Alpha Jace

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Master Plan

Jace's POV

Walking into the kitchen Caden is sat on the chairs with Pogue around the table.
"What are you two doing up so early?" I ask sitting down at the head of the table.
"I’m up because I decided I'll do the morning patrol with you.."
"And I came down because I'm hungry." Pogue said running to the fridge. This boy can eat. I swear I could put an elephant in front of him and he would eat it then still be hungry. Or maybe a huge chicken?
"Obviously you would be coming down for food." Caden rolled his eyes.
"Well you both should get going. I want some alone time with my food." He wiggles his eyebrows. He's one weird kid.
"I kept hearing you walking around your room last night, was everything alright?" Caden asked me giving me a bottle of water as we headed out the house for a run.
"Me and Ava had an argument last night, I couldn't hear her moving around the house so my wolf was agitated and wouldn't let me sleep until we knew she was okay."
"So did you go check on her?"
"No, I just went to watch tv to keep my mind off of it."
Walking behind a tree I put my clothes on the floor then begin to shift. I walk out to meet Caden's wolf, then begin to patrol the land. We raced for a while, I won and I won’t ever let him forget this. He stops when we get to the edge and his wolf gives me a funny look before sniffing in the air. I hear a loud crack behind me and quickly turn to see a man stood there.
"Rogue." I growl as he just stands there staring at us.
"Are you going to shift or what?" The rogue asks folding his arms. He has a big scar across this left cheek and ginger hair. He is quite slim and pale.
Shifting I put the shorts I had in my mouth on.
"Why are you on my land?" I loudly say to the guy.
"I have a secret I need you to know."
"And that is..."
"Before I tell you I need you to give me something." He said sheepishly.
"You will either tell us or you will be killed." I growl at him. My night hasn't been too good and I'm not letting a worthless rogue make it even worse."Fine, someone wants your mate dead." He said glaring at me.
"Ava?" Caden said before giving me a shocked look.
"That's her name!" He said before quickly shifting and running into the woods behind him. I give Caden a confused look before shifting and chasing after him. My wolf was 10x as fast as his so I easily caught up in seconds. Pouncing on him he fell on his back facing up at me trying to snap at my neck. I let out a big growl to tell the rogue to shift. He quickly did and held his wrists, looking down there were red marks where I was obviously pinning to tight.
"Who wants to kill Ava!" I shout at the red headed rogue.
"My leader!"
"And that would be?" Caden said walking out from behind a big tree.
"I would rather die than tell you!" He spat in my face.
"I guess your fucking dead then. Aren't you?" I said before walking up to him and snapping his neck. I quickly shift and slash his neck with my claws, making sure he was definitely dead.
"What the hell was he talking about?" Caden asked after I shifted. I had no clue but I need to get back quickly to see if Ava is okay. "I don't know but what I do know is that someone wants my mate dead." I sprint back to the house as fast as I could.
"Where's Ava?!" I shout running into the house, where is everyone?
"Ava?!" I say again running up the stairs and into her and Val's room. As I open the door Val quickly screams, she is only in her underwear which causes me to quickly shut my eyes. I hear a growl come from behind me and I feel Caden grab my shoulder and shove me out the way.
"I-I didn't know you weren't dressed Val, I'm sorry." I say getting up still covering my eyes. If I opened them for a split second, not even looking at Val, Caden would kill me. "You can open now." Caden growled lightly. When I open them Caden is covering Val's body by standing in front of her.
"Jace you should have knocked! Talk about privacy." Val laughs while Caden takes his grey jumper off and tells her to put it on.
"Anyways, have you seen Ava?"
"I thought she was with you?" Val gives me a confused look.
"Shit." I whisper but they could both obviously hear.
"What's going on guys?" Pogue said walking in with bag of chips. I swear he is always eating, how is he not fat?
"Have you seen Ava?" Val asks him.
"No, I thought she was upstairs. With you." He said before putting a handful of chips in his mouth.
"Where is she?"
"Did anyone see her come in last night?" I ask, now becoming frantic.
"Nope, I thought she came up with you." Everyone said looking towards me.
"Why didn't she come in last night then?" Val said crossing her arms.
"We had a little argument."
"About what?" She said bolting a angry look at me.
"About James." I growl.
"Who's James?" Caden pipes up.
"Oh no one." Val quickly says grabbing Caden's hand.
"Ava's ex-fiancé." I growl even louder.
Caden looks down at Val, she seems to be shaking a little and looking nervous. He just pulls her closer to him and cuddles into her. "Wait, that rogue said someone wanted to kill Ava. What if someone has kidnapped her?" He said.
"Who wouldn't, have you seen her!" Pogue said laughing. "She's hot."
I grab his shoulders and pin him to the wall. "Don't call her hot!" I growl in his face. He just laughs and carries on eating his chips.
"So who would kidnap Ava?" Caden asked. I don't have a clue, that's the thing.
"I don't think someone kidnapped her." Val said looking like she just realised something. "By the sounds of things, she may have run away?"
"No Ava wouldn't."
"If you annoy Ava to the point of break, she will leave."
"How does that explain her disappearing in scent?" I shout back.
"I-I don't know, maybe James--" she cuts off and doesn't say anything.
"Maybe James what Val?" Caden asks calmingly.
She lets out a big sigh before answering. "Maybe James took her. He always said she would never leave him and if she did, he would hunt her down to get her back. When we left they were supposed to get married. Maybe that's what he's doing." She whispered the last part to herself.
"What is he doing Val?" I growl in anger.
"He's going to marry her."
"What?!" I shot at her.
"Knowing Noah it could be happening this week, or even tonight."
"You have to stop it Jace." Caden said to me.
Walking out the room I slammed the door behind me to head down the stairs. "Wait up!" Caden, Val and Pogue said running after me down the stairs.
"You're not thinking about this!" Val shouted.
"What's there to think, I'm getting my mate back."
"It's day, his pack will be on patrol and will not let you near there. You should go later on tonight when you could sneak in." Pogue said.
"I could kill everyone in that pack in half an hour. I'm leaving now." I shout opening the door.
"Jace please. Just wait, we could all go and get her when it gets dark. It makes more sense and is more logic!" Val shouts at me. I see her point but I have to get her back. I should have checked on her last night because she wouldn't be gone and would still be here with me. It’s all my fault.
"Fine. No later than 9 then I'm leaving."
"Okay, for now we will need to make a plan. Meet in your office in 10 minutes." Val said walking up the stairs. "What's going on?" Jen said walking in while Chase carried her on his back.
"Ava's gone."
"As in ran away?" Chase looked at me confused.
"It's complicated." I roll my eyes and storm up to my office away from everyone.

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