Alpha Jace

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Big Bad Alpha

Jace's POV

I quickly throw Ava behind me protectively and tell her to run upstairs. Standing in front of us is about 30 rogues. Shifting I growl before running at them, they all seem to cower back making it easier to grab. I bite down as hard as I can on their necks, for an instant kill.
Running outside I see a big black SUV pull up outside the house. Noah, Damien, James and Isaac pull up getting out casually watching the fight. I feel myself being nudged, turning around Caden is running telling me to follow him. I do and we kill as many rogues as we can along the way. I don't get how they got in here without us knowing...
I get taken from my thoughts when my body is smashed against a tree. Rogues keep coming and coming. I didn't know Damien's pack was this big. Loud howls were heard and all my warriors run out in wolf form charging at the opposing. I have around 900 warriors consisting of all different ages and different sexes and they train like beasts. We will win this. I howl and kill those around me with the other guys besides me and Xavier.

"Jace they have us, I love you." Ava said to me through the mind link before I felt the connection slowly being shut.

"Ava where are you!?" I say back which received no reply. F*ck.
I searched and searched for her, trying to smell her. Nothing. I could smell her scent faintly but that's it. "Jace they have her." I see Isabella and Darcy run out the woods meeting us all in front of the house. They looked exhausted and out of breath. Stephan quickly ran over to Isabella as she was naked from just shifting. I pull the shirt out my mouth and hand it to Darcy which she kindly takes thankfully.
"What do you mean they have her?!" I growl after I shift. I have shorts on and all the other guys have shifted also so we can communicate.
"Rogues injected the girls with silver. We both managed to escape before anything could happen to us."
"Well, well, well." Turning around Noah and Damien are stood there without a speck of blood on them. Whimps. They act so tough but can't even fight for themselves, I wish I could kill them right now but we need information. "Isabella, you never came back!" Damien said growling. Stephan instantly pulled her closer to him. She was probably supposed to return to her father that day, I'm glad she didn't as now I know we can trust her.
"Ah, I see." He nodded looking over towards Stephan as he grabbed Isabella's waist possessively.
"You're a bad man, and a bad father. After mum died you went insane!" She shouted towards him. Stephan looked a little confused but still stood in a protective stance. Everyone around us looked confused when she said bad father but many caught on. "Wait he's your--" Xavier began to say.
"Yes she's my daughter. Isabella come home and you can be with the other girls then." He smirked. I instantly turned my head in his direction.
"You have my mate?!" I growl stalking up to him. As I do lots of wolves run out from the woods standing behind Noah and Damien. "I'm so scared." I say sarcastically. Whilst lots of my warriors ran out from the woods. Tripling in size of his.
"Darcy come home, you and Ava can be together and I will protect you." Noah said to Darcy walking closer to her. "All you do is abuse her you fucking bastard!" I growl putting Darcy behind me.
"I have to stop you there Noah, Ava is coming with me. Wait, is with me actually." Damian smirks taking a step away from Noah. Turns out what Darcy said was true, Damien is turning against Noah but not for a good reason. This will be a three way war over my mate.
"We had a deal she would come with me?!" Noah growls angrily as Damien just stand there smirking at us all.
"She's not going with any of you!" I growl. "Well, she's already with me." Damien laughs before sprinting back to his SUV. We all shift and run after the car as fast as we could. He quickly speeds off before anyone could get to the car. "I'm going to kill that fucking rogue!" Noah growled punching the nearest person next to him, which was one of Damien's rogues.
"Why do you want my mate so badly, you're her father yes but all you do is hurt her?" I growl pushing him against a tree. "If he doesn't the deal will be closed off." James says walking up behind us with Isaac. I look over at Caden and he straight up punches Isaac in the face.
"What fucking deal?!" He growls angrily. The fact Val couldn't answer his question must be really getting to him, he must be hurting but I know he will be able to ask her again. "I-If I didn't make Ava marry J-James, him and his men would have killed Darcy." Noah said trying to breath. "That's right, and if me and Ava aren't married by the end of this week, Darcy. You will be dead." James said smirking walking towards her. I quickly turn around letting Noah go and snap James neck before he could take another step. My mate will not be marrying anyone but me!
"No. You really won't." I laugh looking at James body lying on the ground.
"You son of a bitch!" Isaac said running at me, before he could even get two meters away Caden had him on the floor punching his face. "You're the son of a bitch who hurting my Val!" He growled as fist after fist hit his face.
"Caden, don't kill him we need answers." I say before two of my warriors took Isaac to the cellars. Most of the rogues and Noah's pack have run off by now, that reminds me. Noah.
Turning around I see Logan had him pinned up against a tree. "If you don't lead us to our mates you're going to be killed!" Chase growled as did everyone else.
"I don't know!" He spluttered trying to pry out of Logan's grasp.
"Your lying!" Kieran growls punching him in the face. "I-I think I might know where they are." Isabella says chirping up. Everyone suddenly turns her way quickly to get the information she knows. I can already feel my wolf hurting from not being around or feeling Ava's touch. I swear if she is hurt in anyway...someone's going to pay. Damien.
"Damien, well my father used to take people to an industrial building that was run down and keep them there as prisoners. I went when I was little once when my mother was away." She sadly smiled. "We need to go there now!" Everyone says before heading to the cars. "What can we do with him Alpha?" A warrior asks pointing towards Noah.
"Lock him up. Darcy are you coming?" I say turning around seeing her looking nervous.
"I-I'm going to stay here with Noah." She sadly smiled walking off quickly in the direction of where the warriors took him.
"Maybe we should run?" Caden says as we nearer the cars. "Good idea." I say, I tell everyone to just follow Isabella and I've brought a few hundred warriors also. We don't know what may lie ahead but we need to be prepared. I try to contact Ava through the mind link, I don’t know if she’ll hear me but it’s worth a try.

"I'm coming Princess. I'm coming."

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