Alpha Jace

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Stomach Pains


"You're getting fat." Pogue said walking into the kitchen. Frowning I grab the popcorn in my hand and throw it at him but he quickly dodges and I accidentally hit Stephan instead.
"Wow." Stephan said brushing it off his shoulder. "I'm sorry Stephan." I giggle but turn to glare at Pogue.
"You can't say that!" I growl.
"Ava, you asked me "Do I look fat?" He mimicked my voice waving his hand in the air. "Well. Doesn't mean you have to be rude and say yes!" I growl again in anger.
"Okay next time I'll say no." He smiled and walked out the room.
"Stephan you ready?" Isabella shouted from her room. "Where are you going?" I ask Stephan when he replies. "I'm taking Izzy on a date." He smiled happily.
"Awe." I smile. "Have a good time both of you." Isabella walked in looking amazing, they are both so cute.
"Thank you." She smiles before they both head out the door.
I sit alone in the kitchen just thinking to myself. "I really want to go on a date now." I slump into the chair putting a piece of pop-corn in my mouth.
"I'll take you on one." I hear from behind me. Turning around Val is stood at the door smiling. "It's a date." I smile getting up putting my arm around her. "So where you taking my mate out Val." Jace said standing in front of us. "You're not going anywhere without me." He pointed towards my stomach.
"Fine you can third wheel then." Val rolled her eyes walking past Jace.
I have the bestest friend ever.

It currently 3am right now and I can't sleep at all. All I can do is feel the baby kicking inside me and it hurts a lot actually. If I get a drink or food maybe it will stop? I still don't know the gender. Jace wanted it to be a surprise. Names? Oh I don't even know.
Walking downstairs I get out a chocolate bar and a glass of water and just begin to eat and drink them. I switch the tv on and begin to watch an episode of Teen Wolf on Netflix.
"Ugh Scott and Stiles are so hot!" I say aloud laughing to myself. I stop when I hear a growl behind me.
"Only I can be called hot from you!" Jace growled towards me. "B-but--"
"Anyways you have your own personal Scott McCall anyways." He said pointing to himself. "Yeah. You're right. He's still hotter though." I tease, even though I love you Jace, Scott is much better looking. His face is priceless.
"No he's not!" Jace says coming to look at the tv. "How in the world is he better than--?"
I quickly cut him off by gasping.
"What's wrong?!" He says running over to the seat. "My stomach just really hurt." I say back in pain. "We need to get you to Jeff." He says picking me up quickly. "No I'm fine, I'll be okay." I say getting out his arms before heading up the stairs.
"Ouch!" I scream out again in pain.
"What's that?" Stephan and Isabella run out. "Who's hurt?" Caden says. "Ava!"
"Can you all just shut up and get me to the infirmary!" I shout holding my stomach. "Okay yes. Yes!" Jace panics picking me up before carrying me bridal style.
I rest my head on Jace's shoulder and clench my jaw to distract myself from the pain. Squinting my eyes I see movement in the distance. "Jeff!" Jace shouted as we got into the building and in seconds he was by my side. "I think she's going into labour." He said placing me onto the medical bed.
"No shit." I shout in pain.
"There are too many people, only one person can stay." Jeff said looking around at everyone in the room. "I'll stay." Jace said trying to shove everyone out.
"No!" I shout. "Val. I want Val to stay-fuck!" I say again this time the contraction was worse.
"B-but." Jace began to stay.
"For god's sake Jace just let me stay it's what she wants!" Val says pushing Jace out the room along with everyone else. Quickly she ran over to me and grabbed my hand.
"It's okay Ava you're going to be fine." She smiled down at me. I heard a grunt from Jace outside. Even though he probably really wants to stay, he would definitely freak out or stress me out. Plus this is not going to be a pretty sight at all...

Jace's POV

"Why didn't she want me to stay!" I growl slumping into a chair outside the room while everyone else did.
"Val's her best friend." Jen stated crossing her arms leaning against the wall next to Chase. "Yeah, she probably just wants her best friend." Isabella said grabbing Stephan's hand. They are mates and best friends as Isabella doesn't really know many people.
"I thought I was her best friend?" I say frowning.
"No. You're her mate." Leila laughs with Pogue.
"Can I not be both--?" I say but get cut off by a loud scream off Ava. I stand up and quickly run to the door. "Princess you okay?" I shout.
"She's fine Jace!" Val shouts back.
I sigh and take a seat onto the chair again. This is going to be a long day...

"Alpha." Jeff opens the door nodding to me that I can enter. I quickly stand up and run into the room and stop when I see Ava holding a little baby in her hand. That's my baby. He's my baby.
"He beautiful, like you." I smile taking the little pup out of my beautiful mate's arms. Even though she is all sweaty and looks exhausted, she looks amazing as ever. "He's perfect." She smiles. "He's going to be an great Alpha."
"Have you decided on a name?" I ask her. I want Ava to pick the name, she will be better at it than me anyways.
"Yeah." She smiled all excitedly.

"Everyone. I want you to meet little baby Xander..."

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