Alpha Jace

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I Hate You

Jace's POV

"Just meet us outside, we won't be long." I say to Ava. I couldn't help but stare into her eyes. She gives me a small smile before heading out the door.
"Here you go." The waitress who spilt the drink over Ava's dress said handing me the bill. She stroked her hand over mine while giving me the bill, what a weird girl.
"Watch where you're going!" I say in my Alpha voice as I felt someone barge into me. Turning around, I see the guy who Ava was trying her best not to make eye contact with. I could tell she was even though she tried her hardest to act as if she wasn’t.
"Maybe you should watch where you're standing." The guy said looking me up and down heading back to his table. Growling I start to walk towards him before I feel a hand on my chest.
"Just leave it dude. He isn't worth your time." Caden said patting me on the back before heading out. "Here you go." I say to the waitress giving her my bank card. Looking over to that guys table I decide to listen in on what they are talking about.
"Seriously Isaac. He smelt just like Ava." He said. Wait how does he know Ava?
"I think you're going crazy James." So called Isaac said to James. I want to find out who they are and how they know Ava. I take my card off the woman and head out the door.
As I get outside Chase and Caden are stood waiting for me outside.
"What took so long?" Caden said frowning in concern.
"Oh nothing." I reply. I didn't want to tell Caden about it just yet in case I misunderstood the situation.
Walking around the corner I see Ava, Val and Jen stood talking to some guys in the alley leading to our car. Walking closer I realise there is a guy leaning in towards Ava. He wouldn't dare. I stand staring at him for a second trying to see his face in the dark. He looked up at me and back down to Ava.
I see his hand grabbing her arm with force. Feeling my eyes a pitch black my wolf was getting angry. No one can touch our mate but us!
"If you don't get off my girl I'm going to kill you in 5 seconds." I said to the guy. His eyes went wide and he slowly loosened his grasp.
"I didn't want any trouble. It's just your girl"
I stalk over to him and looked down. He is so small compared to me, being this tall has its advantages sometimes.
"I know she is but you're not allowed to touch her, only I am." I said as I lifted my fist and punched the guy clean in the face. As my fist made contact a loud clicking sound was heard. Its what he deserves for touching my mate like that.
"Jace!" Ava shouted turning around to face me.
"What?" I ask laughing at the guy on the ground as all his friends ran down a back ally like scared rats.
"You should have just left it." Ava said moving away from me. My wolf and I want to hold Ava and never let her go. We want to protect her and let nothing, no one touch her, except us.
"I couldn't let him treat you like that. You're mine. And only mine." I said looking down at her. She just rolls her eyes and walked away. I quickly reached for her hand and pulled her back into a hug. Putting my head in the crook of her neck I breathed in a big breath of her scent. My wolf was still agitated by the guy lying across the floor and wanted to kill him.
"We should get home." She said now pulling away while heading back to the car. When everyone gets in I turn around to see the guy lying down on the floor with a dodgy jaw.
Laughing I get in also and I start to drive home. The car ride was pretty silent. Caden and Val were talking quite a lot. I was listening in on what they were saying and they were talking about their future. It somewhat made me jealous how me and Ava never talk about..anything really.
Why doesn't she want to?
Looking to my right I see her looking out of the widow with her head lying against the the side of the car door. She looked disturbed by something, confused, upset.
Was it the guys in the diner? James and Isaac? I know she is hiding something from me, I can tell. The way she stutters and blushes when she doesn't have an answer to one of my questions. I can tell. How would James be able to know her scent well enough if he was a stranger? She knows those guys.
Frowning at my thoughts I realise we are back home already. It normally doesn't take that long but the drive felt seconds. I stop the car; everyone jumps out and runs inside because of the heavy rain that had suddenly just come pouring down.
I undo my seatbelt but realise Ava is still staring out the window.
"What's up?" I ask as she frowns and I see a tear appear in her eyes. I wish I could help solve her problems but she is so secretive and come to think...I hardly know anything about my own mate. Yes it's only been around a week since I’ve met her but I want to know everything.
"Oh nothing." She said giving me a fake smile while undoing the seat belt and getting out the car. I quickly follow and grab her arm.
"There is something up. Tell me." I say sternly. If this is the only way to get it out of her I don't care.
"Jace it's raining!" She said trying to pull away from me.
"You're not going inside until you tell me what's wrong!" I shout at her. Getting agitated I pull her closer to me. I could see tears forming in her eyes again and my wolf and I hated she was upset.
"Ava!" I shout again, I hate to upset her but I need to know.
Looking into my eyes she closes hers and breaths in deeply. I look at her closely and see her leaning in towards me.
I see a tear drop from her eyes before our lips nearly collide. Suddenly my phone rings causing us both to jump back. Growling I take my phone out of my pocket to see an incoming call. Alpha Noah? I show Ava the contact and she tries to grab the phone off me before I quickly answer it before she could take it away.
"Noah." I say questionably. I put it on speaker so Ava can listen but in the rain it is hard to hear.
"Jace. A few of my men were in town in a diner when they said they saw Ava talking to some guys down a back alley. They went to the car to phone me but when they went back to the alley she was gone. When they walked down they noticed a guy with a broken jaw was lay there passed out. Have you heard or seen anything?" I looked up at Ava to see her eyes widen. Quickly looking up at me she shakes her head.
"No. I have sent patrols out and warriors to see if anything has happened to her or if they could find her but no news." I lied. After this conversation I need to know everything. "Well Ava's fiancé was there, James. He said he smelt her scent on a guy in the diner. When he described the guy to me it sounded awfully like you?" At the sound of the name James I could feel my blood boil. So all along he was in the diner and she didn't tell me?!
"I've been home all day Noah. You know I would tell you." I tried holding back my anger.
"Yes I know Jace, my apologies. James and Isaac have been down recently about the situation. Isaac is having the most struggles, Val was his everything..." he trailed off. I angrily hung up the phone. Not caring what would happen or what Noah would say.
"He was your fiancé?!" I shout, looking up at Ava.
"I didn't want to tell you because I knew you would get mad!" She screamed at me, tears streaming down her face. My wolf felt bad for hurting her but all I could think about was James' dead body.
"I am mad!" I shout as I begin to walk into the house.
"You don't even know the worst part!" She shouts scoffing at me, tears still falling from her eyes.

I pause for a moment.

"He didn't, hurt you did he?!" I turn around angrily. She slowly looks down to the floor and doesn't say anything. "Ava what did he do?!" I shout watching her cry. I don’t know what to do; I don't know what I would do.
"Ava!" I shout louder as she doesn't answer me. She looks up as she walks over to me, frowning and staring into my eyes.
"I hate you!" She shouts in my face. I know she doesn't mean it but hearing her say the words make me and my wolf hurt.
"Ava, please just tell me what's wrong!"


Frustrated how she isn't talking any time soon I growl and walk inside slamming the door behind me. I storm up the stairs ignoring the questions everyone in the house is throwing at me and open the door to my room. Growling I punch my wall, why can't she just tell me what’s wrong with her?!
I walk over to my balcony and open the door to look outside, I still have to check she's safe. She isn't outside anymore so she must have come into the house. Sighing I close the door again taking my clothes off to get into the shower.
I hate how she doesn't tell me what's wrong. She's my mate and I can't help her which gets my wolf angry. He feels that he's not being the best mate he could be towards Ava but, I know we can't until she tells us what's wrong. Who were them guys in the diner and why did she become nervous. What did they do to my mate?

Ava's POV

Angrily I turn around to face the woods. Tears stream down my eyes with the heavy rain. Why would Jace shout like that, I did nothing wrong. He made the situation so much worse than it had to be!
Shifting behind a big tree I pick up my clothes in my mouth and head towards the forest. I'm not staying here any longer. Taking one look back at the house I sprint as fast as I could north.
I can't help but feel guilty about leaving Val behind but she wouldn't want to come with me. She loves Caden to much and I would never pull her away from her dream.
Yes. I admit I have feeling for Jace, he's my mate but he just doesn't understand. I don't want him to, me leaving would be better for everyone, better for me. I quickly speed up my pace and before I know it I'm at the edge of the woods facing the town. Quickly shifting I go behind a tree to change into the dress and shoes I held in my mouth and started to walk towards the shops.
I thought if I was to run away I should get some essentials, even though I had no money.
Looking down towards the ground to shield my eyes from the rain I suddenly bumped into a figure causing me to jolt back.
"I'm so sorry." I say still looking down and moving around the figure but before I can get fully around them they grab my arm and pull me close towards them.
"Don't worry babe." I freeze. That voice is all too familiar. Looking up I widen my eyes in shock trying to get away from him. "Let go!" I shout as I try and pry my arm away from his large hand.
"You're coming with me."


He lifted his fist and before I knew he knocked me out and I fell to the ground. Hitting the ground with hard force my eyes flutter first before closing. My body is lifted up and after that. Everything turns black....

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