Alpha Jace

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True Silver Blood

Ava's POV

Waking up I feel someone shaking my shoulders from side to side. I blink a couple of times before sitting up to see Val stood over me. "Ava where are we?" She whispered. The room was quite dark but easy enough to see, by the looks of things we were in a cell. The other girls were lay motionless on the floor, pale and bruised.
"I don't know." I whisper back. Moving myself so I was propped against the wall I realised how out of breath I was. It took so much effort to do one simple action I couldn't think why. The injection, what was it? My head suddenly jolts up when I hear a loud metal crank come from afar, a little light peeking through. "You're awake girls." I hear the voice of the devil himself say. "Damien." I scowl as his footsteps empower the silent room. I can imagine his smug grin right now plastered all over his face.
"What did you inject into us you-you--?"
"Silver. I guessed as your pack is "Silver Blood" I may as well make you what you claim to be." He laughed banging on the metal bars with another piece of metal. One by one the girls wake up asking questions like.

"Where are we?"
"What happened?"

Damien told us all that he is going to be locking us here forever. Something about revenge from his mate dying, my brain was too tired to even listen.
"You know this shit inside us could kill us?!" Hayden growled holding her stomach. I hope this won't affect her baby boy in any way. I don't think Xavier would wait a second to kill him if it ever did. "Yes obviously, that's why I injected it into you bitches. You can't contact your mates, you aren't as strong and most of all you won't have enough energy to bicker with me." He laughed before walking out the place slowly.
"Fuck you!" Jen shouted before slowly sliding down the wall. I know how she feels, Damien can kiss my ass, he will be getting his kicked however when Jace and the boys gets here. I can't wait to watch.
"What do we do?" Leila said.
"We can't do anything." Sophie shrugs. What's gotten into her, she normally the one with a plan or to help in some way but with all this silver she probably can't think properly. "Grab them." I hear a voice shout as people started to walk up to the cell. Men came inside and injected us which may have been more silver. I tried to put up a fight but it was useless, I hadn't enough energy in the first place. I look around to see Damien walking back over to us.
"See you when you wake up, princess..."

Blinking I tiredly lift my head from the side-wards position it was in. I wince as I crack my neck and turn to face to the left. Val is asleep in a chair next to me, to my right there’s Jen also asleep. Turning around I realise my hands and feet are tied. I try and wiggle them but all I do is create dark red marks. It seems we are all in a circle facing outwards towards the wall. It's a dark grey room, very damp and the air seems really, thick. I whisper for everyone to wake up, everyone eventually does except Hayden, I hope she and her pup are okay.
"Hayden! Hayden!" We all whisper/shout at the same time. Nothing.
"Hello girls, you're awake. This is going to be easy..." A couple of large men walked into the room. One standing in each corner holding something. "If you don't answer my questions, Hayden gets injected with even more silver..." everyone froze and looked at each other in shock. Damien's voice seemed to be coming from a speaker as he wasn't in the room which made this even creepier as it was old, making his voice crooked and rusted.
"Question 1. Why did Jace kill my mate?" Frowning I speak up quickly.
"Jace didn't kill your mate, you told my mother it was Chase, Jace’s father..." I state.
"No, I told Darcy Jace killed my mate. Now why?!" He shouted a little through the speakers. Jace didn't kill her, I don’t think?
"He didn't?!" I shout louder. "Why the hell did he kill her?!" I couldn't reply, I didn't know and everyone else defiantly didn't know.
"Inject her." One of the men started to walk over to a still asleep Hayden.
"Don't!" I shout. Maybe I could make something up? But maybe that would make it all worse?

"Sorry." The guy said sadly smiling as he injected Hayden. She suddenly woke up screaming causing everyone to jump. As the guy pulled the needle out I realised he had only injected the silver half way and put the rest on the floor secretly. He lightly nodded at me making me give back a confused look. Why was he trying to help?
"Question 2. Well the same again, why did Jace kill her?"
"He didn't f*cking kill her now let us go!" Leila shouted getting agitated. "I saw with my own eyes, Jace killed my mate!" He growled.

There were a couple of minutes of silent before the door slammed open. My eyes widen as he walks straight up to me undoing the ropes around my wrist. Grabbing my arm as he quickly pulled me out the room and we headed up some stairs to the roof top.
"Jace killed my mate. Now his own mate is getting killed." Damien smirked grabbing the back of my neck shoving me towards the edge of the roof.
"You don't need to do this!" I say closing my eyes as I get further and further. I try to get out his grasp but it's really strong and the silver is effecting me. "Oh I need to do this, you and then Hayden. Every Alpha is going to feel my pain!" He growls. Looking down it isn't that big of a drop only around. 10 meters, but again with all this silver I wouldn't be able to survive the drop.
"Any last words princess?" He smirks.
"Go to hell." I say. I scream when I feel myself being pushed. I wish I could have said bye to Jace, my mother and friends before all this.

"I love you Jace." I say in the mind link. He probably won't be able to hear but at least I've said what I wanted to, my real last words....

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