Alpha Jace

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Month after Month

So it's two months into the pregnancy and I have three more to go. An Alpha blood child only takes 5 months to grow as it is much stronger than usual wolves. I feel good about this because I couldn't last 7-9 months with Jace taking care of me 24/7. Yes it can be nice someone doing everything for you and yes, I mean everything but I can't even go to the toilet without him panicking thinking I've injured myself.
A month later Val found out she was pregnant also, which will be so good us both having our children with a couple of months age gap.
Me and Jace haven't decided when we are going to get married but me and Val thought a joint wedding would be ideal? Anyhow I don't know.
"Ava!" Val shouts interrupting my thoughts running up to me. I'm currently walking by the lake at the moment for some peace; no doubt Jace is probably following me. "Hey what's up?" I say smiling at her.
"Jace wants you back at the house, he has some news or something." She said as she began to walk back. I followed her and in no time we were back at the house. Heading up the stairs I say hello to everyone before going straight to Jace's office. I haven't seen much of anyone recently; everyone has been on holiday for some reason. Probably for a break after everything that's happened.
"Yeah what's wrong?" I say walking inside and taking a seat on his couch.
"Are you in a mood?" He frowns; he thinks everything I say to him means I'm happy, moody, sad or annoyed. In my opinion I'm just my usual self but I once caught him reading a book called "How to Survive Your Partners Pregnancy." Which I laughed about but when he finished he started doing too much for me. Which I'm not complaining about.
"I'm not in a mood for god's sake!" I grunt. "Well the book said--"
"Jace. Just please tell me what you have to say." I sigh.
"Okay, one of my patrollers found your father's body not too far from the mountains yesterday." He said.
"Oh." I reply.
"Shall we bury him?" He asks back.
"I don't know...can you please decide?"
"Sure okay." Jace has also been quite busy with the pack lately but he still makes time for me, if he doesn't I will probably be "moody" with him as he says. I nod to him and just walk out and head back upstairs to take a nap. I'm so tired I feel faint.
I can't help but wonder how Noah died. Was it because of my mother dying or did he get killed? I shrug the thought to the back of my mind then go to sleep; I was out like a light.

"Ava, wake up." I feel Jace nudging me. I groan before sitting up and wiping my eyes. "It's 8pm and you need to eat." He says picking me up bridal style before heading down the stairs. I don't think he understands that I am fully capable of walking myself and do not need a tall, muscular, attractive man to carry me everywhere. Heck why am I complaining?!
"I'm not hungry." I whine, I just want to sleep right now.
"Well the baby might be." He says putting me down before making spaghetti. "At least it's my favourite food then." I chuckle watching him cook.
"What are you doing tomorrow?" I ask fiddling with a pen on the island.
"Me and Caden need to go to a pack meeting." He says. "Do you want to come?"
"Hell no." I laugh and I see a little smile creep on his mouth. "You’re right, they are pretty boring." He says knowing exactly what I'm talking about.
"Yup but I think Val said her and Caden are going out somewhere tomorrow?"
"The meetings at like 5am so probably." He rolls his eyes. He sets me out a mat and gives me a glass of water before placing the spaghetti in front of me. "This looks so good babe!" I say picking up my fork before I began to eat.
"How spaghetti could be made so terribly I don't know!" I say spitting it out. "The pasta is like half hard and the sauce is like ketchup." I laugh.
"Let me try." He said picking up my fork then taking a bit. "You're right. Oh my god this is shit!" He says as he spits it out into the bin.
"Should we just order something?" He says picking up his phone. "How about I make some food but good this time?" I laugh getting out the pasta and sauce again.
"I heard the word food?" Pogue said walking into the kitchen with Leila.
"You're not getting any, there's only enough for two sorry." I smile but he just rolls his eyes. "Need any help?" Leila asks walking over to me.
"I think I'll be good." I smile; Leila is so nice I love her. "Oh yeah I didn't tell you. Hayden and Xavier phoned me and they they have decided to call their baby Carter." She smiles happily.
"That is such a cute name!" I say smiling.
"I can't wait to name ours; it has to be something badass." Jace says.
"Something likes Patrick!" Pogue says seriously.
"No. Sorry but Patrick, ooo what I'm going to call the other Bob." Jace mocks. "Who said we're having another?" I fold my arms smirking at him.
"Of course we're going to have another!"

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