towards the cabin. There was only a couple and from the little training we did Jace taught me a few moves. This all happened so fast and I can't think what's going through Caden's head, he will be distracted which isn't good.
We stop when we see Jace and the guys from a far. I nod telling the girls to follow me, we can't let them see us.
I reach the cabin and barge through the door. I quickly shift and run upstairs. "He's here mom." Her face drops before shifting as she begins to follow us outside. I shift again and we begin to run back to the house. Everyone caught on, there is no time to talk right now so it's better to be silent and quick.
"Here!" I hear someone shout, turning around I see lots of wolves charging towards us. There's about 5-1 here so this will be hard. Around 4 rogues are surrounding me holding me down. I look around and see all the girls have shifted onto the floor, they look passed out though. I struggle to move as the rogues and wolves hold my paws down, I look around to see my mother and Isabella running off in the distance...towards Noah and Damien. I snap out my thoughts when I feel something sharp jab in the side of my stomach. A large man was stood above me with a needle in his hand.
"Night night Luna." He waved picking me up, I could slowly feel myself shifting back to my human form but I couldn't move and my eyes were becoming droopy.
"Where are you taking me?" I whisper up at the man. "Oh, you'll see." He smirks before I feel my eyes shut.

"Jace they have us...I love you." I say before I can fully shut down. "Please find us..."


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