Alpha Jace

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Walking into the mall I look around in amazement. I've never been to one before and it's so big. Me and Val had to borrow some of Jen's clothes for the day as we had none. I'm wearing a burgundy, floral, shorts overall while Val is wearing a matte pink dress with a V cut.
"Let's go in this one first!" Jen said running to a shop with Chase following her. Jace and Caden sent Pogue and Chase to keep an eye on us while they were working, in case we try to run away again. Jace was really hesitant about it. I don't think I want to leave anymore, I feel safer with Jace but I'm still so conflicted.
"This is going to be fun." Pogue rolled his eyes walking into the shop. I just laughed and followed after him. Inside the shop it was just general clothes. I look around and picked up a few things out. Tops and leggings mainly because I'm simple and don't want to spend too much of Jace's money. However I might not be able to help myself...
"Come on you need more than that!" Jen said throwing dresses, shoes, shorts and every type of clothing item my way. I just roll my eyes laughing and go to pay. "That will be $200." I hesitate for a second and look over to Jen but she just nods and tells me to buy it. This is in one shop and there are 50 more to go in. Help me.
We walked around for a while. Pogue and Chase were looking like they wanted to claw their ears and eyes out. "One last shop. You guys can stay here." Jen said walking in after 5 hours of shopping. It was called Victoria's Secret. When we get inside I just see lingerie everywhere. I mainly just follow Val and Jen while they talk about it and mating. I try and avoid their conversations about this.
"You both ready?" I ask looking at all the things they have in their hands. I had nothing as I didn't want or need this stuff.
"Oh. We're not leaving until you buy at least 5 things." Jen laughed.
"But I don't need to spend money on this."
"You might." Val winked at me.
"Val!" I shout at her.
Jace probably wants to get to know me a little more before anything like that would happen. Or he simply doesn't want to. Besides he is godly and could have any girl in the world, I'm sure he would rather mate with someone else.
"Erm.." I look at everything in the shop as I pick up a few things.
"Here." Jen shouts as she throws things at me. Looking down she threw some, I'll just say a lot of inappropriate things at me. "Jen I don't want all this!" I throw it back at her face.
"Okay keep at least one." She smirks walking away.
I walk over to a section that has the bralettes. I pick up a baby pink on and the matching bottoms. I pick a few other things up and go to the till with Val and Jen. Compared to me they have lots but I'm probably never going to wear any of this.
"Good choice." Val winks at me. I roll my eyes and just head out to Pogue and Chase. "That was traumatic." I say laughing to Pogue.
"I'm just glad I didn't have to come in." He laughed back heading towards the exit.
"Ready to go?" Chase said looking down into Jens bag. "No peeking!" She said pulling her bag away smirking.

I'm going to throw up.

When we arrived back out the house we got our bags out of the car and started to walk to the door.
"You buy all that for Caden?" I say loudly pointing to Val's VS bag and raise an eyebrow. "Shut up!" She said dropping her bags to chase me. I drop mine to and we start to run around. I bet everyone thinks we are 2 years old. In the distance I see Jace and Caden walking up with a couple of other pack members. Great!
"Jace!" I shout running towards him.
"What are you both doing?" He said as I hid behind him trying to get away from Val. He was a good shield as he is as tall as a tree. Okay that was an exaggeration.
"She's annoying me!" Val said to Caden while pointing at me pouting.
"How?" He asks looking down.
"Actually never mind!" She said running to her bags. I look up and realise Jace has his arm around my shoulder. "I'll get my stuff." I awkwardly laugh running after her while giving him an awkward smile.
"We will help." Caden and Jace follow picking up mine and Val's bags. They both stop when they see the VS bags and realise why Val was chasing me. Jace looks to me and smirks. I feel my face go beet red and I start to blush. Val walks inside before Caden could say anything.
"We will take these to your room." They both look at me smirking and walk up the stairs. I follow in case they start to root around and check anything. Putting the bags down Caden walks out but Jace decides to stay.
"Do you want me to help you unpack?" He asks looking suspicious.
"Okay." I hand him a few bags while I throw the VS one in a cupboard quickly. He just looks at me and laughs while he empties all the clothes onto the bed.
"Sorry I bought a lot. Jen wouldn't let me leave any shop unless I bought at least 5 things." I unpack each bag realising just how much I bought. "Don't worry about it princess I don't mind, you could spend all my money and I probably wouldn't care. As long as you are here I don't need anything." He shrugged.
I can't help but form a smile on my face, why is he so nice. People used to say The Silver Blood pack had an Alpha who was very powerful and ruthless, well Noah told me that.

When we have finished packing we head downstairs and everyone is waiting in the living room.
"We're all going to go out for dinner tonight so get ready." Jace said to everyone.
"Do I have to go?!" Pogue said whining. "You weren't invited anyways." Jace smiled at him jokingly.
"Harsh." Pogue said walking to the cinema room rolling his eyes.

I was ready in 20 minutes. Most of it I was deciding what to wear. I had bought so many clothes I couldn't choose anything. Eventually I chose a short, black, skin tight dress with a cut out centre. I curled my hair and put some make up and black heels on then I was ready to go. Val took a little longer than me as she first curled her hair but didn't like it so had to re-straighten it. She had a short grey dress with sequins on the top half with some pink heels. We walked into the living room and everyone was stood staring at us walking down. There were a few faces I've never seen before.
"Wow you look beautiful!" Jace said smiling down at me.
"You don't look bad yourself." I smirked at him. He was wearing a tight, white V-neck shirt with some jeans and a leather jacket. He did look pretty good, amazing actually. I wouldn't ever mention this to his face bear in mind.
"Everyone ready to go?" Caden asked holding Val's hand. Walking out I realised it was just Me, Jace, Val, Caden, Chase and Jen going. Jen was wearing a crème coloured dress with some heels, she looked really nice as it matched her red hair. Everyone was holding hands except me and Jace. He looked fine by it as he just walked close to me but I couldn't help it as I felt guilty. Getting into the car it was pretty big. It was a 7 seater so it was good for us all to fit.
"Shot gun!" I shout running to the front seat. It was hard in heels but I got there before anyone else.
"Jace you're driving!" Chase said throwing the keys to him.


The car ride was very loud. Everyone was singing and laughing at the radio. At one point Val opened the roof window and stood up looking out. She looked so happy which made me happy. After everything she's been through she deserves the world. I can tell she likes it here with Caden, I like it here to it's just if we stay I know we will bring trouble.
"We're here." Jace said parking and getting out. He ran over to my side to open the door before I even took my seat belt off. Stepping out he grabbed my hand to help me down out of the car. I smiled and stood next to Val.
"Where are we eating?" Jen said holding her stomach.
"This way." Chase said linking her arm and pulling her towards a New York diner called Pop's. When we got inside it was really busy. All the tables were nearly full.
"Hey, table for 6?" A woman with dark brown hair and a lot of fake tan said walking up to us.
"Yeah." Jace said to her.
"Right this way." When she looked at Jace she gave him a flirty smirk. For some reason it made me really jealous watching her. I went to stand next to him and I grabbed his hand without thinking, for a second my wolf took over but I couldn't undo what I just did that would be even more embarrassing. Looking down he smiled and turned to face me. My wolf wanted to kill that girl but I knew it was just her being overly protective. When we got to the table me, Val and Jen sat on one side of the booth while Jace, Caden and Chase sat on the other facing us. I was on the edge while Val was in the middle and Jen on the inside.
"What drinks would you like?" The woman said still looking over at Jace lustfully.
"I'll have lemonade please." I say smiling at her sarcastically. Everyone had now ordered their drinks except from Jace. "Can I have lemonade to?" He looked up to me and smiled.
"Sure." She smiled at us all and walked away. I don't know what came over me to become so jealous before but it made me angry at how someone was flirting with him. Maybe it was the fact he was my mate? Maybe it was the fact I'm getting feelings for Jace--no. I can't do that.

Around 10 minutes later the drinks had come and it was the same girl that sat us down who brought them. As she was putting the drinks down she knocked Jen's water over with my lemonade. The water spilt all over my dress and onto Val's. "Watch what you doing!" I growl as I look down and I have water all over my lap.
"I'm so sorry." The girl said sarcastically gasping.
"Bitch." I murmur wiping my dress with a napkin. Walking away I see her sniggering to her friends.
"Ugh!" I sigh angry she definitely did it on purpose.
"It's fine Ava. It doesn't make you any less beautiful. She only did it by accident." Jace said. "Yeah, by accident my ass." I murmur. Why did this have to happen.

Suddenly the bell to the door rattled and I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. "Table for two." I heard an all too familiar voice say. Looking over I see Isaac and James walking into the diner. You have to be kidding me.
"Val." I say nudging her under the table. When she looks up a flash of horror wipes her face and she looks like she is about to cry. I grab her hand under the table and look back. Luckily Isaac and James had been seated on the other side of the restaurant. Looking up Jace looked in James' direction then back to me frowning.
"Who is that?" He asks looking back over.
"Who?" I pretended not to know and look down at the menu. If Jace finds out he would probably kill them. Yes I would love to see them both dead but in a restaurant, not really. "Them two guys that walked in." He looked at me sternly and a bit suspicious.
"I don't know."
"Hm." Jace mumbled and looked back into James and Isaacs's direction. I hope they don't look over because that would be a disaster...

After we finished Jace paid and we headed outside. I kept my head down for the most of it as I couldn't risk being seen. They didn't notice us, or I hope they didn't, throughout the whole hour and a half. Jace knew something was up but he just kept frowning and looking over to them.
"Just meet us at the car, we won't be long." Jace said to me as him, Caden and Chase were waiting to pay.
"Ok." I smile at him and walk out with Val and Jen.
"Who were those guys?" Jen said looking back towards the restaurant.
"Old boyfriends I'll just say." I said gritting my teeth a little.
"Look who we have here." I hear a voice say. I couldn't quite make out the face as it was dark but I knew he had around 5 other guys behind him.
"I'd have a go at one of them if you know what I mean." One guy said and all of his friends burst out laughing.
"We don't want any of your bullshit." I said to them. My night wasn't going so great and I didn't want to make it any worse.
"We have a feisty one lads!" One sniggered again.
"Who are you?" Val said trying to squint her eyes to see in the light.
"You will know later on tonight, when you're moaning my name." The guy laughed. That's disgusting. If he thinks this is attractive or is going to make any girl want to get with them it's worthless. "Come on let's go." I say to Val and Jen as we start to walk to the car. I felt a firm hand grab my arm and pull me back.
"Where do you think you are going, we haven't even started yet?" The guy said leaning in towards me. This is not happening. Suddenly I felt his grip loosen and felt someone standing behind me. I turn around to see Jace stood there. "If you don't get off my girl I'm going to kill you in 5 seconds." Jace said to the guy. I don't know why but it made my wolf feel strong and powerful to be named his.
"I didn't want any trouble." The guy said backing up. "It's just your girl"
Jace walked over to him and looked down.
"I know she is but you're not allowed to touch her. Only I am." Jace lifted his fist and punched the guy in the face. As his fist made contact with the guys face a loud clicking sound echoed the ally.
"Jace!" I shout turning around to face him.
"What?" He asks laughing at the guy on the ground as all his friends ran down the back of the ally.
"You should have just left it." I say moving away from him. I'm happy he feels the need to protect me but break a guy's jaw, he could have hit a little less hard.
"I couldn't let him treat you like that. You're mine. And only mine." He pulled away and walked to the car.


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