Alpha Jace

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One Last Time

"She was going to leave me?" I whisper as a little tear falls from my eyes. Yes I know her reasons but I could have helped her, now I can't. "Don't be upset, she will be happier now." Jace said pulling me into a hug. “The moon goddess will take care of her.”
"No she would have been happier with me!" I say back frowning, I know he's trying to help but it's not working.
"Okay I'm sorry." He said. Instead of speaking he just held me and we sat in silence. It was nice not to speak and just think for a while...

Jace has told me what he's saw and what Zach told him had happened, I'm shocked my father would be sorry but he's not always been bad. It’s now up to me what to do with Noah.
I just want to think for a while longer as Jace said I should take my time to think on the funeral. I never thought how yesterday I was speaking to my mum and now I have to plan her funeral. I hate the thought and it's killing me that everything happened so fast. "I just want a nice send off, with only a few people." I smile at Jace sadly, I try to look strong but inside I'm not. I never have been.
"Whatever you would like princess." Jace kissed me on the head before we started to walk back home. “I know it's so sudden but how about having it tonight, or whenever you want?" He said. Tonight is very soon...

Val's POV

As I was talking to Ava the door suddenly opens and in walks Caden, Stephan and Chase. "Oh hey." I say to Caden as he seems a little frustrated walking past me without saying anything. He was quite blunt with me since we came home, I remember after the big fight at the industrial building I woke up in our bed. He was downstairs and I was just talking to him but every reply was just "yes, no, maybe, I don't know, I don't care."
"What's up with him?" Ava asks me.
"I have no---wait, the proposal. Ava I never answered?!" I groan annoyed, how the hell I could forget that the person I love most in the world proposed to me and I didn't even answer. I swear that silver did something to my brains memory. "You have to do something nice, he's probably thinking you don't want to." Ava says.
"You're right. Tell Caden to meet me down by the lake in 10 minutes!" I quickly say before running out the house.
As I'm walking to the lake I'm just thinking of what I can say and after a long time I have the perfect idea. I'm going to ask Caden to marry me instead! Yes I don't have a ring but that's not all that matters, I would be happy marrying Caden with a ring or not and I hope he feels the same way as

1 I don't have one and

2 I literally have no money at all.

I sigh looking at my watch realising its 12:30pm and when I left the house it was 12pm so I've been waiting 30 minutes when I asked to meet 20 minutes ago. Slowly opening my eyes I feel someone tap me on the shoulder causing me to scream. I must have fallen asleep against the tree after waiting so long. "It's just me." Ava says sitting down. "So where's Caden?" She frowns, her voice is really croaky and high, what's wrong with her?
"Guess he didn't turn up but what's wrong with you, you seem upset." I say pulling her into a hug when a tear falls from her eyes. "Darcy is dead. My mother is dead." She whispers into my ear.
"What?!" I say in shock.
"A rogue killed her."
It was sad to hear this; I could feel tears forming in my eyes also. Darcy was like a second mom to me and I know what Ava is going through from the loss of my mother. However my own father killed her, and one day he will pay for that. “The funeral is tonight, so please be here at 10pm, it's just me and you." She smiles and I smile back, I can't believe this has happened. We just sit and talk like we used to, joking and laughing a little through the pain but I knew it was cheering her up.
I hear movement in the trees which causes both me and Ava to quickly turn out heads to see Caden. "I'll go, see you later Val." Ava sadly smiled getting up before walking back to the pack house, I feel terrible as she must have felt rushed and I want to make her laugh and see her beautiful smile on that sad face.
"You wanted to meet me?" Caden said walking over to stand in front of where I was sat, I just look up and back down towards the ground.
'Come on Val you can do this' I mentally say to myself before standing up and facing him.
"I know that you couldn't get the answer you wanted in the moment and I know I was stupid to not remember but after all the silver I was so exhausted. I love you so much Caden and this is going to be so embarrassing but...

Caden, will you marry me?" I ask looking up at him feeling my face going red. Damn it that always happens! A huge smile grows on his face before he pulls me in and kisses me, I couldn't help but smile like a creep. "So is that a yes?" I ask laughing.
"No, it's a HELL YEAH!" He shouts laughing. This is the perfect moment...

Ava's POV

As I walk up to the open casket, I saw her. My mother looking so peaceful and happy. Even though a smile wasn't on her face she still looked happier than she ever was, than she ever was with me. I place a red rose on her chest before Val steps up behind me.
"She didn't deserve this." She whispered doing the same action with the rose before hugging me. It was just me and Val; I wanted to say a last goodbye after everyone else.
"Ava." I heard a cough from behind me, turning around Noah was stood there looking like a mess with bloody clothes and huge black bags u could hardly see his eyes. "Stay away from us!" I shout pointing at him, daring him to come closer to me, Val and my mother.
"I just needed to say a goodbye." He sadly says walking to the casket before looking down at Darcy.
"I'm sorry love, I hope you did forgive me but I never got to hear the answer. You meant everything to me however I pushed that away for greed and pretended you were nothing. Rest in peace my angel." He said quietly before heading off into the woods.
"Where do you think you going?" I shout. Turning around he gives me a sad look. "I know no apology could make up for what I did to you both so I can't say one but Ava, you were never a disappointment. Only too strong that you made me fearful." He said before running off into the woods.
"We should get someone to catch him!" Val said going to walk away but I grab her arm so she couldn't.
"Let him go, he doesn't have long left." I say before walking back to the house.
I don't know how to feel. I have many emotions right now. I know my mother is gone but it makes me happy to know she's in a better place, he being here would have just made her unhappy and her being with Noah or away from him would have done that also. The letter inspired me to keep going, and that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to be a better person for everyone. Yes I've gone through a loss of a much loved one but I'm going to be strong for Jace and my friends, they have all lost people too and are moving on positively like Val and her mother Malia.
"So what did you and Caden talk about at the lake then?" I ask Val as we are heading back.
"I asked him to marry me." She says slightly blushing.
"And what did he say?!" I shout all excited.
"Yes!" I smile and hug her happily; her face is so lit with joy. When we are walking home I just can't help be feel so happy for her.

Opening the door to the pack house I let Val walk in first and I head in just behind her but when I look in the living room everyone is sat down with Jeff.
"What's this?" I ask looking at everyone confused.
"I need to tell you something Luna, but I needed you here to tell it." Jeff smiled happily. "Go on then." I say confused.
He took a long pause before Jace quickly spoke up. "Hurry up Jeff." Jace said annoyed.

"Luna, you're pregnant...."

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