Alpha Jace

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"Momma, Xander and Axel stole my chocolate!" Skye my 7 year old daughter said running up to me crying. She's pretty whiny but she's only 7. She's one of those children that have to get what they want or else there will be a consequence for everyone involved.
"Xander, Axel!" I shouted at the top of my voice. Them two are always up to something. Xander is 10 now, he is always getting in trouble for doing something.
"Yes mom?" Xander smiles up at me innocently. "Yes Aunty Ava?" Axel said looking just as innocent. "Please give Skye her chocolate back." I sigh holding my hand out.
Axel is Val's son, he is also 10 years old however is a few month younger than Xander. He's just as much a devil but the worst thing is that they come in a pair. Inseparable is the word best to describe them both.
"What's he done now?" Val said walking in shaking her head at Axel.
"Sorry mom." Axel said to Val looking down at her feet.
"You better be. Now give Skye back her chocolate then go out and play." She said pointing towards the front door. Axel and Xander quickly handed the bar back to her before scurrying outside.
"You okay now?" I ask Skye who was sticking her tongue out at Xavier and Axel. "Yup." She grinned before running after them.
"Hold up, where are you going little princess." Jace said walking up to Skye while picking her up. He began spinning her around in the air causing lots of giggle to enter the room. "Put me down!" She screamed.
"Fine." Jace laughed putting her down gently before she ran outside happily.
"Me and Caden were thinking we could all go down to the lake later with the pups?" Jace laughed sitting down.
"Sounds good." I smile nodding to Val. Jace recently has had a big problem as rogue keep coming closer towards the border, they haven’t set foot in the pack in years but they might do so he's taking precautions.
"Yeah sure." Val smiles. Caden walks in looking smiley as he grabs Val's waist and pulls her into a hug. We were all just talking happily for around an hour about the past and future laughing before Skye ran in and quickly ran upstairs.
"What you doing sweetie?" I smile when she runs up to me. "Momma can I give my new friend this bracelet?" She says holding out a silver bracelet with a crescent moon dangling in the middle.
"Sure, it's yours anyways." I smile kissing her head. "Yay!" She jumps running outside. I frown as I'm curious to who this friend is, she's not had any friends except her brother and Axel.
"I'm just going to check where Skye's gone." I say getting up. "Okay princess." Jace says kissing my head.

"Where's Skye?" I kindly ask Xander when I get outside. "At the border with 'her new friend'" He says laughing a little.
"The border?!" I shout running, she's not allowed to the border. I shift and it doesn't take me long to get there. As I reach closer I see Skye sitting looking out of the pack borders talking to a girl, she had dark brown hair and was around the same age of Skye. She was very pretty and resembled someone very familiar...
"Come on Skye, you're not allowed here!" I shout and she quickly runs to me. "But momma--"
"No. Go home Skye." She frowns and brushes past me heading in the direction of the pack house with a big frown on her face. When me and Jace had Xander we decided to move into our own house instead of the pack house but we still always hang out there anyways, it's much more sociable.
When i turn back around the little girl is no longer there. Weird, I swear im going crazy. Walking back into the house Val bumps into me causing me to shout. "Geez Val! Give me a heart attack why don't you." I roll my eyes walking past her. "You're welcome." She smiles before walking out the house and shutting the door.
"You ready to go princess, everyone is there." Jace says grabbing my hand.
"Wait where?" I frown in confusion.
"The lake remember." He says in a duh tone. "Oh yeah." I laugh.
"So where was Skye then?" Jace asks when we nearer the lake. There were lots of pack members sat around watching the kids play in the lake and BBQ'S. They usually do this once a month when it's sunny or just a nice day to swim around. Everyone always enjoys is and anyone is welcome.
"She was talking to some girl outside the borders, she wasn't a rogue but I don't know what pack she was from. Before I could ask her anything she ran off." I shrug.
"She shouldn't be there. What if she got hurt!" He growls a little.
"Hey, she's just as much your responsibility as mine. Don't act like it's all my fault, I got her in time." I roll my eyes.
"No I'm not shouting at you princess. I'm just saying." He shrugged. We ended up seeing Val, Caden, Jen, Chase, Pogue, Leila, Stephan and Isabella so we sat with them and there kids.
Val as you know has Axel who is a little devil but is so precious. He's like a gem. Jen has a little girl named Freya who is 6. Stephan and Isabella don't have any kids and neither do Pogue and Leila...
"Hey guys." I say sitting down next to Pogue. "Hey." They all greet me kindly. We all talk and have a big laugh watching the kids play and talk about Pogue and Leila having a kid. Leila really wants one but Pogue isn’t quite ready yet.
"Mom!" Xander shouts while him and Axel play in the water. "Come here!" Axel shouts again. I turn to Val and she gets up and we both walk down to our boys.
"What’s up with you boys." I lift an eyebrow as they both have there devil smirks on their faces. "This!" I hear behind me. As I turn around Jace pushes me into the water and Caden does Val making us scream.
"You idiots!" I shout coming up while splashing Jace. "Like father like son." Val said laughing.
When we both get out and finally dry off we decided to sit and talk while watching the boys play.
"I swear they are inseparable!" Val laughs pointing to Xander and Axel.
"I know right." I laugh along with her.
"They're going to grow up to be one strong Alpha and one strong beta!" She smiles at our little boys. "They will lead the pack so good together one day."

"They will always be best friends..."

However what Eva and Val didn't know is that they are wrong. Very, very wrong...
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