Alpha Jace

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Groaning I cover my eyes with my hands to shield the bright light from gleaming onto my face from the lamp next to me. I turn over into my left side to only realise I have a huge headache.
"You finally woke up." I heard to the left of me. Opening my eyes slowly I see that James was lay in bed with a huge grin on his face. Reaching his hand out he strokes my head. I felt a sudden pain as he stroked his thumb across it and all the memories from last night came flooding back. "Miss me?" He grinned while grabbing my waist, pulling me towards him while laying his head on my thigh. I look at the clock next to me, it was 2am.
"Get off!" I shout and hit him in the process
"Don't dare hit me!" He shouted lifting his hand as he smacked me across the face. The room fell silent as I held my face in pain. Everything was coming back. Everything he did to me. "I swear Ava, I was nice to you and you pay me back by running away from me. The day before our wedding?! You had your dress picked out, everything was prepared." He paused taking a deep breath.
"If you run away like that again, I will god damn kill you myself!" He sat up while grabbing my face forcefully, making sure I was facing him at all times.
"Your mine and only mine. The treaty made that sealed!" He finally said before standing up and walking out my room. Slamming the door loudly behind him.
I blankly stare at the wall letting my thoughts consume me. I am not his and he is definitely not mine.
Sighing I quickly jump out of bed and look around the room. It was my old bedroom. The same purple walls and everything was in the same place I left it. I would have thought Noah would’ve destroyed everything in anger by now.
I decided to hop into the shower to calm myself down after the incident. When I get out I put my clothes on and head towards the bathroom door. Opening it my eyes widen in excitement as I see who is sat on my bed.
"Mom?!" I shout running towards her giving her a big hug. As I was running towards her I noticed a big bruise on her left cheek. I ignored it for a couple of second while I hugged her but as soon as she pulled away I asked where she got it from.
"Your father." She said looking down with a tear in her eyes. This was the first time she's ever admitted it was his fault. She always gave petty excuses like she fell or she did it by accident but I always knew it wasn't true.
"In other news why are you back here, and at this time of night. It's pretty late!" She looked quite shocked for a moment but listened in carefully. I could see she didn't want to talk about her bruise. "It's a long story but basically when me and Val ran away we found our mates, we were all out eating and when we got home me and my mate got into an argument, I got angry and ran into the nearby town. Where James found me." I had to take a deep breath as I said it so quickly.
"You found your mate?!" My mother said whispering in excitement. I would think she wouldn't be happy for me as how her mate treats her?
"Yeah, his name is Jace." I said smiling while looking to the ground. I also remember the last words I said to him. "Ava hunny, what’s wrong?" She said lifting my head up with her finger.
"The last thing I said to him was I hate you, which is completely not true mom." I say a tear falling out my eyes. I couldn't keep denying how much I felt for anymore, our connection got stronger every time we touched and I felt myself falling for him when I'd first laid eyes on him. I wish I could tell him but that doesn't look like it's happening any time soon.
"Don't worry Ava, he will know you don't mean it. However many times you tell your mate you hate them. They will know it's not true because, it's just not?" She gave out a small questionable smile, probably thinking about her and Noah. How he treats her and how he should treat her.
I smile and pull her into a big hug.
"We should go downstairs. Noah is waiting to see you." I grab her hand cautiously as I heard my father's name then we headed down the stairs. I couldn't hide up in my room any longer he would probably kick the door down. I'm dreading seeing him but I wouldn't be able to leave without doing so. It's better to get it over with.
Walking into the living room Noah and James are sat on the couch talking, probably about me no doubt. Standing up Noah stepped towards me staring down at me for a second before lifting his right hand and stringing it across my left cheek. This is the second time today. In the same spot and hurts just as bad as the first.
"What was that for?!" I shout holding my face in pain. I look to my mother to see her eyes, eager to speak but too scared to be defiant. "Stupid girl! Running away like that putting shame to my pack!" He snorted in my face. I've had enough of him treating me like this, my anger is increasing inside of me and I can feel my eyes shift a couple of times.
"I'd be ashamed to be in this horrible pack anyways!" I snarled at him folding my arms. "Brat! You're getting married in a couple of days and that's final. I don't give a fuck if you don't want to." He shouts in my face. My wolf doesn't care about anything anymore she just wants to be with Jace.
"I'll just run away again!"
"Believe me babe. I'm going to be with you 24/7. There is no way you could escape again." James smirked causing me to frown at him.
"Watch me." I say puffing in his face. Quickly I run up the stairs and lock myself in my room. I slowly slide down the door and rest my head in my hands as tears fall from my eyes.
I can't help but wish to turn back time and make everything ok. Make it so I met Jace when I was younger so I wouldn't have to go through any of this. No one should go through what I'm going through.
Why did this have to happen to me...?


"Open up Ava." James said from the other side of the door. Looking at the clock it was around 10pm and I was starving. I hadn't eaten or drank anything all day which was making me feel weak. "Ava, I'm being serious. Open this door before I smash it down!" He banged on the door after I didn't reply.
I heard him walking away and my heart beat slowed down in relief but a loud bang made me turn my head as James broke the handle to the door. Moving back on the bed he quickly walked over to me angrily.
"I need answers." He said sitting on the edge of the bed suddenly in a calm tone.
"Like what?" I asked cautiously. I hope he doesn't know about Jace."When I went to a diner with Isaac I smelt your scent on a guy. He looked to be an Alpha by his large build but I didn't really see his face that much." James said moving closer to me.
"I-I don't know." I lied moving towards the bed frame. He was obviously talking about Jace but if I said, James would never let me out of his site again.
"Ava. Don't lie to me."
I couldn't get my words out of my mouth. My wolf was holding me back on any information I was going to tell him.
"Come on Ava, you don't need to be afraid of me." James said putting his hand on my thigh causing me to flinch from his sudden touch.
"Get off me you bastard!" I said trying to pry his hand off of me. Before I knew it I was lay on my back facing upwards towards James on my bed.
"I don't care what you want me to do Ava. I own you now." He gave out a seductive like grin as he unbuckled his jeans. I tried to push against his chest to get off of me but he wouldn't move. He was stronger than me and I knew I couldn't move him. That didn't stop me from trying.
"Help!" I shouted but he quickly covered my mouth with his hand.
"Shout another word and your dead!" He grinned, slowly lifting his hand away. I was stuck. I didn't know what to do. My whole body froze as I gazed up at the sealing.
Closing my eyes I felt a sudden sharp pain in my stomach, it was all happening again...

"Come on Ava, why not?" James said sitting in the edge of my bed rubbing my back.
"James you know I don't feel to good!" I let out a fake cough.
"Yeah but, it wouldn't be for long." He trailed his finger down my face and ran it down my whole body until he reached my hip.
"I need to sleep." I said quickly turning over to my side to get away from his touch.
He lay next to me for a while with his arm wrapped around me possessively. After a while his hand started to move down my body to my pants.
"I need a drink." I said sitting up on the bed. Before I could even get my feet out he quickly pulled me back and laid me below his body.
"No you don't." He grinned kissing me passionately on the lips. I didn't react back and just tried to push him away from me. We started to scrap a little before I saw the black in his eyes when he lifted his hand and slapped me with it. "Ava Danvers you will have sex with me!" He lightly growled handing both my hands together. I hated when people used my last name, it reminded me of my father. Hardly anyone calls me it but when they do I feel my body tense in discomfort.
"I don't want to!" I tried to wiggle my hands from his tight hold.
"Sorry babe but I don't care."


After a while James grabbed my face making me open my eyes in shock before quickly kissing my lips and trailing them down my neck. He forcefully pulled my shirt off and trailed them down towards my bra. I couldn't take this any longer. Sitting up I kiss James before turning his body so I am now on top of him. He looks at me shocked for a second before I quickly kiss him again. I hated every moment of this but I had to do it. I sit up and stare at him.
"What's wrong babe?" He tries grabbing my face to pull me down into another kiss. Before he could I reach for my lamp shade and lift it up high above my head. With all my power I hit him over the head with it and I hear a cracking noise. I quickly stand up and run to the corner of my bedroom in hope that it will give me a better chance to escape in case the lamp didn't affect him. Turning around James is still lay on the bed but now with his eyes closed. He has a mark on this head with blood dripping from it.
After slowly walking over, I poke his head to see if he was awake. Nothing.

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