Alpha Jace

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Run Away Mates

The walk to the house was pretty silent. Me and Val just stayed behind Jace and Caden. Once in a while they would both turn around to check if we were still there but that was all that happened. I was trying to listen to what they were talking about so I didn't say much to Val or hear anything she had to say. I just nodded my head as if I was interested.
Jace said something about how he's waited forever for his mate and is so glad I'm here. Caden said the same about Val. Why would he be excited to see us? I can't stay with him. I can't stay here we need to get as far away as we can. If not it's just a matter of time before Noah finds us.
After around a mile or so walk we arrived at their pack house. It is surrounded by woods and there are lots of lights in the distance which are probably other houses from the pack members.
Walking towards the house i notice instantly that it is very large. When you step inside it is the living room with the kitchen just next to it. There are 3 floors to the house. The top is always the Alphas, if it's like my old one. I wonder where the Alpha of the pack is actually...

"Would your Alpha not mind us staying in his house?" I ask looking around at how huge the place is. It's 10 times bigger than my pack house, well my old pack should I say and is more modern. From the outside it is like a old mansion wood cabin but when you get inside its modern and new.
"Oh, I'm sure he won't mind." Caden said smirking. Why was he smirking again? I think this guy has facial problems.
"Where is he then?" Val says looking around as if he would magically appear.
"Behind you." Caden says still smirking. Seriously, he needs to stop.
We turn around to see Jace walking in the front door. Wait...Jace is the Alpha? How did I not even realise, to be fair I have never seen another Alpha except for Noah.

My mate is an Alpha?!

Jace stopped in his tracks as he saw me and Val staring at him.
"What." He said sternly.
"Nothing." I say laughing but turn around to Val and mouth "oh my god." Being mated to an Alpha. I wonder how this will turn out.
"Does that mean you are his Beta?" I turn to Caden. He nods and Val's face lit up but tries not to show it by quickly shaking it away.
"So your rooms will be right next to ours." Caden and Jace say walking up the long stairs. It takes forever to walk up them or so it seems is somewhat exhausting. Walking behind them you can see every muscle on their back move to every step the take. Oh my. Stop Ava!
"Can we sleep in the same room?" I say to Jace and Caden. They both stare at me wide eyed.
"W-what? You want to sleep in our rooms, with us?" They ask shocked but excited.
"No me and Val. Can we sleep in the same room?" I say laughing. Both their faces dropped and they seemed a little disappointed.
"Oh, sure." Jace said pointing to a bedroom in front of us.
"My room is to the left and Caden's is to the right. If you need anything come and get one of us. You know where the kitchen is and you have a bathroom in your room. Here are your bags." Jace said while he and Caden handed us our bags. I completely forgot about them, it's a good job they didn't.
"Thank you." I say giving a shy smile to them both.
"Anytime, princess." Jace said winking before walking into his room. He stopped and looked back smiling but shut his door two seconds later. "Princess" ... that's what James used to say sometimes. I hated it but coming from him, it feels different.
"Well this is crazy." Val said next to me.
"You know we can't stay right, we are going to put everyone here in danger." I whisper to her as quietly as I could.
"Yeah, you're right." She looked disappointed but I know it is the right thing to do. Caden must have gone into his room already as he isn't around. Caden seems more chilled out than Jace. He is more of a joker where as Jace seems quite serious.
Opening the door slowly to our room it was huge. The walls are a dark purple with a crème carpet and a big white bed in the middle. I'm sure 4 people or more could fit in it.
"Wow." Val said staring at the room in amazement.
"It's so nice." I say walking around. The bathroom was pretty big and the room had its own balcony looking out into the woods.
"Well I'm going to get a shower, change then get some rest, we will leave later on in the night." Val said walking into the bathroom. Curiously I open the door to get onto the balcony. It glides open smoothly and I take a deep breath of the fresh air as I step out. Closing the door behind me I lean against it and slide down the door so I'm sat on the floor.
I hear a door open and look the left of me. I see Jace walking out onto his balcony but because of how big the room is it's quite far away from mine. I think he's on his phone.

"Jen guess what." He says smiling into the phone.

"I know you always moan that I haven't found my mate and you always want to meet her."

"I found her."

I can hear a scream coming from down the phone in excitement. Why is this Jen girl so excited?
"No I'm not being all serious, well trying not to be I can't help it!"
"She's so beautiful Jen. I couldn't believe it when I saw her."
His comment made me smile. Does he really think I'm beautiful? He doesn't look like the guy to make a comment like that. He seems to be one of those arrogant guys but you never know by a cover. Jace walked into his room still on the phone. It will be hard to run away and shift as my wolf will want to stay with Jace. I'll have to go human until we are a certain distance.
I stay on the balcony until Val is done. It's nice out here, it feels free. Getting up I decide I'll lay down and close my eyes for a few minutes while I'm waiting for Val but I slowly feel myself drifting asleep. I didn't realise how tired I was because in a blink of an eye I was fast asleep. I think the night just got ahead of me.
Quickly I jerk up and take a deep breath. I look around to see I'm in the same room I fell asleep in. Turning to my left Val is fast asleep.
I slowly get out of bed trying to not wake her up but remember I'm still in my muddy clothes. I look in the cupboard next to me to see a big grey jumper. I smell it and it has the same scent as Jace, it must be his then...Which I'm not complaining about wearing.
Walking into the bathroom I take my clothes off and hop into the shower. I only stay in there for a couple of minutes before getting out and putting on the big jumper. I came to just above my knee, it looks like a dress. I put the same leggings I came in and put my shoes on.
I think for a few minutes of how we can escape before waking Val up.
"Come on Val get up we have to go." I whisper in her ear.
She groans and gets out of bed to follow me. We walk out onto the balcony again and look down.
"It's further down than I thought."
"You think?!" Val says looking down towards the woodland ground. Since being on the top floor it is quite a big drop but I don't think we would die. That's the main thing.
"It won't kill us it would only hurt us a little?" I say trying to reason with her.
"Fine, if I die you're to blame." She says before we stand up onto the ledge.
"One, two thre--" We begin to say but we get cut off by someone.
"No!" Turning around Jace growled as he ran towards us trying to grab us.


Landing on the floor we make a loud thud.
"Ouch!" Val shouted and she landed. "No time to cry, run!" I shout letting go of her hand as I sprinted into the woods straight ahead ignoring the sharp pain in my left foot.
"Shall we shift?!" Val says catching up to me. "Not just yet we need to be further away." I lift my hand up to point in the distance.

Panting we are both now running as fast as we can. I turn around to see Jace and Caden running after us. They seem to be getting closer and closer by the second, we need to hurry up. There are so many trees to dodge and logs to jump over and it's not helping the pain in my foot.
We must be nearly out of their territory by now. My eyes widen in happiness but suddenly I feel someone tackle me to the floor. Just as I'm about to hit it I put my hands in front of me to stop it from making contact with the ground. I squint my eyes ready for the hard fall but I feel my body being moved around so I'm facing upwards. I slide across the woodland floor but, not on the floor on someone's chest. I turn around to see Jace below me.
"Are you okay?!" He says, even though he was the one to hit the floor. I struggle trying to get out of his grasp but he holds on like I'm nothing. I look to my right to see Val in Caden's arms.
"Let of of us!" I start to pound on Jace's chest but he doesn't even flinch.
"No." They both say at the same time.
"We have to go!" I shout at him.
"Yeah, go back to my house with me that is where." Jace says flinging me over his shoulder. I start to kick my feet but as I thought, nothing happens. His hand is now holding my legs so I can't move them. Looking over to Val she has seemed to of given up already and is just flung over Caden's shoulder like a doll.

Great. I guess we are stuck here. For now...

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