Alpha Jace

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Pizza Boy

When we reached the house Jace and Caden still had a hold of us in their grasp tightly. The only good thing was that we didn't have to walk all the way back to their pack house.
"Can you put us down now?" I asked rolling my eyes. Even though he can't see me it's good for dramatic effect.
"No, you will try to escape again." He sternly said back.
"We won't, I promise."
"Hm." Jace said looking at Caden. They both stare at each other for a while but eventually cave in.
"Thanks." I said moving to stand next to Val. When they finally opened the door they both waited for us to go in first. We eventually walk in, after some protesting and we are meted with a young guy who is stood there. He is around my age, 18. He also has his mouth full of pizza and just freezes in front of us.
"Hello." He says holding his hand up waving. You could hardly understand what he said through all the food stuffed in his mouth."Pogue, what are you doing?" Jace says in his Alpha tone to who I now know as Pogue. That is a very unique name, I love it.
"Oh hey Alpha I'm eating pizza. Want some?" He says holding the plate in front of him.

"No Pogue--"

"Can I have some?" I interrupt Jace while walking over to Pogue.
"Y-yeah sure." He stutters while giving me the plate.
"Thanks." I say as I wink to him. When I turn back around I see Jace looking annoyed. Just my plan.
"I could make you a pizza if you're hungry?" Jace quickly said walking past Pogue giving him the death stare while he just shrugged his shoulders in return.
Pogue had long blonde hair and blue eyes. He was tall and well-built but not as much as Jace or Caden.
"I'm good with these thanks." I smirk at Jace as he turns around to glare at me suspiciously.

"You sure?"

"Yep, I'm going to head to bed anyways. Can I sleep in your room tonight?" His eyes go wide and he just stares at me with lust.

"Me in yours?" Val turns to Caden and they both just nod in agreement.

Walking up the stairs I wink at Val and she smiles back. When I reach Jace's room I open the door and he goes to follow me. Turning around I put my hand on his chest. "No." I say and slightly push him back.
"What do you mean no?" He looked confused.
"Oh, you're not sleeping with me. You can sleep downstairs." I say before quickly closing then locking the door. I hear Caden growl as Val closes his door.
"Open up." Jace lightly knocks on the door.
I ignore him and start to look around the room trying to hold in my laugh. He deserves it. His room was much bigger than the one me and Val shared. He had a bathroom and a desk with lots of documents on them.
I decided if I'm sleeping in here I need to find something to wear. Rooting through his cupboards and wardrobe I find a plain black shirt. I decide to just wear that as it's again like the jumper is a dress.
Looking at the balcony I think for a second. Maybe I can try again, it might work? I quickly decide to ditch the plan because I can't tell Val. I walk over to his bed and get in. His scent covers the whole room which is kind of soothing. I hate how my wolf loves it so much. She wants to stay while I need to go. All we are going to do is bring trouble that Jace and Caden don't need.
"Ava, come on it's not funny." Jace is using his Alpha voice now but I still chose to ignore him.
Pulling the covers over me and burrowing my head into his pillows I feel myself slowly drifting asleep. I can hear movement outside but before I know it I'm fast asleep.

Waking up a bright light is shining on my face through the window. Rolling over I sigh and get out of bed, I wonder what time it is? Walking over to the bathroom I decide to get a shower, I probably stink off wolf shit.
When get out I put another one of Jace's shirts on and go to Val's room. I knock and in two seconds she is stood their staring at me. "Ready to go downstairs?" I said looking at her.
Walking down I can see Jace and Caden sat in the living room. They look angry. "Look who came out..finally." Jace growled a little. I don't think he liked being pushed out his own room.
"What happened?" A man walked in with dark brown hair and green eyes.
"Oh nothing." Jace said quickly.
"They kicked them out their own rooms." Pogue said laughing.
"Pogue!" Caden shouted at him.
"Oh did they now?" They guy said laughing.
"Ava, Val this is Chase." Jace said looking at me strangely.
"Where's Jenna?" Caden looked confused.
"Still getting ready. I swear no one takes as long as that girl." Chase laughed.
I wonder who Jenna is; she might be Chases mate or something. Turning my head a girl with a short red dress came walking down the stairs. She has red hair and was quite pale. A few freckles ran across her nose and she was really pretty.
"Ava, Val I'm so happy to meet you both!" She came running over to us and hugged us both. I hugged her back and just smiled awkwardly. She must have been Jen who Jace was on the phone to maybe.
"I'm Jenna but just call me Jen." She smiled and walked into the kitchen. As she walked past Chase she gave him a kiss on the cheek. They must be mates. Me and Val couldn't help but awe as he pulled her in for a tight hug kissing her forehead.
"We are having a party next week." Jace popped up quickly.
"Did someone say party?' Jen ran in the room.
"Yeah, we have to introduce the new Luna and Beta female to the pack and other packs around the area." Caden looked at Val smiling. I could see her smiling back a little.
"Could you not hold that off for a couple of weeks?" I say.
"No, we need to get the pack to know who you are." Jace turned around to fully face me.
"Please." I pout and pretended to be sad. He turns away for a couple of seconds before turning back around. "I'm not ready."
"Two weeks at the most--" He begins to say but gets cut off by his phone ringing. Taking it out slowly he reads the contact and frowns a little.
"Alpha Noah, I've not heard from you in a while?" Jace says in his Alpha tone down the phone. Wait. Why is my father phoning Jace? We haven't told him about it yet. This could go horribly wrong.
"What? Have I found two girls running through my pack?" Jace looks up to me. I wave my hand in front of my neck to tell him not to tell.
"No." He gives me a look of confusion. "I'm not too sure, we definitely haven't seen anyone. I'll get some of my men to have a look and if we find them, I'll phone you straight back." I just smiled at him in relief.
"Do you know why they ran away?" Jace asked. By now it was only me, Val, Caden and Jace in the room so he decides to put the speaker on.
"They were going to get married the day before the wedding. They both loved the men with all their hearts. I think they just got a little nervous. Nothing to major, they will come back."
Hearing Noah's voice was odd. He sounded a little lost but I knew it was all a fake; he didn't really care about us. Jace and Caden both looked up at us sat on the couch. We gave them both awkward smiled then I look over to Val. She seemed upset at how Noah said we loved them. We never did, it was all forced.
"I'll phone you if I hear anything." Jace said angrily as he hung up the phone.
"You were getting married?!" Caden stood up to Val who moved back into the couch more.
"I-I-It was forced! We didn't want to do it!" Val shouted back a little angry now as I could see in her features. "What do you mean?" Jace now stood up to look down upon me.
"Noah, he forced us into marriage thinking he could get money out of it." I looked down at the ground remembering what our so called "fiancées" did to us. "He can't do that! What could of happened when you found your mate, when you found me?!" Jace growled.
"Is that the only reason you both ran away?" Caden said. I looked at Val for a second and the way she opened her eyes I could tell she didn't want them to know the rest. We both nod our heads and they sighed. Sitting next to me Jace grabs my waist and pulls me onto his lap.
"No one can marry you but me." He whispers in my ear. I laugh and stand up to look at him. I realise when he is confused his eyebrows scrunch together, it's so cute. No Ava, you're getting distracted again!
"I want breakfast." I say trying to move on from the subject of marriage and Noah. "Anything you want and I'll make it you." Jace stood up walking to the kitchen.
"I can do it myself." I run to the fridge to see some bacon and eggs. Taking them out Jace and Caden are sat on the counter. "You both want some?" I ask shaking the bacon packet in their faces.
"Go on then."
Walking over to the cooker there are three clean pans already on top with some oil next to them. I put it in the pan and turn the gas on. I make everyone 3 slices of bacon with an egg. Val walks around pretending to help but she doesn't do much. "This looks good." Caden says as he picks up a knife and fork and starts to eat. Jace winks at me and digs in. I place mine and Val's plates In front of Jace and Caden. It was mainly small talk but I kept going into daydreams thinking about how we could try and escape. If I want to escape again?
"For the party I invited other packs that are friends of ours." Jace said.
"Ours?" I add confused.
"Whoever is my friend now is your friend, as you are the Luna." The word seemed unfamiliar. My mother was a Luna but Noah said she was the worst one he's ever saw. But she did all she could for the pack. He was just stupid and an ungrateful bitch.
"We don't have anything to wear." Val says taking her and Caden's plates to the sink.
"That's why you are both going shopping with Jenna today."
"We don't have any money?" I begin to say but Jace just places his credit card down in front of me. "Don't worry princess, being the Alpha comes in handy." He skids it across the counter while standing up and winking before he leaves the room.
"I can't take this!" Val says to Caden next to her. I look down and see a card in her hand to. "Like Jace said, you don't need to worry." Caden walked out kissing Val's forehead as she looked confused. A small smile escaped her lips.
I somewhat feel bad. I can see how much Val wants to open up and embrace her mate but I feel like she thinks I'm stopping her from doing so. The way she looks at him, she's already in love with him. Their bond seems very strong; it's hard to resist Jace. It like my wolf is begging to be with him. "So, I guess we're going shopping then." Val said looking excited as she waved the card in my face.
"I guess so."

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