Alpha Jace

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Letter From The Dead

Waking up I hear a loud beeping sound. I groan as I feel a hand be place on top of mine. By the warm tingles it's Jace. Wait why am I here I'm not even that injured.
"Are you okay princess?" He says helping me sit up. As I move I realise my back is killing, probably from this bed as its one of those hard hospital ones. Jeff quickly walks into the room looking a little nervous with a lot of papers in his hands. "Alpha, Luna." He nods as he then take a seat but then quickly stands up. "I just wanted to inform you that we took a blood sample from you Luna, just to check everything was going fine and your friend Hayden...her baby looks to have survived all that silver. I'm sure he will be a very strong leader one day." Jeff smiles before walking back out the room before any further questions can be asked.
"Im so glad." I sighed standing up then stretching/cracking my back. It hurt like a bitch but I felt much better afterwards. "Jeff told me you can come home just before you woke up." Jace says hugging me. "Have you been checked up?" I ask, looking down at his shirtless chest, he doesn’t look so great but I can see him healing already. "I don't need to I'm fine." He blankly says grabbing my hand as he starts heading towards the front door.
"I'm not leaving until you get checked up, and I'll even sleep on those uncomfortable hospital beds to prove my point." I state crossing my arms. "I can never win with you can I?" He rolls his eyes heading over to Jeff. "I'll wait here." I say taking a seat on the waiting room chairs, there wasn't anyone here except me. Since waking up i feel more relaxed knowing Damien is dead. However James, Isaac and my father are still alive somewhere.

Jace's POV

"Alpha?" Jeff says confused looking at me. "Ava wanted me to get a check-up so here I am." I say, he motioned me to follow him and I do. He takes me to his office/room and starts to check me out.
"So does the Luna know her father is in the prisons and Isaac and James are dead?" Jeff asks me as he cleans my wounds with alcohol. It doesn't hurt that much but it does sting. "No. Anyways how do you know and why would you ask?" I frown confused. Why should he be asking me about this?
"I'm sorry Alpha but word gets around and I was curious." He says back looking intimidated. I chuckle to myself, I think I scared him. I reach for my pocket as my phone begins to ring. "Jace." I say bluntly, I hate talking on the phone sometimes and this is one of the times. I like talking face to face, better to intimidate people.
"Alpha we have an emergency." One of my young pack warriors Zach says down the phone. "And it is...?" I reply.
"It's Noah, he a-and someone-killed...the Luna's mother." My eyes widen. Darcy is dead?!
"Where is Noah now?!" I growl.
"He's back in the prison cell, but Alpha it's not what It sounds, Noah didn't do--" Zach begins to say but I cut him off by hanging up the phone. I angrily get up and walk over to Ava who is patiently sat in the waiting room. "Ava princess, somethings happened to Darcy." I say grabbing her hands and holding them tightly. "I need to go and see what's happening but I need you to go to the pack house, everyone is there and I'm going to get someone to escort you." I quickly say kissing her head before walking out the infirmary. I hear her shout my name a few times but I need to see what's happened before I say what I've heard.

"You fucking idiot." I shout as I walk into the prisons. As I got to Noah's cell I see him crying while holding Darcy in his arms.
"What happened?!" I growl. As I open the door Noah gives me a look as if to say "come near my mate and I'll rip your throat out." So I decided to just stay still. "Alpha." Zach coughed from behind me. Zach is only young and is an amazing fighter, one of the best I'll say. Ava met him and his mate in the woods one day and walked them both home. "Yes Zach."
"It wasn't Noah that killed her, it was him." He said pointing over to a rogue in the cell next to Noah. He had a smug grin on his face.
"Come on baby. I'm sorry for everything I did to you." Noah cries into Darcy. I frown walking over to the rogue before punching him a numerous amount of times in the face.
"Jace." Darcy whispers and I immediately run over to her. "Make sure my baby girl is okay. Tell her I love her." She whispered with a tear running down her cheek. "There is a letter on my drawers for her, for her eyes only..."
"Darcy. Please look at me. I'm sorry and I love you. I regret everything I've done to you and I hope you know I love you so much. Just please forgive me Darcy, love." Noah cried holding her tighter to his body.
"I-I..." She started to say but her eyes started to shut and her body all at once became life less. I quickly head out the door and begin walking in the direction of the house. There is no way Darcy can be saved, the blood spill and wounds are too big...
"Alpha what do we do with Darcy's body?" Zach runs out looking a little shocked. "I'll tell you soon, I need to do something first." I need to tell Ava, yes I know this will upset her but I can't exactly keep it from her. Can I?

Ava's POV

As I reached the house I thanked the person who escorted me, I didn't actually get his name but I just headed inside.
"Where is everyone?" I ask only seeing Val, Jen, Leila and Isabella in the living room. "They all went home. They said they’re really sorry they couldn't say goodbye but something happened at their pack." Jen said.
"It's okay." I smile, I wish I could have said goodbye to everyone but I understand they had to go.
"Do you want to go shopping one day this week Isabella, you have nothing to wear." Val said smiling. "Yes that would be great."
"It's been an eventful day and night? I don't know but I'm going to head up to bed." Jen says walking up the stairs. I'm truthfully very tired but I really need to speak to Val. "Me to, night guys. Even though it's day time." Isabella smiled walking to Stephan's room.
"So where is Caden and everyone?" I ask taking a seat next to Val on the sofa. "He said he had to 'take care of things' so to be honest I don't even know." She rolled her eyes. "Where is Jace anyways, he stayed until you woke up?"
"Yeah, but something's happened to my mum and I don't know what. He didn't tell me but instead said 'something happened' and ran out the infirmary leaving me clueless." I say back, I really hope she's okay. Considering Noah is dead he couldn't of hurt her however Isaac and James are alive somewhere.
"Oh god I hope something bad didn't happen to her. We know Isaac and James couldn't have done anything as they are dead but however Noah is alive...he could have done anything." Val says shaking her head in worry. Wait what?
"What, Isaac and James are dead? And my father is alive?!" I say confused.
"Yeah, Caden told me Jace killed James and he killed Isaac. They took your father to the prisons." She says confused also. "You didn't know?" She asks.


"Oh well yeah..." She begins to say.
"This is way too much information." I sigh holding my temples in frustration. I snap out my thoughts when the door opens and in walks Caden, Stephan and Chase.
"Oh hey." Val says to Caden as he seems a little frustrated walking by her.
"What's up with him?" I ask Val.
"I have no---wait, the proposal. Ava I never answered?!" She groans annoyed, like Val I completely forgot about it to. "You have to do something nice; he's probably thinking you don't want to." I say.
"You're right. Tell Caden to meet me down by the lake in 10 minutes!" She says before running out the house. I don't know what her plan is but I sure hope it's a good one.
"Caden Val says meet her by the lake in 10 minutes!!!" I shout also walking out the house; I want to take a walk. To think about everything that's happened. After only a couple of minutes of wandering I come across Jace, with a sealed note in his hand sat down at a tree.
"Oh Ava hey." He says quickly sitting up a little, putting the note behind him. "What's that?" I ask pointing to the letter. He looks at me then back to the letter before letting out a big sigh. Picking it up he hands it to me.
I sit in front of him and play with it in my hands. "Well are you gonna open it?" He says confused.
"Jace what's happened to my mum?"
"Well-she's... She died Ava." He says sadly. I furrow my eyebrows and look down at the letter. "Noah?" I say holding back my tears.
"No, a rogue." He begins to say. "Your father tried to prevent it but the rogue got to her before anything could happen."
"He tried to, protect her?" I say confused, my voice kept breaking. There was a time in my life I was only ever loved by two people. Val and my mum, they both mean everything to me and now one is gone...
"Yes." He nods confused his self as to why.
It was silent for a while, not an awkward silence but a comforting one. I don't know how to describe it but nothing could be awkward with Jace. He made everything seem okay?
"Darcy said to tell you that she loves you and you need to read the letter." He points at me still holding it. I look down at it, in nice fancy writing and it says Ava on the front with two lines under. I carefully open it and begin to read...

"Dear my beloved Ava,

If you are reading this I may be gone, I couldn't stay here any longer. It was truly a wonder for Jace to let me stay here but it doesn't feel right. Nothing feels right without your father around.
Yes you will be thinking, how could she have done this? He treated her terribly. But let me tell you, being away from your mate can be truly heart breaking. No matter what they have done to you. I love Noah, as much as you love Jace but Noah wasn't willing to love me the way he should have so he broke me and my heart, I stayed strong but couldn't stay for any longer.
In life you will come across many challenges but you are one strong woman and can overcome anything dear! Don't let anything stop you. You have an amazing mate and amazing friends who would do anything for you and when you feel alone, know you're never as you are surrounded by people whom love you dearly with all their hearts.
And this is why I have to go, I am one of these challenges now but you have to overcome it. I don't know when or where, even if I will see you again but know this. I love you and always will sweetheart. I hope you get everything you deserve.
Love, Mom"

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