Alpha Jace

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The Wallet

"What?!" I say in shock. I'm 18 I'm not ready for a child!! Well I'm 19 soon but still. Everyone has happy faces, except I don't know how to react. I'm happy, I have the child of the most amazing guy ever inside me but this is so sudden, my mum just died and my father is out there somewhere--"Fuck yeah!" Jace shouts running up to me hugging me. I'm pregnant? I'm. Pregnant! So many thoughts and questions run through my mind.
"You're happy aren't you?!" Jace shouts smiling. "Yeah..yeah of course I am!" I say back happily, I'm happy but I'm just shocked. "Ava you’re pregnant, I'm going to be an aunt!" Val said pushing Jace off me so she could hug me. "No you're going to be an uncle." I laugh mockingly. She laughs in return and just rolls her eyes at me in annoyance.
"We need to celebrate, how about pizza?" Stephan questions. "That's the best idea you have ever had!" Pogue says holding his stomach. Laughing i smack his head playfully before we head towards the door. "I just need to get something!" Jace shouts running upstairs, following him he closes the door but I quickly open it again.
"Don't be long everyone's waiting I say." Turning around pointing at the door but when I turn back around Jace is on one knee looking at the floor. Wait...
"You're proposing?!" I shout in happiness.
"What no, I dropped my wallet?" He furrows his eyebrows standing back up shaking it in his hand. "That's embarrassing." I laugh feeling my face going red. "I need the toilet." I quickly say running into the bathroom, I suddenly felt really sick and I felt like I was going to throw up.
"You okay in there?" Jace says knocking on the door. "Uh hum-yep fine." I say while gagging into the toilet. I quickly brush my teeth then walk back out. "I want to go to bed." I frown walking over to the bed while putting the covers over me. "You can't, we're getting pizza."
"No." I say burrowing my face into the pillows. "Yes." Jace says dragging out of bed, and i mean literally. He grabs my leg and pulls me onto the floor before bending down while throwing me over his shoulder.
"I'm getting dejahvu." I say laughing when we get outside, I remember when I first met Jace and I didn't want to stay here so he picked me up like this, forcing me back to his house. And now to think I never want to leave.

When we get to the Pizza Hut Jace asked for a table at the very back where no one was sitting. It had cute fairy lights all around it, nice for Pizza Hut.
"So what would you guys like?" The waiter said smiling at me taking my order. "An extra large pizza, pepperoni. A plain and another pepperoni but these ones medium please." I smile back. "All for yourself, where do you put it?" He laughed putting the order into the machine.
"Fast metabolism." I laugh, however this isn't all for me. The large is for Pogue and Leila obviously. Jace and Caden didn't want anything so me and Val are sharing the pepperoni and Stephan and Isabella are sharing the plain.
"I'm so hungry." I say digging into the pizza as soon as it arrives. "This is so good!" Val says sighing in delight of the taste. "Agreed." Pogue says taking a slice of our pizza. "You fat devil! You have a huge one to yourself!" I say taking one of his. "You shouldn't have done that." Leila warns as Pogue looks heart broken.
"My baby!" He pretends to cry snatching it back off me. "She can't hurt you." He whispers to the pizza before taking a big bite out of it. "Does that mean you just ate your baby?" Jace says looking confused trying to hold back his laugh. "You better hide yours when he or she is born." Caden laughs.
"That's disgusting." Pogue says all serious staring and Caden and Jace who are laughing historically. "If you come near my baby I will chop your hand off." Jace laughs smacking the pizza out of Pogues hand.
"This is just bullying now." Pogue frowns shoving a full slice in his mouth.
"Poor baby Pougy." Leila laughs squishing his cheeks. "Great, even my mate has turned against me." He says smacking her hands away.
"Aw you're always my baby." She smirks hugging him.
"That's disturbing." Jace looks at them both weirdly.
"Aw don't worry, do you want to be my baby Alpha?" I smirk trying to hold back my laugh trying to pinch his cheeks. "No way in hell." He says standing up to move further away from me. "Come on." I say holding my arms out but he just runs out of Pizza Hut. This is so funny.
"No one calls the Alpha a Baby." He shouts back.
"Alpha BIG FAT BABY Jace!" I shout so the whole mall could probably hear. I see a few pack members laughing and a few smirking. I begin laughing but stop to think, this is me happy. Genuinely happy and it's so amazing to feel like this. I have amazing friends. No, they are family. This is my family...

"Meet me at the lake in 30 minutes." Jace says kissing my forehead before quickly getting out the car and running towards the lake.
"Weirdo." I say to myself shaking my head. He's so weird sometimes but its an amazing weird. Walking up to my room i pick out a white short summer dress with some swade sandals. I curl my hair and do my make-up.
"I swear to god!" I shout throwing my eyeliner on the floor. I can never get this right. "What's wrong?" I hear Jen knocking on the door. I open it and she gasps. "How the hell did you get it in your eyebrows?" She laughs picking up the eyeliner.
"Where are you off too?" She says wiggling her eyebrows looking at me. "Jace said to meet him down at the lake, anyways why are you in a black dress?" I ask her. "What. I can't wear a nice black dress?" She says lifting her eyebrow up.
"No i just mean-nevermind." I roll my eyes laughing.
"Perfect." She says. Looking in the mirror she decided to do a full smokey winged liner with fake eyelashes. I didn't even realise I was too busy talking.
"Ill walk you to the lake." She smiles grabbing my hand before pulling me downstairs.
"Where is everyone?" I ask noticing no one was here. "I’m not sure." She shrugs, I see a little smirk form at the side of her mouth making me frown confused. Oh no I bet I'm going to be pranked or something by everyone. Leila said I shouldn't of stole Pogue's pizza. Damn it I should of listened!
When me and Jen get near the lake she says bye quickly before walking into the woods giggling. As I get closer I see little fairy light on the trees. Keeping my guard up in case Pogue is near I walk closer and closer until I reach the edge of the lake. I look out at it before I hear movement behind me.
Quickly grabbing the person I push them into the lake thinking its Pogue. "Suck that Pogue--!" I shout but stop when I see Jace pop out the water. "Ava!" He growls looking down at himself. He looks so cute, he's in a black suit and I think I'm going to die.
"Oh my god, I'm sorry I thought you were Pogue." I say helping him out the water.
"It's ruined I'm not doing it!" Jace shouts and I hear voices coming out the woods screaming annoyed. "It had to be perfect. I'm soaking wet now!" Jace said. What is going on?
"Yes you are!" Val shouts pushing Jace into me making me fall to the ground. "Fucking hell this could not go any worse!" Jace growled getting off me helping me up.
"What's ruined?!" I shouted. At this point everyone was arguing and shouting.
"I was going to propose and it was going to be perfect and you would have said yes and I dressed up and so did these losers." He said pointing to the others who looked at little offended.
"W-what?!" I say shocked.
"Great that means no." He said punching a tree.
"I-I was going to say--" But before I could finish my sentence Jace squelched over to me. I couldn't help but laugh at the sound his shoes made walking but he just smirked.
"Ava May Danvers. Can you just marry me already?" He laughed opening up a cute little black box. When he opened it the ring was beautiful silver with a big diamond in the middle.


"No..." I say and instantly regret it. The look on his face made me want to cry. "I'm joking of corse yes!" I shout hugging him tightly. "You got him good." Pogue says laughing while pointing at me. "That's twice tonight."
"I love you so much Ava!" Jace said suffocating me.
"I love you to!" Getting out the ring he slides it onto my finger making me wanting to melt. "Beautiful." He whispers.
"This is too cute please stop." Leila and Isabella said in aw while Pogue and Stephan looked at each other for help. "Super cute." Pogue said mockingly.
"Oh shut up Pogue!" Everyome shouted at him.
This is the best and most worst day of my life. And I couldn't ask for
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