Alpha Jace

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Catch Me

"I love you to princess." My eyes are squeezed shut trying to distract my body from the impact. However I feel myself being caught, my feet hitting the floor a little but it didn't hurt. "Jace!" I say as I open my eyes. Anger and happiness lurks in him as he holds me tight. Gently placing me on the floor I look behind him to see everyone. Caden, Stephan, Isabella, Xavier, Logan, Kieran and lots of pack warriors. Frowning Jace looks down at me angrily. "Give me your hand." He says holding out his own to take mine. He closely examines it before stopping.
"What did he put inside you?!" He asks worriedly. Looking up I see Damien has gone. "It doesn't matter we can talk later but for now, let's save our friends." I say grabbing his hand and pulling him inside the ware house. My body aches every step I take but that isn't going to stop me from saving my best friends.
Suddenly out of nowhere rogue after rogue run out to attack us. Jace tells me to find the girls quickly and bring them back in a spot he pointed out near the door. Isabella came with me and I showed her the way.
"Are you sure you're okay? You don't look good." She stated as she kicked open the door. "I'm fine." I lie the Silver was having a big effect on my vision and it was hard to see properly, everything was blurry. The girls were all thrilled to be getting out these tight knots as one by one we freed them. "You all look like you've gone through hell." Isabella says looking at all of us. Everyone's eyes were blood shot with big dark circles and pale skin on us.
"Everyone, Hayden needs help." I say as she struggles to get up. She has been through the most pain from the silver; her baby is growing fast as it is an alpha's, I hope the silver hasn’t effected him/his growth. I just hope the pups okay. I don't even know what happened when I left the room, more could have been injected in everyone which will mean there side effects will be even worse. Leila and Sophie grab Hayden's arms and help her out the room, as we are walking out there is still fighting going on. And I mean a lot of fighting.
"T-there's Damien!" I shout as I see him sneakily head out the front door. Xavier's head quickly pops up and runs for him. Loud screams and yells were heard before it turned silent. Xavier ran back in with blood all around his mouth and a small wound across his side.
"I need Xavier." Hayden whispered trying to take deep breaths, she was panicking too much and needed to calm down.
"It's okay Hayden, everything is fine. Xavier is fine." I smile trying to hurry her up. We needed to get to the door quickly. When we got to the door I made sure everyone went before me but as I did my body was thrown against the metal sides causing me to wince. A loud growl erupted in the room and Jace ran over in his wolf form, nudging me with his nose to get out. Opening my eyes I reach my hand to stroke his long black fur before I feel my body being shut down, like a deep sleep.

"Come on Ava, you need to get out." Jace said through the mind link. I forcefully opened my eyes and lowly got up, every bone in my body hurt and I found it harder and harder every step I took. "Get somewhere safe, it won't take us long to take them out." I did as he said and powered outside to the other girls. Everyone, not being offensive, looked terrible. Including me.
"Jace said we need to get somewhere safe." I said to everyone who looked pretty scared. "How about the roof, no one could do anything there?" Jen says pointing to some stairs. "I beg to differ; Damien just threw me off the bloody thing." I say kind of chuckling. This was not the time, place and thing to be laughing at but it makes me smile thinking of when Jace caught me.
"How are you alive, I swear when I see him I'm going to kill him!" Sophie growls in anger.
"I don't think you will have to." Eliza said pointing to something behind us all. Damien was lay on the ground with wounds covering his body, he was a bloody mess.
"Is his arm where his leg should be?" Leila frowned as we all tilted our heads. "Xavier, well done." Hayden quietly says before we all just stay silent for a while. There is nowhere to go or nothing we could do to help. We are not fit in any way to fight; we will simply just get in the way.
"You will pay, Ava." Damien said making us all scream; we all quickly looked down at his body. All his limbs just dropped to the ground like he had to say one last thing. "Don't worry he's dead..." Val said before getting a metal pole next to her and then jabbed it into his head. "Now anyways, he can't hurt any of us." She reassured us all. May I just add, my best friend is a bad ass.
"Ava!" Jace shouted running out the building, naked. Oh moon-goddess could he not of put some clothes on! He picked me up and gave me a tight hug before showering me with little kisses.
"Jace!" I laugh trying to push him away. "Look at you, you're seeing the pack doctor as soon as we get back and I'm never letting you out my sight ever again!" He growled pulling me closer causing my ribs to hurt. "Ouch!" I yell and he quickly pulls away.
"What what?!" He says looking at me, examining for cuts or wounds. "You hugged me to tight." I smile hugging him again. "You're the one who needs to see the pack doctor!" I say as I look at his whole body. He is covered with mainly bruises but a lot of deep wounds on his body.
"It's all over now you know; no one can hurt you or us ever again." He smiles picking me up bridal style. I smile as we all headed back walking; I lay my head on his chest and slowly felt myself falling asleep.

"Sweet dreams princess."

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